Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 288 - 288: Should We Tell Him?

Cassius glanced at Lucifer, realizing that the first part of the plan was a success. What remained was the second and most crucial part of the plan—taking advantage of the situation as per plan. 

Unlike others, Lucifer was thinking about something else entirely. He wasn't concerned about the upcoming war or what he could do in it. 


He had already planned everything regarding that. Instead, he was more concerned about what could have happened with his father.

Why was it that Varant, Raia, and Zeiss were involved in his death? Did they all hate his father enough to leave their enmity behind and work against him? What was it that he didn't know?

The key, his eyes, his parents' death, there were so many things that were a mystery for him. 

Fortunately, he believed he was soon going to get the answer. All the mystery was going to be solved soon enough. It was just a matter of time. 

He also couldn't help but imagine the moment when he would get to kill Raia and Varant. 


While complete silence was inside the Cafe, the outside was in complete commotion as people were running. 

Soon, the entire street was completely empty. Even the shops were closed.

" Three against two. I like the odds, but isn't it too shameful for you three to have a battle like this?" Riali asked, laughing. 

The battle hadn't even started yet. 

"It doesn't matter.  We're not here for a fair battle. At least not today since we are in a hurry," Kellian retorted, not taking the bait. 

"You two take on the bulky guy. I'll take their Vice Captain! Finally, after so long, I can have fun," Tristan told Kellian as he raised his sheath.

"No. You two are taking the other one. I'll take Riali," Kellian said, refusing. 

"Two? That's not fun! I want to fight alone! You two are taking the second one!" Tristan complained. 

"Tristan, try to understand. It's not the time for tantrums. We already had enough of those from that kid! Do as I said!" Kellian told Tristan, annoyed. 

"Kill the other guy and join me in battle if this guy is still alive by then," he added. 

"How about you two fight this guy and join me in battle after killing him if my opponent is still alive by then?" Tristan repeated in a similar manner. 

"You... Fine! Fight him alone! We'll take care of Riali!" Kellian said, ultimately giving up.

"Now that's what I'm talking about," Tristan grinned as he found himself pleased. 

He was finally given the opportunity to fight against the enemy alone. 

"Just make sure you don't attack randomly. Try to cause as little destruction as you can for the moment," Kellian told Tristan.

"I'll try," Tristan replied, laughing. 

" Two against one, huh. I guess it could have been worse," Riali commented, smiling. "It's sad that I need to break the rules though. But engaging in battle is the only choice at the moment."

Riali raised both his arms. A dark mist appeared around both his fists. With a gentle flick, he attacked Kellian and Yaliza.

The dark shadow moved ahead in the form of an arched slash that seemed to originate from the slash of a sword, but it was just the work of his shadow. 

Kellian gently tapped the ground, making a wall made of shadows appear before them, which blocked the attack. 

As both Kellian and Riali used the powers of the shadows, they were said to be the two rulers of shadows who were enemies. 

As the wall of shadow disappeared, Kellian looked ahead to be stunned. There was no one there. Let alone Riali, even Arne wasn't there. Within a few seconds, they had disappeared. 

"Argh! Those cowards! They ran away!" Tristan roared in rage as he noticed that Arne had disappeared too. 

When the shadow wall appeared, even he found himself on the other side of the wall, unable to see what had happened but now that he could see, he was frustrated. 

"You interfered for no reason! You made them run! Arghh!" Roaring, Tristan also started running in search of Arne, but before he could even go too far, he found his legs caught by a shadow that came out of the ground. 

"Childish Tricks!" Tristan yelled as he pulled out his Katana, only a few millimeters out of the sheath, but even that seemed to be enough as the shadow was sliced in parts mysteriously as if it was cut. 

Riali was standing on top of a roof, looking at Tristan, Yaliza, and Kellian, frowning. This did seem like a problem—three of them against two of them. 

Arne was standing behind Riali.

"Are we not to engage?" Arne asked, stunned. 

He had previously thought that they were going to fight, but right after Riali attacked, he told him to run with him. 

The two of them ran and came to the roof before anyone could see them. 

"Fighting is just a waste of time. We need to delay them as much as possible, at least until Varant comes here with the others," Riali said, frowning. 

"And while we're at it, we need to separate them as well. Maybe we can have a better chance if the three of them aren't together," he said. 

As he was talking to Arne, he made sure he stayed out of the sight of others. 

Another shadow appeared in the distance, having the shape of Riali, which started going farther and farther. 

"You think that will work?!" Tristan said as he ran after the shadow. "You can't run!"

"Should we tell him?" Yaliza asked, frowning. 

"There's no need. I think we are better off if he's not here. He's a little naive and impulsive," Kellian muttered, frowning. 

"So should we get to work ourselves? I mean, we both know where those two are hiding, don't we?" Yaliza asked, shaking his head. 

"Yeah. Let's get it done," Kellian said as he smirked.

He gently waved his hand, making a Shadow Sword take shape in front of him. He grabbed the Sword as he glanced in the direction of the roof where Riali was hiding. 

He himself turned to a shadow as he disappeared. 

Yaliza's figure also flickered as he moved, disappearing from the sight. 


Riali was keeping an eye on everyone. He noticed Kellian disappear and also felt a disturbance around him. 

Without even looking back, he stomped his foot on the ground, making tens of dark shadow swords come out of the ground. The shadow swords shot towards Kellian, who had just appeared on the roof. 

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