Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 229 - 229: House Arrest

His second sentence proved to be the final push as the rest of the girls also left, giving Lucifer privacy. 

He could finally work in peace. 

The beach was very big, and Lucifer had no idea where his inheritance could be buried, but he had decided. It didn't matter how long; he wasn't going to leave before he found what he was looking for.

Seven hours passed as he randomly walked on the beach, trying to get a clue: any memory or any link. But there weren't any rooms on the beach either. 

The only place where his inheritance could be was under the sand. But it was proving to be more difficult than he imagined.

"Looks like it's impossible alone. As long as I don't know the specific place, I can't find it."

"I wonder if I should try to find a Variant that can find it for me. There are many powers in this world. There should be someone who can help me with this too."

He decided that instead of searching the whole beach, it was better to search for the man that can help him since it was easier. 

He left the beach and went to a Cyber Cafe where he was allowed to use the computer and internet after paying a little bit of money. 

With the help of the net, he tried to find someone who could help him. 

"There it is! Jiang! He can help me. And his house is near the house of Roy. I was going there anyway. I can pick him up on my way back."

As Lucifer got the information, he left the place. Taking a cab, he decided to go to Roy's house. 

The cab stopped near the mansion of Roy, which seemed to be surrounded by guards. 

The guards seemed to have weapons as well. 

Lucifer paid for the cab before leaving as he walked towards the mansion. 

He stopped at the entrance of the big mansion. 

" Who are you? What do you need?" the guards asked Lucifer. 

"I want to meet Mr. Roy. Can you please let me in?" Lucifer asked. 

"Don't you know? He had been under house arrest for decades. No one is allowed to meet him," the guard sharply informed Lucifer. 

"Ah, I see. So you aren't the guards who are here to keep him safe. You're the guards that are here to keep him trapped and away from others. Even though I don't know why you would do that, it makes things easier for me," Lucifer said, smirking. 

He took off his black gloves and kept them in his pocket. 

The guards frowned, looking at Lucifer, but they soon understood everything as they watched Lucifer jump over the gates. 

The guards raised their guns to attack, but that also proved to be useless as before they could even fire, a bunch of lightning bolts penetrated through their skulls, dropping them to the ground. 

"Can't let my clothes get dirty again. Had enough of that in childhood," Lucifer muttered as he patted his tuxedo with the back of his hand.

He walked over to the bodies and decayed all of them with his bare hands. He had learned, and he wasn't going to leave any bodies behind as long as he wasn't pressed for time here. 

After destroying all the bodies, he again wore his gloves as he walked towards the mansion with his hands in his pocket. 

From his face, not a single person could have imagined what he had done. He seemed like a confident businessman that was here on a business deal.


He pressed the bell as he stood on the wooden doors of the mansion.

The door didn't open. 

He pressed the bell again as he waited for one more minute, but the door again didn't open. 

"I tried to be a gentleman. They can't blame me now," Lucifer said, smiling. 

He raised his right foot without taking his hands out of his pocket and kicked the door.


The door opened right away, unable to resist Lucifer's strength. 

Calmly, Lucifer walked inside. 

The mansion was so big that it looked no less than a palace. It was also brightly lit on the inside and properly decorated. 

"Even though he's in house arrest, this guy seems to be living in full luxury," Lucifer commented as he shook his head. 

He started searching for Roy in most of the rooms. It was only after ten minutes that he finally found him.

Roy was in his bedroom, sleeping peacefully. 

Folding his arms, Lucifer stood in the room with his back supported against the wall.

"Wake up, big guy," Lucifer said calmly. But the man didn't wake up. 

Lucifer stepped closer to the bed. Bringing his lips close to the man's ears, he yelled as loud as he could, "Wake up!"

"Huh! What! Earthquake?"

The man hastily stood up as he heard the yell. As he was still half asleep, he thought there was an earthquake.

"There's no earthquake yet. But if you don't answer me, there will soon be one. And it'll be one you can't afford to face," Lucifer said calmly as he again stepped back. 

The chubby man rubbed his sleepy eyes as he heard a voice. He looked to his left to find Lucifer standing there. 

"Who are you? How did you get in? Did Varant and the others allow you to come in? Is my house arrest removed?" The chubby man asked, looking at Lucifer. 

"Varant put you on house arrest?" Lucifer asked, frowning. 

"Don't act as if you don't know. He, Zeiss, they were all involved. All because I broke one promise and told others a little bit about the eyes," Roy let out, sighing. 

"God, I was really an idiot. I should have kept my silence. If I had, I wouldn't be on house arrest for decades."

"Interesting. Anyway, that's what I'm here for. I want to hear more about the eyes. What did you see that day? And what everyone wants to keep secret. That's why I came here. If you tell me the truth, you'll get your freedom," Lucifer told Roy calmly. 

"You really don't know?" Roy asked, frowning. 

Lucifer shook his head. "I don't know."

As the room was slightly dark, the man couldn't see Lucifer's face or his eyes clearly. 

"Wait. Is it a test? To see if I keep my silence now? Don't worry! Tell them that I learned my lesson. I won't tell anyone!" Roy let out firmly. 

"I don't care about your lesson. I want the answers. Tell me everything about that day. I promise you'll be free of house arrest then," Lucifer said firmly. 

The chubby man thought for a little while before he agreed. "I'll tell you then. I'll tell you the whole thing."

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