Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 252 - 252: Taking Out Ayn

Cassius revealed his second ability to Lucifer, which he never actually hid. He just didn't need to use it before in the academy since he always carried his Sword with him. 

As for before, when he was facing Tian, the situation didn't deteriorate to the level where he might need to use his abilities. 

The two of them worked harder to move the rubble to ensure everyone was dead, which was still taking time. 

As for Ayn, she was sitting inside the Ice Dome, unaware that people were getting close to her dome. She was instead busy on the call with Varant as she informed him what was happening. 

"And now I'm sitting here," she told Varant as she finished up. 

"There's no need to do anything unless the need comes to it. Raia might be there as well. I'll come personally. Just stay there," Varant told Ayn as he stood up, frowning.

"What about the city? Are you going to create a city-wide lockdown to stop them from leaving? I doubt they'll stay here long otherwise," Ayn responded.

"No. There will be no lockdown. They took extra steps to make sure that the information didn't leak about this. If there are lockdowns, they'll actually leave as they realize that we know about them," Varant told her as he walked outside his office. 

Ayn opened her lips to respond but stopped as she heard Varant's voice. "Riali, Gensi, you two are coming with me. Bring Arne too. We're going to handle something."

She understood that he was talking to his men, ready to leave in a hurry. 

"Alright. I'll stay here and won't move," Ayn said, agreeing. She wasn't going to do anything until those guys got here. 


It wasn't clear when Varant was going to get to her since it wasn't a short journey, but Lucifer was indeed getting close to her. 

As the rubble on top kept decreasing, Lucifer kept closing in until he was actually able to feel the cold from the Ice Dome.

"Shh!" He gestured for Cassius to stay silent, who seemed like he was going to say something. 

He further gestured for him to leave and to be ready to attack later. 

Cassius didn't speak a word as he slowly started stepping away without making any sound. 

He got back on the street as he pulled out the sword from the scabbard, ready to attack when needed. 

Lucifer carefully moved even more rubble to have a good view of the Dome. It didn't take him long before he was actually standing in front of the Dome. 

As everything was prepared, he clenched his fist as he prepared to attack. 

He correctly positioned his body as he planted his feet firmly on the ground. 

There seemed to be no wind flowing at the moment. The entire place seemed deadly silent. The silent wind moved only when he actually punched the Ice Dome. 

As Lucifer's fist landed on the dome, it shattered as if it was made of a thin sheet of glass. Even the thick ice made by Ayn couldn't resist the attack. 

Ayn had just disconnected the call when it happened. She was entirely unaware of it and couldn't even see it coming as one of the thick ice pieces hit her head.

The impact was so hard that her head started bleeding as she dropped to the ground, unconscious. 

"What the heck?" Lucifer blurted in surprise. "Just this much was enough? He was preparing for a big fight, but she was out in just this much? That was annoying."

Even Cassius was standing prepared to attack the person who was inside, but as he saw Lucifer's weird expression, he realized that something was wrong.

Lucifer stood as if he saw something he didn't expect. 

"What happened?" Cassius asked Lucifer, shouting.

"It looks like she's gone already. You can put the sword down," Lucifer said as he sat on his knee and placed his fingers near Ayn's nose.

"It looks like she's still breathing," he muttered, frowning. 

"Even though I planned to kill all enemies, this is interesting too. I can get information from her about that stone and the safety of their base," he let out softly. 

He casually stood up as he placed his hand in his pocket to bring out something. 

It also happened to be when Cassius reached there. "Isn't that a Limiter? I thought you destroyed yours when you left?"

"It belongs to Dash. I kept it in my pocket because it seemed interesting.  Throughout this time, I've been trying to hack it to understand the principles they used in it to make it since it can be handy," Lucifer explained.

"So, were you successful?" Cassius asked, frowning. 

"Partially. I managed to set my voice as the command of locking and unlocking it. But other than that, I haven't gained much success. This seems like the perfect opportunity to use it," Lucifer replied.

"Isn't she dead?" Cassius asked, looking at Ayn.

"She isn't. Just a little hurt. First, I need to stop the bleeding, so she doesn't die," Lucifer said as he bent forward. He placed the Limiter on her wrist, which adjusted automatically so it couldn't be removed.

The Limiter locked itself. 

He further placed his hand on the back of Ayn's neck while his other arm went under the legs of hers as he picked her up like a princess.

"I hope Veracity carries a first aid box. I don't want to have to hijack a hospital to get her healed," Lucifer said as he walked towards the house of Veracity. Cassius also walked behind him. 

Lucifer broke inside Veracity's house and started searching for a first aid box after putting Ayn on the ground. 

He soon found the first aid box and gave her some medical help. Fortunately, it didn't seem like Ayn was critically wounded. She was tougher than she looked. As for the bleeding, it was only minor too. 

After helping her, he wrapped a bandage around her head.


Vega was running towards Raia's office. He didn't even bother knocking as he pushed the door open to step inside. 

"The connection with our men is broken. It seems like he's there!" He said as if telling the most important news of his life. 

"So today was the day. Predictor was right. But then again, why can't you contact your men? It can't be that Lucifer killed them. He's one of us, after all. So why?" Raia asked as he stood up. 

"I don't know. I'm not getting any footage from that neighborhood at all. Someone seems to have stopped all cameras. It should be his work," Vega said. 

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