Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 1074 1075: Whatever you need

Chapter 1074 Chapter 1075: Whatever you need

In the evening, Lucifer returned again as time stood still. However, the President was more accustomed to it now.

He handed the information to Lucifer. Not just that, he even handed over some money and a phone. By now, he understood that Lucifer and his friends probably weren't from earth.

If they were from earth, they would've known more about Earth, including the fact that this information could've easily been gathered at lower office as well.

"No matter what you need... As long as you two Lords are on earth, you can give me a call and I'll get it done!" he told Lucifer, while trying to explain how calls worked.

Lucifer took the phone and the money, thanking the President before leaving. Although he could destroy earth with a flick of his finger, but things definitely were easier with the President's support.

As Lucifer left, the President sat on his chair, sighing as he wiped his sweat. However, his lips were smiling. If he could actually get close to Lucifer and Arel with a few favors, it was for the best. He didn't want them as his enemies after all.

Moreover, despite their strength, he could see that the two were peaceful and hadn't caused any harm to earth.

Although he was curious how Zale and Clarisse were related to these two, he didn't dare to ask questions.


For the next two days, Lucifer went to Zale. However, he didn't approach Zale directly. From a distance, he watched the person who was like his father on earth.

Zale was still in his early twenties and just a college student.

Meanwhile Clarisse was even younger, and lived in an entirely different city.

In this world, there were no wars. Life was peaceful, but that also raised a problem for Lucifer.

In the last life, his parents fought together and slowly fell in love. But in this life, things were different. They had no chance to fight together, let alone coming across each other.

"This can't go on..."

Lucifer picked up the phone, and gave a call to the President, telling the Leader of the country to do something for him.

Next to Lucifer, Arel watched everything. He didn't understand why they were simply watching these two people and going so far for them. He didn't understand why Lucifer was so interested in these two people.

In the last thirty years, Lucifer hadn't left the clan. So there was no way he met them before. However, despite his curiosity, he only performed his duties and didn't interfere. No matter how weird it was, it wasn't that significant.

Back in the President's office, the man sat with a frown on his face.

"Just why is he going this far for these two? Whatever, it doesn't affect the national security. It's easy to fulfill as well."

The President made a few calls to concerned people, arranging everything.

In the next few days, both Zale and Clarisse got a call from the Government. Both were given internships to work at the government, in the same department.

For most people, it was extremely hard to qualify, but both the college students got in without even applying. However, the President had already informed everyone to use a good excuse that didn't arouse much suspicion.

In the end, things moved smoothly.

Instead of fighting monsters at the same time, Clarisse and Zale started working together, getting in close proximity.

It was as if the past was repeating itself, albeit in a different way. The two of them once again fell in love.

One year passed and the two of them decided to get married.

In the church, Clarisse finished the wedding vows.

"And now you may kiss the bride."

Zale placed his hand on Clarisse's waist, giving a light kiss. Many family guests revealed happy smiles.

However there was one person who was family, yet not family, watching from a distance.

"I wish you both a blessed life... In this life, may you have all the happiness in the world..." Lucifer turned around, leaving the place as the wedding was complete.

That night, Zale and Clarisse were opening the gifts together. After opening all the gifts, there was only one last left.

As Clarisse opened the last gift, she was stunned. The last gift wasn't something she could've expected at all. Instead, it was a bunch of papers.

She picked up the papers and went through them, frowning. "How... These are property papers? Someone gifted us a house?"

These were the ownership papers of the house that weren't small at all. Instead, it was so expensive that they couldn't even afford to buy it yet. They didn't realize that it was also the same house where they lived in the last life with Lucifer.

"Hmm? A house? Is this a gift from your parents?" Zale asked, frowning.

"It's not," Clarisse answered. "It is from someone named Lucifer? Could this be a mistake?"

Zale tried to find out about Lucifer, but there was no contact information about that man. Even as he went to his office and tried to find from proper sources, he couldn't get any information. All he was told was that it was all legal.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't find anything. At the end, he stopped the search and accepted the house.

"I don't know who you are. I don't even know if I deserve such an expensive gift. But thank you..."


"Thank you for all the help. It's time for me to go back." In the President's office, Lucifer met the President one last time. He had helped him a lot now and Lucifer felt quite happy.

"In return, let me do something for you!" He stepped forward and placed his hand on the President's chest.

The President could feel a strange feeling. But he didn't know what it was.

"I've granted you the inner shield. It will only work one time when your life is in danger and save your life, no matter what the danger. However, even it won't save you from old age..."

The President didn't know if it was true or not, but he chose to believe Lucifer. Someone like him didn't have any reason to lie.

"Thank you for granting me a second life!" He respectfully bowed to Lucifer, truly feeling grateful. Not only had he gotten close to Lucifer, but he had also received the gift of life.

"I will return in the future. But if I find that something happened to those two people..."

"Don't worry! I'll make sure that they are safe! Even if someone else becomes the President, I'll make sure to inform them!"

Lucifer nodded. It's been quite some time since he had been here. It was time to go back.

Opening a Spatial Portal, Lucifer returned to the Ancient Clan.

Arel glanced at the President. "You're really lucky. So many Lords and Ladies in various worlds, much more powerful than you want to get close to My Lord. But you got this blessing. Don't screw this up!"

After issuing one last warning, Arel also entered the portal which disappeared.

Even as Lucifer left, the President didn't forget him. Throughout the years, he tried to help Zale and Clarisse, even hiring security from his personal wealth to protect them.

Five years later, there was an assassination attempt on the President. Many of his advisors died. Even he was shot twenty times, all over his body. However, even then, he managed to survive while coming out unharmed.

That day, he realized that Lucifer hadn't lied. He could only thank Lucifer for saving his life, hoping to meet the Young Lord once again.

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