Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 221 - 221: Return Of Lucifer

"I think you'll have to wait for an eternity if you want my gloves. Because you won't be getting them in this lifetime. So step aside and vacate my path!" Lucifer said.

"Step aside and let me leave now!" Lucifer warned the seven men from the Senior Class A who were blocking his path. 

All of them had the Limiter in their hands which was locked. If any of them tried using their power, they were going to get electrocuted. 

That was also the problem. If Lucifer had his strength, he believed he could easily have left. But it was actually slightly tough now. 

"So this is your final decision? You won't give us your gloves?" Jake asked, smirking.

"I won't!" Lucifer said firmly. 

"Fine. We'll take it ourselves. Because you are forgetting something. This arena technically doesn't come under campus or hostel technically." Jake let out as he burst into laughter. 

"So we can fight freely as long as we don't use our gifts. And seven against one without gifts, you should know the outcome," he continued. 

He was burning in the flames of revenge as Lucifer had killed his most precious beast. He wanted to see Lucifer suffer the same way. 

"You can try. But you won't succeed," Lucifer declared, clenching his fist. 


Sitting in the room, Dash was getting bored. He wanted to see Lucifer lying unconscious too.

'They should have started by now. I should check. I really can't miss the opportunity,' he finally thought as he stood up and left. 

Seeing Dash leave, Cassius also started frowning. 

"First, he sent Alex, and now he's leaving? Something seems strange. I really should check what's happening," Cassius muttered as he also stood up and left the class. 


Instead of waiting to be attacked, Lucifer attacked first. 

He took the lead as he ran towards the man that was blocking his path. 

The man also moved as he attacked Lucifer, swinging his fist. Unfortunately for him, Lucifer just used a single finger as he hit the weakest point in the man's arms to stop his attack before he kicked the man's legs to bring him to the ground. 

That little time was enough for others to catch up. Another man attacked Lucifer, who had just taken care of one of them. 

Instead of a one-on-one battle, it soon turned into a six-on-one battle as all six of these people attacked Lucifer. 

Lucifer couldn't find any way to dodge as he saw so many attacks coming towards him at once. 

He decided to use his spinning kick as he went down to the ground, but Jake was just as fast as he kicked Lucifer's face before he could even finish. 

It seemed as if Jake had already expected this move, and he was waiting for him. As for how he knew about Lucifer's signature steps, that seemed to be unclear. 

As Lucifer's face was hit, he fell on the ground. 

Jake tried to stomp Lucifer's chest as he was lying on the ground, but Lucifer rolled around right at that moment, dodging the attack.

Unfortunately, as he was surrounded from all sides, it didn't matter if he dodged one attack as another leg came stomping on his chest. 

"Argh!" Lucifer let out a pained noise as his chest was hit. 

He wasn't even given a chance to stand up as two men caught his elbows, stopping him from moving his hands. 

"You're just like a fish, struggling to breathe outside water, kid. You really think you could fight us? You might be good in hand-to-hand combat, but we're the best," Jake said as he saw Lucifer being held down on the ground. 

It was at that moment when the door opened. Hearing the sound of the door opening, everyone looked back, wondering who had entered. 

"Dash, come on in! Look! We are successful! We caught this rat! Now you can watch his gloves being taken and destroyed live!" Jake told the man who had just entered. "Enjoy the party!"

The person who had entered was none other than Dash. 

"Ah, I'm glad I'm not late! You can start!" Dash said, laughing. 

Hearing Dash laugh, Lucifer was stunned. Dash has betrayed him? This was really his scheme? All to hurt him? 

Even though Lucifer wasn't a close friend of Dash, to see him betraying like this, there was a mysterious sadness in his heart. 

He struggled to free his hands, but it didn't work. 

"Your struggling won't work, kid! The only time you'll be free is when we take and destroy those gloves of yours!" Jake said, laughing. 

His laughing face made Lucifer even more enraged. He soon thought of something as he decided to make Jake suffer. Jake was standing near the feet of Lucifer.

Without wasting even a single second, Lucifer raised his foot as he kicked Jake right between the legs. 

Jake's face turned pale as he was hit in the balls. He couldn't help but hold them as he dropped to the ground, groaning in pain. 

As for the others, they stepped near Lucifer's hands to make sure he couldn't kick them like this. 

Jake felt a dying pain in his balls which lasted for a few minutes before it went away. He finally breathed a sigh of relief as he stood up. His face was still pale, though. 

"You really are a pesky bastard!" Jake roared as he stomped on Lucifer's knees, making Lucifer scream in pain. 

His right leg was broken, but Jake didn't stop there. He stomped Lucifer's other knee as well, breaking his second leg too. 

"Jake! What are you doing? You're leaving proof of damage on his body! We'll also get a strike now!" One of his friends reminded him, frowning. 

"It doesn't matter! It'll be our first strike. It won't affect us in any way since it's our last year, and we'll have two more chances!" Jake said strongly. "As for this pest, one strike is worth making him suffer!"

Jake stepped closer and grabbed Lucifer by his throat as he raised him in the air. His two men still kept holding Lucifer's hands. Even after all that, Lucifer hadn't tried to use his powers. 

It was his last chance, after all, and using powers meant he was going to be expelled. Moreover, he was also going to become unconscious right away. 

Lucifer's neck was being held by Jake, who was even applying some pressure. 

Unfortunately, he didn't know what he was doing and the nightmare it was going to bring. 

As Lucifer struggled to breathe, it happened...

The floodgates of his memories opened as a tsunami of his buried memories returned. 

"The World knows me as Warlock King Varant!" 

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