Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 290 - 290: Total Annihilation

As it was breaking the limits of the body and using the powers that their body couldn't accommodate, it destroyed their body. 

Using Overdrive was like drinking poison that didn't have a cure. This was one of the main reasons as to why people avoided using Overdrive until they had no other option. 


It was said that only the person who had a death wish used this since the death from it wasn't ordinary either. It was the most painful death they could have. 

Moreover, they couldn't even use Overdrive for more than a minute. Anyone who used Overdrive died in less than a minute. 

So it was nothing more than burning your life to use a minute of power as a last-ditch effort. It was useless if the enemy just avoided the attacks for a minute as the person who used it was going to die on their own. 

That's why Kellian had told Yaliza to leave. He believed Yaliza needed to stay away. As for him, he could easily escape as well. 

Both Kellian and Yaliza appeared out of the building, but Kellian was standing far away from Yaliza since he didn't want both of them to be attacked at once. 


The house inside which Riali was standing blew up as darkness spread everywhere. 

Riali's body floated in the air, surrounded by darkness. His skin had turned pitch black, and he looked no more than a shadow now. Even his pink hair had turned to black. 

Riali glared at Kellian, emotionless. He knew Kellian had attacked Arne. He was the reason he was dead, but he didn't attack Kellian. 

Revenge wasn't the reason for him to use Dark Sacrifice. He knew that he couldn't survive anyway, so he wanted to make the best use of his time. And his goal wasn't taking out Kellian. 

Instead, it was to take out Raia and Lucifer. If he managed to take their greatest enemies out, he could rest in peace. 

He raised both his hands in the sky, creating a massive sphere of darkness that seemed like a dark sun. He kept pouring as much strength as he could in the dark sun as he looked at the Cafe. 

Kellian was stunned to see the place where Riali was looking. He hadn't expected this previously, but now it was clear! 

This guy wanted to take out the Cafe, which had Raia, Lucifer, and others. If he succeeded, he would have taken out a Warlock King!

Kellian understood that he needed to do something. 

Riali finished up creating the pitch-black sun, and he was prepared to toss it, bearing through the unbearable pain of Overdrive.


"I told everyone about it. The team should be here soon. All the squads will come," Vega returned to the table as he finished talking on the phone. 

He sat beside Raia. 

" Kellian and others still haven't returned. Don't you think they are taking too much time to come back? I mean, there are only two enemies, right?" Raia asked Vega, frowning. 

" They should be taking their sweet time since they don't usually get to fight so freely against strong enemies," Vega replied. 

"Yeah," Raia muttered. He didn't know that a big problem was above their heads at the moment. 

"So, Lucifer. The lightning and the clouds, were they your work?" Raia asked, shifting his attention to Lucifer. 

"Yeah," Lucifer replied. 

"Interesting. I really didn't expect you to learn the second strongest skill of your father at such a young age. Not bad at all. You're really a fast learner. Maybe one day, you'll learn the other one too," Raia complimented Lucifer. 

"Second strongest skill?" Lucifer asked, stunned. This skill was his father's second strongest skill? 

If this was the second strongest, then what was the strongest? And if this one was so overpowered, how overpowered could the other skill be?

" What was his strongest skill?" Lucifer asked, curious. "Do you have a video of that?'

"I don't have a video of him using that skill. He had used that only once...." Raia said, shaking his head. "And no one recorded at that time. We were more concerned about something else at the moment. 

"You mean he used it in the last great war?" Lucifer inquired, believing that it could be the only time he used that skill. 

"Last Great War? Nope. He didn't need to use it there. It was a long time after that," Raia answered. 

"When? What was it?" Lucifer asked, stunned. 

For a moment he even thought of something that made his blood boil. Could it be possible that his father had to use this skill when he was betrayed by the Warlock Kings? 

'No! This can't be. If the skill was really as good as Raia is claiming, there's no way they would have survived if it was used on them. So where did he use it?' he thought, stunned.

"When did he use it? I don't think I can answer that. All I can tell you is that the skill was pretty strong. Way stronger than the one you used," Raia answered. 

Lucifer didn't press on the question as to where it was used. He saved this question in his head for asking later along with the other questions he had. 

Instead, he focused on something he could get the answer to. 

"What was the skill? How did it work?" he asked Raia, trying to learn. 

"I don't think it's the time for you to learn that. You should first master the skill that you just learned," Raia let out, not answering. 

"I did hear him mentioning that he mastered that skill after mastering Wrath of Heaven. You'll only damage your foundation if you try now," he further explained. 

"Wrath of Heaven? What's that?" Lucifer inquired. 

"Ah, that's right. You won't know. He used to call that Sky Lightning as Wrath of Heaven. A cringe name, but he liked it," Raia explained. 

"Wrath of Heaven, huh. Pretty appropriate for the way I'm going to use it," Lucifer muttered, shaking his head. 

"I really want to know about his strongest skill though. I won't try learning it until I master Wrath of Heaven. Just tell me what it was," he told Raia, not giving up. 

He knew that Raia was soon going to be dead. So it was better to get the answer when he could.

"Alright. I'll tell you. But don't try learning it," Raia said as he decided to tell. "He used to call it Total Annihilation."

"Total Annihilation? Interesting name. What was it?" Lucifer asked. 

"It was..."


The conversation inside the Cafe continued, completely unaware of what was happening outside. 

Riali was prepared to throw the dark sun. 

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