Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 1072 1073: Return to Earth

Chapter 1072 Chapter 1073: Return to Earth

1072 Chapter 1073: Return to Earth

"Where might we be going?" Arel asked, quite curious. It wasn't often that Lucifer went out, especially ever since he had taken the leadership position in the Clan.

However, not only did he want to go out now, but he also appeared to be looking forward to it.

Lucifer didn't answer. However, for him, this night was the longest light of his life. After a long time, he was finally going there again.

"I suppose I will soon find out. Now I'm also looking forward to it," Arel smiled, not probing further as he once again disappeared, returning to the shadows.

"In this life, everything will be fine..." Lucifer muttered as he observed the stars in the sky.

Throughout the entire night, he hadn't slept. However with how he was now, he didn't need any sleep in the first place. He could go on for months without needing to sleep.

The next morning, Lucifer stood up, returning back to the Palace. He prepared himself thoroughly, dressing in his best attire.

Once he left his room, even the servants were surprised. Usually, Lucifer couldn't care less what he wore. However, this time he even asked one of them how he looked after stepping out of the room.

Lucifer went to meet his parents. Although he didn't need anyone's permission to leave, but he still kept his old promise to his father that he could tell them before leaving so they wouldn't worry.

"Where are you going?" Lucifer's father asked after being informed.

Even he could see that his son was different this time. He was like a little child, with that same innocence in his eyes that was hard to see in the past.

"It's a small world in a distant place. A world called Earth. I should be back soon," Lucifer replied.

"Is there anything special about that place?" Lucifer's Father asked, even more curious, why his son was going to a small place like Earth that was insignificant to the point they hadn't even heard of before.

"There is something really special in that place." Lucifer answered while being vague. He didn't tell his father anything about his past.

His father also knew that there was something Lucifer wasn't telling them. However, he didn't probe further.

"I hope you find what you're looking for..." He granted his blessings, letting Lucifer leave.

He further looked at the empty space in the distance. "You little brat, protect my son well."

Arel appeared in the empty space, nodding. "Don't worry, Eldest Master. I won't let anything happen to the Family Head."

After informing his father, Lucifer left the hall. Although he preferred to go alone, he knew that it would worry his father, so he took Arel with him as well.

After leaving the Palace, Lucifer created a Spatial Portal with a light wave.

"After so long, I'll finally see you again..." Lucifer entered the portal, disappearing in the torrent of space. Arel followed behind.

Once the two entered, the portal closed.

From the palace windows, Lucifer's father looked at the portal closed.

"I don't know what burdens and secrets you carry. However, I hope you find the peace you're looking for... Your happiness is all I want, my dear child."


The portal opened, right above one of the main cities on earth.

Lucifer and Arel floated high in the sky, looking at the city below.

The city stretched out beneath them, a sprawling metropolis of towering skyscrapers and bustling streets. The cityscape was a dazzling display of lights, with neon signs and billboards illuminating the place. The sound of car horns and distant chatter filled the air, creating a vibrant energy that seemed to pulse through the city's veins.

Arel marveled at the sight, his eyes taking in the sights and sounds of the human world. The buildings seemed to reach for the heavens, their glass facades reflecting the twinkling stars above. The streets were alive with people, each one going about their daily lives, unaware of the supernatural beings observing them from above.

"What a fascinating place. However, the people here are so weak..." Arel muttered to himself, wondering why the Family Head would come to a place like this.

As they hovered in the sky, a plane soared past them. The roar of its engines echoed through the air, catching Lucifer's attention. He looked towards the aircraft, his eyes meeting the gaze of a curious child peering out of the window. The child's eyes widened in awe as they locked onto Lucifer and Arel, his small face pressed against the glass.

Arel, ever watchful, noticed the child's fascination and smiled. He waved at the young passenger, a gesture meant to acknowledge their presence.

The child's eyes widened even further, their mouth forming an excited "O" shape. They waved back with unbridled enthusiasm, their joy radiating from the plane and reaching Lucifer and Arel high above.

"Mother, look Superman!" the child exclaimed, tugging at the clothes of her mother.

"You and your imagination..." the mother didn't even open her eyes, let alone look out the window.

Soon, Lucifer and Arel had disappeared from the child's sight.

Lucifer and Arel teleported inside the city, appearing inside a desolate alley so no one could see them teleport.

In this world, there were no Dungeons since Lucifer had completely annihilated that entire species, eliminating all future troubles. However, because there were no Dungeons, there was also no disturbance in natural balance.

Because of the absence of the Dungeons, no humans awakened as any Variants. The world wasn't pushed into any unnecessary wars, at least none related to monsters.

Unfortunately, even as there were no monsters to fight, wars didn't actually stop as there were many wars amongst human nations.

Lucifer left the Valley, walking on the crowded streets. Although he didn't use any of his special abilities, whoever saw him subconsciously stepped aside, clearing the path for him.

Many even wondered where this guy came from, and why he was wearing the attire that they had never seen before. Looking at how handsome he was, many wondered if he was an actor and was here to shoot something.

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