Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 222 - 222: Return Of The Nightmare

"The World knows me as Warlock King Varant!" 

That was the first memory that returned. As he was in the same situation as he was with Varant with him being choked, this acted as the last nail in the coffin. 

"It's for humanity; don't you want to help humans?"

"My dear son, Lucifer. Papa and Mama need to leave for a short time. We'll soon return. And then we'll go on a picnic."

"You're never going to awaken!"

"He's a monster! He's a devil!"

"Why don't you just die!"

"Look at his eyes! He is that thing! We need to kill him!'

"This will be your true home! Join the Variant Uprising."

"We didn't kill your father. It must be them."

"Everyone lies!"

"I can never trust humans."

"My best memory is when my parents said they're proud of me."


"I owe you a reward then."

"You need to die!"

"You're all the same!"

As memories kept flooding Lucifer's head, his eyes became wet. With the memories, all the pain also returned. 

The pain that he carried inside his heart since childhood… the nightmares that were buried deep had returned. 

As for his eyes, they had also returned to their usual color. One was blue, and the other was slightly violet now. 

Since the arena was covered with a roof, no one here could see, but dark clouds had started covering the sky. 

"Hah, this kid is actually crying. I think we broke him!' Jake said, laughing. "Free his hand. He won't do anything. I'll take off his gloves."

As per his commands, his men released Lucifer's hand, and Lucifer didn't attack either. It was just as Jake expected. He soon took off Lucifer's right glove and tossed it on the ground before stomping on it. 


It also happened to be the moment when Cassius stepped inside the arena. He saw Lucifer being held by his neck. There were also tears in his eyes.

Cassius started raising his sword to attack.


Winds... Heavy winds started flowing in a twister as they surrounded Lucifer and the six men. Dash was outside the twister. 

It even blocked the view of Cassius, who was just about to attack. It was fortunate since Cassius had forgotten that he couldn't use his gifts because of his Limiter either. 

Instead of attacking, he started running towards Lucifer. 

"Dash! What are you doing! Stop your winds!" Jake commanded, frowning. 

"T-that's not my doing. Even I can't do that yet," Dash let out as his eyes opened wide. Who was doing this? 

"Also, my Limiter is active! I would be electrocuted if it was me!" he further said. 

"If this isn't you, then who did it?" Jake asked, concerned. Did someone else come here?

It didn't take long before he got his answer since Lucifer had finally received all his memories. 

He softly opened his lips as he said, "I did it."

As for his voice, it sounded like it was coming straight from the depths of hell. 

"Y-you? How? You have a second power? Even then, how can you not lose consciousness because of electricity?" Jake asked in disbelief. He slowly looked at Lucifer's hands to notice that Lucifer was right. 

His bracelet now had three red lights. Did this mean that Lucifer was electrocuted already? He didn't even feel it?

"Electricity, my old friend and my eternal partner," Lucifer answered as he slowly raised his right hand that didn't have his gloves as he gently touched Jake's cheeks.

As soon as Lucifer's hand touched Jake's cheeks, Jake started feeling immense pain as if his body was being destroyed from inside out. He had never felt this pain before. It was so bad. 

He tried to get away from Lucifer as he freed Lucifer's throat, but he couldn't get away as this time Lucifer had grabbed his throat. 

He didn't choke Jake though. He wanted to destroy every particle of Jake while also taking all the life energy. 

"Ahhh! You monster! Free me!"

Jake's pained yell echoed in the entire arena, even falling in Cassius and Dash's ears. 

Why was that guy screaming? He had no enemy inside that whirlpool. Or could it be that it was cast by a teacher who was punishing Jake? 

"Are you sure you didn't make that?" Cassius asked, frowning. 

"I didn't," Dash answered, concerned about what had happened. 

"Could it be that Jake is acting, so I don't try to stop him?" Cassius muttered, thinking that Jake's screams were fake.

"Jake! I'm warning you! If you did anything to Alex, I'd kill you!" He said out loud. "Free Alex and let him leave!"

Unfortunately, the person he was talking to couldn't answer. Jake's screams had stopped, and he was now lying on the ground as nothing more than ash. 

Lucifer didn't stop with one though. There were six more people here.

He glanced at the other six who were shivering in their boots as he asked, "You wanted my gloves off, right? There, I'll take them off myself."

Grinning like the Devil, Lucifer took off his left glove as well. 

In the sky, the clouds were roaring madly as if a storm was on the horizon. It had also started raining. But inside the arena was also a similar atmosphere. 

The only difference was that the roars inside the arena belonged to the youngsters that kept screaming as they died. Unfortunately, they had no way out. 

After Lucifer finished everyone, he stopped his winds.


As the winds stopped, Cassius was finally able to see inside. All he could see was Lucifer, who was standing without much expression on his face. 

There were two gloves lying near his feet. Moreover, he was standing on his own two feet that were previously broken by Jake. That's what Dash found strange. 

"Are you alright? You aren't hurt, right?" Cassius asked, stepping towards Lucifer. 

"Where are Jake and others?" Dash asked, frowning. He couldn't help but take a step back. Something strange was going on here.

First, mysterious winds appeared. Then there were screams from everyone. Then they all disappeared, and Lucifer was perfectly healed now? Something didn't make sense. 

"They are dead. Just like you'll be now," Lucifer said as he floated to Dash, leaving Cassius behind. He didn't even answer Cassius. 


"Here is the place I got the alert from. God, the kids can't even let me eat in peace. Which idiot used his gifts now. I'll again have to take him to the nurse. What an annoying system."

In the distance, Alexi was walking towards the Arena as well. He had received an alert that someone tried to use their powers in the arena. 

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