Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 251 - 251: Object Manipulation

The house fell on top of the Beta Squad, most of whom were already dead because of Cassius. 

Only Ayn had managed to escape the attacks, surviving it when the house started falling.

As the ice pillar was broken first, she had fallen to the ground from the height of a few meters after losing her balance. 

Still, she was self aware as she punched the ground, making a thick ice dome appear around her, which protected her. 

Even after the house had fallen and so much noise was happening, not a single person in the neighborhood left their home as Jiang had gone to them to tell them that a demolition was going to take place soon while pretending to be a government employee. 

As for the houses that were near this place which had a straight view, Jiang used a different excuse to send them out of their homes. All because he wanted Lucifer to have privacy in this plan. 

If others saw that a battle was taking place, they might inform the authorities, and Jiang didn't want this thing to become big. Because he had a feeling that Lucifer wasn't going to care for anything if the cops got here. 

Having APF on their head was already a big problem, and he didn't want them to become even bigger because of today's event. 

As for Lucifer, he didn't oppose this since he also didn't want to cause a big scene like that. Veracity wasn't at her home. 

If she came back to the cop's car surrounding the neighborhood, she might just leave. Lucifer didn't want this opportunity to be wasted, so he supported this. 

They had also informed the guard at the entrance to give them a message when Veracity was back. 

While Cassius took care of the house, Lucifer also flew towards the helicopter, inside which he entered. He also didn't forget to carry Jiang with him. 

Except for the pilot, not a single person was in the helicopter, but even he had seen what had happened. Some man had appeared and destroyed the house. He didn't even know if the team was alive or dead. 

He decided to inform the base about what had happened, unaware that someone worse than the one he saw was already standing behind him. 

The pilot hastily dialed a number as he placed the phone near his ears.

"I'll take that."

The man heard a calm voice as someone snatched the phone from his hand. 

"W-who?" The man let out, shocked.

"President of Elisium," Lucifer replied sarcastically as he crushed the phone before tossing it away.  "Does that even matter? Like you'll achieve something significant after knowing your enemy?"

He turned back casually as he glanced at Jiang.  "You're in charge here. Shoot this guy if he speaks nonsense or doesn't do as you say."

After commanding, Lucifer jumped down the helicopter, landing on the ground. 

As for Jiang, it was his turn to take over from here. 

A smirk formed on his face as he thought, "You APF guys took all my wealth, didn't you? Let me take your helicopter. It should be worth much more."

"Turn the helicopter around. Take it where I want. It's better if we stay far away from this place," he told the Pilot as he pointed the gun in his direction. 

As the pilot had no choice, he turned the helicopter which started going in a direction that Jiang had said. 


"Is it done?" Cassius said as he stood in the distance with a Sword in his hand.

"I'd like to assume that we aren't done yet. So let's be prepared for more," Lucifer landed near him as he said. 

All they could see was the rubble of the house that used to be here previously. Dust and smoke had filled the air, making it difficult to see clearly.

Under all that rubble, Ayn was sitting inside the Ice Dome, completely safe. There were only a few scratches on her body that she had received because of falling. 

"So it was a trap. And that attack, it wasn't ordinary. Could it be their reverse psychology?" Ayn muttered as she frowned. 

"They sent their men here and kept them waiting for three years, exactly to make us think like something was important here? They are really upping their game, it seems," she further spoke.

"Fortunately, I only brought a few people from my team. Or they would all be dead. I really put my guard down," she said as she brought her phone out. 

She straight called Varant to inform him of what had happened. Even though she believed she could take on the enemies, she decided not to take the risk. 


"Let's check," Lucifer said as he walked towards the rubble of that specific house where Ayn and the others had entered. 

Because that wasn't the only house that was destroyed, he carefully selected that place. 

He even took off his gloves and kept them in his pocket to not destroy them in the process of search. 

As he removed the gloves, he was free. He grabbed a heavy piece of concrete and tossed it to the side like it was a toy. 

As for his strength, it was so high that a simple toss made that heavy block of concrete land on the rubble of another house.

He kept taking off the heavy pieces and tossing them to the side as he searched the bodies. Unfortunately, despite his fast speed, it seemed like the search was going to take long. 

"I'll also help," Cassius said as he placed the sword in the sheath on his back before he also stepped forward.

"Can you pick them? They're not as light as you might think," Lucifer replied, amused.

"Are you underestimating me?" Cassius asked as he rolled his eyes. 

He casually touched a heavy stone and picked it up as if it was nothing but an ordinary marble. 

"How can you pick that up so easily?" 

This time, even Lucifer was surprised. He hadn't seen this ability before.

"It's not that hard. It's basically my Object Manipulation. I can manipulate any object to be my weapon. So even though you see it as a stone; for me, it's my light sword at the moment. That's why it doesn't weigh much," Cassius answered.

"Interesting ability," Lucifer muttered, smiling. "So you don't really need your weapon to attack. You can literally use a piece of stone to use your Divine Sword Energy. Stronger than I thought."

"Yeah. But not many people know about my second ability. I don't use it much since I really like the feel of my sword. I can use other objects to attack, but it's just not the same as using a sword," Cassius answered. 

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