Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 228 - 228: Chased By Girls

After finding the address of Roy, Lucifer didn't stop. He also searched for the address of Veracity. He memorized both the addresses. 

Next, he searched about himself. What was the news about him?

As he searched for Lucifer Azarel, he was surprised. 

"They lied to people? Not surprising, I guess."

He was amused to see that the search for him was still ongoing, even though at a slow pace. As for the hype around him, it had died down. Only a rare few articles were updated about him every year.

"I thought they would have at least accepted that they killed me. Cowards!"

He closed the tabs before he cleared all footprints again. 

He disconnected the WiFi and closed the laptop as he was done. 


Lucifer's time in the ship kept passing as days turned to nights and nights to days. 

Soon, three weeks had passed. He and Jenilia occasionally talked to each other, but nothing too deep. Lucifer kept his distance as much as a stranger should. He wasn't phased by her looks. 

Throughout this time, not a single person had realized that Lucifer wasn't supposed to be on the ship. 

"Tomorrow, we'll be in Elisium. That's where I'll drop. I guess it's my last day with you, isn't it?" Jenilia asked Lucifer, standing on the deck under the moonlight. 

"Possibly," Lucifer answered, still not telling that he also had the same stop. 

"I suppose I should thank you for keeping me company. You're not like those shameless rich guys that just keep bugging me. You are more sophisticated. I wish all men were like you," Jenilia said as she smiled. 

"If all men were like me? I don't think you would want to live in that world," Lucifer replied, sighing. "It would be too dark."

"What do you mean?" Jenilia asked, confused. 

"Nothing. What I meant was that it was a pleasure traveling with you. Maybe we'll meet again in the future," Lucifer said, reaching out his hand.

He and Jenilia shook hands. 

"Can I have your number so I can stay in contact with you?" Jenilia asked, Lucifer 

"I don't carry a phone," Lucifer replied casually. 

"Ah, strange. How do you handle your business?" Jenilia asked. 

"My laptop. It handles everything," Lucifer answered. 

"Can I have your email then?" Jenilia asked Lucifer. 

"I only have a business email which is shared with my business partners too. I can't give that to you," Lucifer answered. 

"Geez, you're so hard to get in contact with. Fine! Here's my number. If you get a phone in the future, give me a call!" Jenilia said to Lucifer as she gave him her phone number. 

Lucifer didn't refuse her and kept the piece of paper that had her number in his pocket. 

"If you need my help in the future, you can give me a call too. Or it can be just to say hi. Anyway, I'm done for the day. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, so I'm going to sleep," Jenilia let out as she stretched her arms, yawning. She left. 

Lucifer kept standing on the deck as he turned to look at the moon. 

"Needing your help? I doubt I would. In fact, it seems like we might as well be enemies with the path I'll walk on. I won't have mercy on anyone, though," Lucifer said as he brought the paper out of his pocket. 

"Just don't stand in my path, and I'll ignore you. But if you do...."

He took a glance at the number as he tossed it into the deep sea.


The night also passed away as Lucifer slept while sitting on the deck once again. 

Morning soon came, and the Oasis stopped at the port in Elisium. 

"Thank you for everything. Goodbye!"

Jenilia bid Lucifer goodbye as she got off the ship. 

Lucifer didn't get off here. He waited on the deck. Only when he made sure that everyone else was gone did he get off the ship. 

With his hands in his pocket, Lucifer walked outside the port. He didn't have any bag or anything, but he did have a thick wallet. 

Standing on the roads of the city, he stopped a cab. 

"Where to?" The driver asked. 

"Get me to Legion Beach. I heard it's a beautiful place."

The cab driver took Lucifer to Legion Beach, where he asked for money. Lucifer opened the wallet and paid him the money. 

Unlike before, he knew that he needed to pay money for things. That's why he stole a wallet on the ship in advance. 

As Lucifer walked on the beach, he was surprised. Unlike before, it was pretty crowded this time. Probably because it was the safe season?

Many people were taking a sunbath in this place while many beautiful women could be seen in their bikinis, enjoying their time. 

Lucifer was the only person here in his full clothes. Let alone full clothes; he was in a tuxedo at the beach, which attracted a few eyes. 

While the guys were laughing at him, the girls were looking at him, almost fawning over his looks. He not only looked handsome but rich too. Moreover, he seemed to be alone. 

He walked through the beach, trying to see where his father's gift could be, when many girls approached him to get to know him. 

"Excuse me, young man. We are playing volleyball. Would you like to join us?'

"I'm alone like you too. How about you join me instead?"

"No. Come with me. I want to show you something."

Many girls tried different approaches to get him to talk to them, but Lucifer only found it annoying. 

He looked back at all of them as he said, "I'm gay."

Finishing up, he continued walking.  As he didn't want any annoyance from girls that were after him because of his looks, he used the lie to deter them. 

As for the girls, they stood in the back with their mouths opened slightly. 

"Why do all handsome guys turn out to be gay? How will I find a cute guy like this?" One of the girls said, sighing. 

Most of the girls started walking back as their hopes were crushed, but a few were still following Lucifer. 

"Wait! I have a few gay friends. Can we become friends too?" One of the ladies asked Lucifer.

"God, not again," Lucifer muttered, frowning. 

He again turned back as he sighed. "Please stop! I'm sent here by my boss! If I do good at work, he might give me another tuxedo like he gifted me this one last time. Don't disturb."

"Boss? This tuxedo is gifted to you? You mean you aren't rich?" The girls asked Lucifer. 

"I'm not. In fact, I'm not even in the middle class," Lucifer answered. 

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