Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 227 - 227: Borrowing

"I suppose I should thank you for keeping us safe in that case," Lucifer replied, amused. 

"Nah. It's our duty. Don't worry about it," Jenilia answered proudly. 

"Are you going to Elisium for business related to the Warlock Council in that case? Or something else?" 

Now that he knew that she was from the Warlock Council, Lucifer was even more intrigued about what she was coming to Elisium for. 

"Well, I guess you can say it's not an official business. Otherwise, I would have gone by flight. That's all I can tell at this point since it's confidential," Jenilia answered.

"I understand that. You Warlocks have so many responsibilities. You can't tell an ordinary human about them," Lucifer said, nodding his head. 

"Anyway, I was curious about something. Your Warlock Council. Does it have any Dark Warlocks? Or only righteous ones?" he further asked as he resumed eating. 

"Why would we have evil Warlocks? They're the whole reason for the disturbance. They are our enemies, and one of the goals of the Warlock Council is to eradicate them as well," Jenilia answered. 

"Interesting. Aren't you scared of Dark Warlocks? I mean, you are just an intern. Aren't you intimidated by them? They can kill people easily," Lucifer said.

"Why would I be scared? I can protect myself," Jenilia replied. 

"That's good to know. But there's a saying. A person shouldn't be overconfident," Lucifer told the girl. I learned that lesson the hard way before. "Be careful in the future. There are some really bad people in the world."

"Anyway, I'm done here. I'll take my leave. It was a pleasure eating with you."

Lucifer gracefully stood up as he cleaned his lips with the tissue. He soon left with one of his hands in his pocket. 

"Intriguing man." Sitting behind, Jenilia kept looking at Lucifer, who was going away. 

Lucifer walked back to the deck, where he sat on a chair as he started relaxing. Soon he was going to be in Elisium. 

"This world is a really complicated place. Some people are truly the epitome of evil. While others are just evil, pretending to be nice. But then there are some like Grandpa too. Taking in a stranger, giving him love without any return."

"My understanding of the world was really incomplete. The more I understand, the more I realize how complex it is."

Sitting on the deck, Lucifer seemed to be talking to himself as he looked at the beautiful sky. 

" Variant Uprising is different. They did things for me, but they also had a goal they wanted me to help in. It wasn't selfless. As for APF, those bastards are just a bunch of evil people disguised as nice people."

"But I can't trust either of them. Variant Uprising says APF killed my parents. APF says it was Uprising. It's either that one of them is telling a lie or the both of them. It's fine. I'll soon get my answers."

"There's also my eyes. I need to know about them too," he muttered. 

"This ship should have WiFi, I believe. All I need is a laptop, and I can begin my search but then again, why would a rich guy borrow laptops?"

"That's right. Mine stopped working. I can use that!'

He suddenly stood up as he thought of an idea. 

He walked back to the dining room. 

Jenilia was still sitting at the same table. 

Walking back to the table, Lucifer sat down. 

"You're back. Did you not eat properly before? Let me guess, you were intimidated by me and left?" Jenilia asked Lucifer as he sat down, misunderstanding. 

"Not really. Actually I came back because I need your help. My laptop stopped working, and I urgently need one for a few minutes. Do you have one? It won't take long," Lucifer informed the girl. 

"Sure, it's in my room. Just give me a minute. I'll finish, and then you can come with me," Jenilia replied as she resumed eating.

After a few minutes, she stood up as she said, 'Let's go."

She took Lucifer to her room which was on the fourth floor of the ship. 

Inside the room, there was a laptop on the bed, but she didn't open it. Instead, she walked over to the shelf where another laptop was placed. 

" The problem you had was something I also faced before. That's why I always carry a spare one. This one is unused. You can use it for as long as you want," Jenilia said, giving the laptop to Lucifer.

"You can return to me in the evening or later," she further said. 

"What's the password?" Lucifer asked, taking the laptop. 

"There's no password on it. As I said, it's completely new and doesn't have any of my data. No need for a password," Jenilia responded. 

"Thanks for the help. I'll return it soon," Lucifers said to Jenilia as he left the room. He walked towards the lift.

As soon as the lift opened before Lucifer, a man stepped out of the lift, cursing. "The idiotic staff! They're thieves!"

Lucifer didn't care why the man was cursing, but the man himself stopped before Lucifer, telling him. 

"Same tuxedo!" The man said, looking at Lucifer's Tuxedo.

'Is this the guy whose Tuxedo I stole? Did he catch me?' Lucifer thought, frowning. The man had similar physiques to Lucifer.

"My tuxedo was the same! I gave it to them for cleaning, but the staff says they lost it! Don't give any expensive clothing to them! They'll lose yours too! They're a bunch of thieves!" The man further told Lucifer before he left. 

"So he thought it was similar. He was alerting me. Hah."

Shaking his head, Lucifer stepped inside the lift. 

He walked to the deck again, where only a few people existed, taking the sun. 

Sitting in an isolated part of the deck, Lucifer opened the laptop and entered the browser. 

He connected to the WiFi of the ship before he searched. "Legend of the Blue and Violet Eyes."

As he searched, many old articles opened up that were written before Lucifer was even born. 

He went through all the articles, but he didn't find anything significant. All he understood was that these eyes were going to bring the destruction of the whole world one day. 

As for the other information, there wasn't any. 

"Did they censor the information? Or was there only this in the first place?" he wondered as he closed all the tabs. He even cleared the history and made sure to erase all footprints of what he searched. 

"I need to go to the source myself. The guy who released this information. As for his address..."

He searched the name of the person who was mentioned as the source in all these articles. 

"Roy Gillian. There he is. That's good. He lives in Elisium too."

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