Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 220 - 220: Entrapped

"It doesn't matter. It's better to be safe. Moreover, even on its own, it's a beautiful accessory. Just wear it for my satisfaction," Cassius insisted.

"Alright. Thank you for the great gift, Cassius," Lucifer said as he finally wore the ring in one of his fingers. 

Lucifer and the others finished their classes for the day before they walked back to their rooms, waiting for the new day to arrive where they could learn more. 

Sitting in his room, Lucifer thought about what his grandfather had said. The world was in chaos. That was true; it seemed since he believed the old man never lied. 

"What are you thinking so hard about?" Looking at Lucifer lost in deep thought, Jason started asking questions. 

"What do you think about Dark Variants?" Lucifer asked Jason, intriguing him. 

" The ones that use their gifts for themselves and the ones that use it to gain more power?"

"I think they suck. They are evil and vile creatures that need to be taken out. If we have gifts, we need to make good use of them. We shouldn't use them to take innocent lives," Jason answered without taking long. 

"What do you think, Kevin?" Lucifer asked his second roommate.

"I think it's better to stay as far away from Dark Variants as we can," Kevin replied. 

" Do you think we are biased towards them? I mean, they are also people like us?" Lucifer asked. 

"I don't think we are biased. We are standing on the righteous side. It's them who should learn the right thing," Jason responded.

"I guess you're right," Lucifer said as he stopped the conversation. He laid on his bed and covered himself with a sheet.

He didn't stop thinking about that. What was the hidden meaning in the words of the old man?

As he lost himself in thoughts, he didn't realize when he fell asleep. It was only in the morning when he woke up again. 

Dressing up for just another ordinary day, he left his room. 

It didn't take him long before he actually reached the class. 

It was the first time in a long while when he was the first person in the class. It was after him that Cassius arrived, followed by others. 

Soon, all the students were here, including Cassius, who looked especially happy today. 

Franci also arrived at the right time as he took the students to the arena again. 

The first class lasted for two hours before all the students were told to go back to class. 

Cassius and Lucifer stuck together on the way back. It was a free period where the students were supposed to relax in the class. 

As for the next class, it was going to be Alexi's class who was going to teach them more about Tricks. 

Even though all the students had gone back to the Class, Dash had stayed behind. He was intentionally delaying his return as per his plan. 

It was only after five minutes that Dash entered the class. 

Instead of sitting, he went straight to Lucifer. 

"Alex, Teacher Franci told me to send you to him. He needs you back in the Arena for something."

It was only after telling Lucifer that he sat down on his seat. 

"Really? I wonder why he needs me," Lucifer muttered as he stood up. He soon glanced at Cassius as he continued, "I'll be right back."

" Should I come with you?" Cassius asked Lucifer. 

"It's fine. You don't need to come. He only asked for me. Maybe it's something personal. I'll be back before you even know it," Lucifer let out, smiling as he left the class. 

Dash kept his head low as he started smiling. It wasn't going to be long before everything was over. 

'This bastard will finally be out. It'll all be over today.' he thought. 


Unaware of the Dark Schemes that were going behind his back, Lucifer hastily walked towards the Arena, where he believed Franci to be waiting for him. He didn't want to keep him waiting for long.

After a short time, he reached the arena. 

As Lucifer stepped inside the Arena, he found the place to be completely empty. There was no one here. There was only silence everywhere.

"Teacher Franci? Are you here?" Lucifer asked, yelling. 


Suddenly, a metallic sound came from behind Lucifer. Turning around, Lucifer noticed a man standing at the entrance. As for the door, it was closed. 

As the door didn't have a lock, the man had only closed it. It was easy to open it from outside as well, but the man didn't care. 

There were no classes in the Arena today. So he didn't believe someone was going to come in. 

The only reason he even shut the door was so that the passersby couldn't see what was happening inside. 

"You, aren't you from Class A, Batch 23?" Lucifer asked, glaring at the boy. 

"He's not the only one." Another Voice came from a different direction. 

Lucifer looked in that direction to notice another man from Class A. 

"What are you doing here? Where is Teacher Franci?" Lucifer asked, frowning. 

"He had something urgent, so he had to leave. He left us here to take care of the matter." This time, the voice came from the third direction.

Lucifer looked there to find another man from Class A.

"Since he gave us such an important responsibility, how can we let him down?" Another Voice came from the fourth direction. 

Lucifer looked there to see four men this time, one of whom happened to be Jake.

All seven of the men started getting closer to Lucifer until they were completely surrounding him. 

"What responsibility? What does he want?" Lucifer asked grimly. He could already feel that something was wrong. 

" He wanted us to take your gloves because they look ugly. He doesn't want to see them in your hands anymore. He is frustrated," Jake said, grinning. "So be a good boy and give me those ugly gloves."

Hearing their words, Lucifer's frown deepened. He believed they were lying. Franci never had a problem with his gloves. Why would he? He was always nice about them. These people were undoubtedly lying. 

"I'm sorry, but I can't listen to that. They are my gloves and I'm keeping them. If he wants them, tell him to talk to me in his class," Lucifer replied. "I'm leaving now."

As Lucifer tried to move, he noticed that the men didn't step aside. They were blocking his path. 

"What is the meaning of this?" Lucifer asked again. "Step aside!"

"We're sorry, but if you want to leave, you must give us your gloves. If you don't, you can't leave," Jake announced. 

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