Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 254 - 254: Death Isn't Scary

"And until then, you'll stay with us. I can't take more risk with you," Lucifer said, frowning. 

"Do I have any other choice?" Veracity asked, rolling her eyes. "In any case, I'm also interested to know what happened to your father. So I'll help out a little."

"Good. Let's get going then," Lucifer said, nodding in satisfaction. He glanced back at Cassius and calmly said, "Can you pick her up? Bring her to the car."

Cassius picked Ayn in his arms just like Lucifer had picked her up before, but he did find it odd. He was actually carrying a woman like she was his girlfriend. 

He found it a bit embarrassing as someone who had devoted his entire life to the way of the Sword. 

The small group left the house and walked through the empty streets when Lucifer suddenly said, "Oh right, first we need to do something. I entirely forgot, come with me."

Without a prior warning, he picked up Veracity like she was another princess before he started flying.

"What the heck are you doing?" Veracity asked, frowning. "Though I must say, flying feels good. But I'll still prefer that you put me down."

"This is much faster than climbing the stairs," Lucifer said as he landed on the first floor of a house whose window he had broken himself. 

As he landed on the floor, he placed Veracity on the ground, who looked around to find ash on the ground. But there was also blood. Moreover, a man could be seen, tied. 

"What are we here for?' she asked. 

Lucifer didn't answer as he stepped closer to the man and took off the strip of cloth that was tied around his mouth by the member of APF to stop him from speaking. 

'T-thank you!" The man said as soon as Lucifer freed his mouth. 

"Don't thank me just yet. Because what happens next depends on your answer. Tell me, where is the base of Variant Uprising?" Lucifer asked as he stepped back.

"Base? I-i forgot. I can't remember it. I think it's the same with everyone else. We forget the base when we even hear the topic about base in the presence of a stranger. I-i can't tell you," The man replied. 

No matter how hard he tried to think, he couldn't remember. 

Lucifer glanced at Veracity as he asked, "Is he lying?"

"He's telling the truth," Veracity answered. 

"Then he's useless," Lucifer let out as he grabbed the face of the man, watching him turn to ash. 

This was the first time Veracity had seen this ability live. Previously she had only heard about it. But now that she could see it, she indeed found it intimidating. 

"First time seeing it?" Lucifer asked, curious. 

"Yeah. It doesn't look good. It seems like such an evil ability. Destroying a person particle by particle," Veracity said, shaking her head. 

"There is no ability in this world that isn't dark. Dying by lightning? Dying with a wind blade by getting your head separated?" Lucifer asked, amused. 

"Dying by being choked because of strength? Dying by burning in flames? Dying by freezing? Which ability do you think isn't dark to kill a person with?" 

"It's not the ability which is dark, but the death. And that's not a new concept either. After the number of deaths I have died, death had stopped being scary long ago," he said calmly. 

" But for someone like you, it's still dark. Don't worry; you'll get used to it too. Like I did," he further said as he approached Veracity and picked her up again before he went down. 

He landed near Cassius, who was standing with Ayn in his arms. They again started walking and soon reached the gates of the community. 

As Lucifer reached there, he was surprised. The guard wasn't here anymore. He was nowhere to be found.

"Looks like he ran away. I guess he was afraid that I was going to kill him to keep him silent even after he did the work. Not that it matters."

" He did as he was told. In any case, it doesn't matter if he gives away my sketches. I'm already done with what I wanted to do," Lucifer said, shaking his head. "I doubt he would dare, though."

"Let's leave."

He walked through the gates and left to stop before the two cars that were standing at the entrance of the city.

"Isn't there a problem we have? There are two cars. Both are two seaters. But only I know how to drive. How will we leave?" Cassius asked as he suddenly noticed the problem. 

"Don't worry. He should be here soon," Lucifer said, not concerned at all. Just as he had expected, a cab stopped near them. 

A man stepped out of the cab, which brought a look of understanding on the face of Cassius. 

"Finally, I'm here. God, my legs are still aching. Next time give me the work that needs less walking," Jiang said as he huffed. 

Even when he was sitting in the cab, he was still tired from all the walking he had to do previously. 

"So, Jiang will drive. But there's also a problem now. We're five people and four seats. And there's no place in the back where we can keep this lady," Cassius again said, frowning.

"There's no problem. We'll adjust. I'll use the idea of Jenelia," Lucifer replied casually. 

"What idea?" Cassius asked. 

"You'll come in the second car with Veracity. I'll come in the first one with Ayn. As for her place, she can adjust on my lap," Lucifer responded, without feeling the least bit weird. 

"Moreover, I can also keep an eye on her that way to be ready when she wakes up," he further said. 

As Lucifer mentioned his idea, not only Cassius but even Jiang looked at him with his mouth slightly open.

"Don't keep standing there. Leave," Lucifer said as he opened the gates of the car ahead. He sat on the passenger seat and told Cassius to give Ayn to him. 

Cassius helped unconscious Ayn sit on Lucifer's lap before he closed the door properly.

"Drive carefully," Cassius told Jiang, who nodded as he also entered the car. 

He also walked to the second car with Veracity, who sat without opposing in the least. 

Jiang started the car as he left the city. Cassius also followed behind him, focusing on the road. 

"It seemed like you were close to him. Who are you?" It hadn't even been long since they started moving when Veracity began asking questions. 

"I'm his friend," Cassius replied calmly. 

"He has friends? Are you sure you're not just his henchmen?" Veracity asked, smiling. 

"You can see the truth, don't you? Why don't you see if I'm telling the truth?" Cassius asked, frowning. 

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