Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 1073 1074: The Leader

Chapter 1073 Chapter 1074: The Leader

1073 Chapter 1074: The Leader

Not just Lucifer, but Arel also looked more handsome than any of the actors on earth. Many people started recording their videos, uploading them on social media.

Some even thought about taking an autograph or a selfie without even knowing who these two were, convinced that they were someone famous.

However, as soon as they came close to Lucifer and Arel, they froze in place. Just a simple gaze from Arel was enough to frighten them, making them feel as if they were shoved into the cold ocean.

"Control your killing intent. They won't harm us," Lucifer reminded Arel. "Even if they wanted to, they couldn't."

"Still... How can I let these inferior beings come close to My Lord?" Arel asked in return, frowning.

"Are you ignoring my commands?" Lucifer lazily asked.

"I wouldn't dare..." Arel quickly retracted his killing intent directed towards the people who were trying to get close to them. However, after this experience, no one dared to get close.

Although Lucifer had lived on earth in the last life, that was a completely different earth with a different power structure. Even he wasn't sure what changes were present in this earth or where he had to go if he wanted to find his parents.

After taking a slight stroll, he approached a young man nearby.

Even before Lucifer could tap the man's shoulder, the man turned around, feeling a chill run down his back for some reason.

The young man looked back. Initially, he was stunned by how handsome the man behind him looked, but for some reason, he also felt slightly scared. He couldn't understand why. It made him feel like he was suffocating.

"Can you tell me where I can find the leader of this country?" Lucifer asked the young man.

The young man was stunned. Although Lucifer was speaking English, he found it wrong. How could this young man not know about the Presidential Palace? Moreover, why would he ask this question when he could've just used the internet or maps?

The man opened his lips to ask these questions, but at the end moment, he stepped. He didn't want to offend these people with his delaying questions. It was just an innate feeling from within.

"You're probably looking for the Presidential Palace." He brought his phone out of his pocket and opened the maps.

"We are currently here. And the Presidential Palace is in this city... Far away from this place. If you take a flight, it would take you approximately-"

The man continued with the explanation, but before he could finish, Lucifer thanked him, saying he understood.

Lucifer walked past him.

The man, still confused, turned around to take another glance at those two people, but he couldn't see them anywhere. Both of them had disappeared.

"This... How...?" He rubbed his forehead, not realizing how those two disappeared. "Have I been working too much at work?"


Lucifer and Arel appeared outside the Presidential Palace. As soon as Lucifer appeared, time froze. He didn't want to waste any time explaining.

He walked past the security who couldn't even see or move. With calm steps, he entered the Palace.

Lucifer directly walked inside the President's office where many generals were giving him some kind of explanation in the past. However at this moment, they appeared no more than statues.

"He should be the one," Lucifer muttered, releasing the President from his time prison.

The President came to his senses, surprised by the sudden silence. Both his Generals were standing still, their mouths still open.

"Who are you? How did you get in?" As soon as he noticed Lucifer and Arel in the distance, he stood up shocked.

What was even more shocking was that his guards were standing still, not even moving. He ordered his guards to detain Lucifer and Arel, but it was as if the command fell on deaf ears.

"They won't be able to follow your commands. They're in my time-prison. Only you can move inside this person, because it's my will." Lucifer informed the President as he moved a chair back and took a seat.

"W-who are you? How are you able to do it?" Although the President was scared, he was still the leader of the country with high intellect. He was able to control his emotions and fear, realizing that something was wrong with these two people.

If they were really able to stop his people in time, they weren't humans.

"A-are you gods?" he asked, slightly hesitantly.

"It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is what I want from you," Lucifer told the President.

"W-what do you want from me?"

With a wave of his hand, Lucifer opened another Spatial Portal, this time slightly smaller. He inserted his hand inside the portal and pulled out two scrolls.

The two scrolls flew towards the President, landing on the table right before him.

"I want you to find these two people for me. However, do it in such a way that it doesn't cause any trouble for them. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

The President picked up the scrolls, opening them. In both the scrolls, he found a painting. One was a painting of a man while another was a woman.

Although the President was curious who these people were, but he didn't ask much. Even if Lucifer wasn't a god, but the abilities he had shown, it was clear that his life was in his hands.

If Lucifer could enter this place freely with time, then he could easily kill him as well. He could only obey.

"D-do you know their names?" he asked. Although he could find them without names as well, but with names, it was much faster and less troublesome.

"The man is named Zale Azarel. And the woman is named Clarisse Rivera," Lucifer replied, before asking. "How long will it take for you to find them."

"With their names, half a day! I'll have all their information for you within half a day!" The President exclaimed with zeal.

"I look forward to it." Lucifer stood up and walked out of the hall.

The President thought of something and followed after them. "Wait, how long will my people stay frozen?"

Unfortunately, by then the two had disappeared entirely.

"This..." the President sighed as he returned to the meeting office.

"Huh? How did you get there in an instant?" As the President returned, his Generals woke up. They were stunned to find the President at the door when he was just sitting on the chair.

"Stop daydreaming! I want you to put everything aside and find me everything you know about these two people!" The President returned to his chair, handling over the scrolls while informing them of the names.

The Generals asked many questions, but the President didn't answer any. He just warned them to do it in such a way that these two people weren't alerted or troubled.

In the end, the Generals listened to the command. Shortly, they returned with all the information, including the entire history of the two people, along with their current coordinates.

The President kept the information secure with him while telling his Generals to forget everything about these two people and that this was just his personal curiosity.

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