Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 253 - 253: I Want You

"Let's get going. We're going there too. Bring Yaliza and Kellian," Raia told Vega as he nodded. "Also, tell our other informants to keep an eye on the entrance and exit of the city," Raia commanded Vega as he prepared to leave as well.

He had really thought that Lucifer wasn't going to be their enemy. Thus he left his men there all this time so they could meet him when he got there. 

He couldn't send any of the leaders there to sit for four years straight because there wasn't a threat of Lucifer turning against them. But only now did he realize that things were different. 

Soon, Yaliza and Kellian also joined him. Tristan also teamed up as the group entered the helicopter, which soon left that place.

An armored helicopter was flying through the warm winds. As for the Pilot, he had a gun aimed at his head as he flew the helicopter towards the direction the gunman told him to. 

"This should be far enough. Land the helicopter here," Jiang told the Pilot as they passed through the forest. 

He could see the road in the distance. It was far from here, but it wasn't too far. He could still get to that road after some walking. 

The Pilot started lowering the helicopter, which landed on the ground. 

The pilot didn't say anything, but he had hoped that Jiang was going to leave now and let him be free as well.

Unfortunately, before Jiang turned back, the sound of a gunshot was heard in the helicopter. 

The wings were still moving slowly as Jiang left the helicopter. A man was left behind, lying on the seat, but he wasn't moving anymore.

"I thought my first kill would feel bad. But it isn't that bad at all. I feel so overpowered right now. Is this the effect of being with Lucifer? My mindset is changing as well," Jiang let out as he smiled.

He picked the direction of the road and started walking towards it but not before he shot the helicopter a few times, making it blow up. 

"There are many advantages of being with him, but good God, the disadvantages aren't less either. The first time he met me, he made me walk so much."

"I was literally dead, and now again, I need to walk so much. At least I can relax when I'm not on a mission... In the massive mansion that I now own."

As Jiang walked, he kept talking to himself, trying to stop him from getting bored. 


"Her condition seems to be stable. But I doubt she'll wake up before tomorrow. She's out cold," Cassius informed Lucifer as he checked up on her. 

"It doesn't matter. In any case, she's our prisoner now. It's fine even if she wakes up after a week. I'm in no hurry," Lucifer responded. "What I'm in a hurry to do is to take Veracity from here. I wonder when she will return."

He left the room and entered the hall, where he started waiting. 

As he was wondering, he got a message from the guard at the entrance. 

As Lucifer read the message, a smirk formed on his face. "She is here, it seems."


Veracity passed through the gates of the community, where the guard didn't stop her. She also noticed the broken rubble that was lying on the way. 

"Were these houses demolished? Why so out of the blue? It's strange," she muttered as she walked towards her house. Even though she found it strange, she didn't believe it was related to her. 

She walked to her house and only when she tried opening the door did she realize that something was wrong. 

The lock was broken, and the door was open. It seemed like someone had broken inside the house. She opened her purse as she pulled out her gun before she entered the house. 

Veracity seemed to be alert to shoot at the slightest of movement, but it didn't take her long to find the infiltrator. 

That person wasn't moving at all. He was just standing in the shadows with folded arms as if he was lazy. 

"Who might you be?" She asked curiously. 

"I'm the one who should be long forgotten, I believe," the person in the darkness said softly as he stepped forward. "So I doubt you'll recognize me."

Black lightning could be seen flickering all around the young boy.

The boy seemed to be someone who was barely eighteen years old. He had beautiful silver hair that was tied to a ponytail, but the most intriguing thing about him was his eyes. 

One of his eyes was blue, while the other was slightly violet. 

Unfortunately, Veracity couldn't see the violet in his eyes as she was standing far. 

"What do you want from me?" Veracity asked the boy as she sat down on a chair. She could feel that the person wasn't here to harm her. 

"I want to be the darkness that is going to swallow the whole world. And you're going to help me with that," Lucifer said calmly. "Either that or you die."

Tap! Tap! 

Sound of footsteps could be heard as Lucifer stepped closer, coming out of the Darkness. 

"Ah, I remember seeing you. Lucifer Azarel, huh. Even though your face has changed slightly, that lightning gave you away. Very interesting. You disappeared almost eight years ago. How did you suddenly appear again?" Veracity asked Lucifer, amused. 

"Cassius, bring her out," Lucifer said casually as he glanced back.

The lady looked back to see another boy who seemed to look like he was a nineteen-twenty year old coming out of a room. The dark-haired boy was carrying a heavy sword on his back. 

He could also be seen dragging what seemed like a dead body while holding its arms. 

"That person, isn't that..." Veracity stood up, shocked as soon as she saw who the dead body belonged to.

"That's right. This person is the second in command at APF, it seems," Lucifer started answering in his grim-reaper like voice. "Don't worry, she is still alive, though, for now."

"Why is she here? Are you trying to prove your strength? Because if that's the case, I don't think you need to." Veracity said, frowning. 

"The person who can send Xander in a coma when he was just ten years old, I don't even want to think how strong he will be when he's older," she further said. 

"So tell me directly. How can I help you," she asked.

"I want you to join my team. All I want from you is to help me find the truth about what happened to my father. Only you can make sure that the statements I get are true to the word. I promise I'll free you if you want after that," Lucifer told the lady.

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