Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 1071 1072: The one who can kill me

Chapter 1071 Chapter 1072: The one who can kill me

1071 Chapter 1072: The one who can kill me

The Family that wanted to find and annihilate.Lucifer's family was completely wiped by Lucifer. They weren't just killed, but they were killed in the most brutal ways, especially the princes who were begging for death at the end of it, as their bodies were dismantled bit by bit.

The torture of the Princess lasted for two days before they were finally granted death. By that moment, Lucifer's entire body was covered in their blood. He didn't appear like the person that had fought to protect his family. Instead, he looked like someone who enjoyed this entire moment.

After killing the Princess, Lucifer tossed the knife aside. With this, his revenge had ended and all threats to his family had been annihilated.

Leaving the bodies behind, Lucifer left the hall, his back looking even lonelier than ever.

Through the corridor, he returned to the chamber from where he had entered this world. He opened the portal to lead him back.

After glancing at the lifeless body of Talia one last time, he entered the portal. "With this, our fate ends.."


Although Lucifer had only spent a few days in the other world, he had been away from his home for months.

Before returning home, he burned his bloody clothes. He cleansed his body, not leaving even a drop of blood. Further, he wore new clothes. Unlike the executioner of the past, he truly appeared like a prince now.

The moment he returned home, he was directly asked to meet the Family Head.

"Where did you go? Did you know how worried we all were?" In the meeting hall, his father asked. Even his mother stood next to his father. She had been worried sick all these months, but now that her son was back, her face was filled with relief and joy.

Lucifer could see the genuine concern and love in their eyes.

"I apologize for the worry I caused you, Father, Mother. I just went out for some fresh air," he replied, his tone calm.

He didn't tell his father the truth. Even now, his father didn't know about his past and everything he had gone through.

"You... next time you want fresh air, at least tell me so I won't worry...." Lucifer's father sighed, but didn't hold his son accountable. Although his son was technically only a few years old, he couldn't be judged with common sense.

As his father, he couldn't help but worry about Lucifer. However, at the same time, he also loved his son a lot and couldn't bear to scold him.

With this, the matter of Lucifer's disappearance came to an end and things returned to normal.

With that, an era of peace was established. With all threats gone, none could challenge the Ancient Clan and Lucifer could live a life that he never got to experience in the past.

There was no need for bloodshed. He didn't need to pick up a weapon ever again. Moreover, everywhere, the Ancient Clan was respected. The past... No, the future had been changed by him.

Centuries passed with no significant development. Throughout the years, Lucifer continued his training on his own, creating new abilities and finding even more uses of his inheritance.

He was also taught skills by his father that he needed to be a Family Head, like management skills of their territory, finance and much more.

A few more centuries passed. Lucifer's father finally stepped down from his position and all the control of the Ancient Clan had been handed over to Lucifer.

Lucifer had become the 100th Family Head of the Ancient Clan. A grand celebration was thrown on the occasion.

The celebration was held in a world under the Ancient Clan Domain. The Celebration was attended by almost all Major Clans who had received invitations. As for the smaller clans that couldn't attend, even then went their well wishes.

Although hundreds of years had passed, none of the clans could forget the legend of Lucifer, the young man who had single handedly wiped hundreds of major clans that went against him. No one wanted to have a bad relationship with him.

If anything, because of Lucifer's deterrence, the other clans had become even more honest and subservient to the Ancient Clan, not even daring to scheme.

In fact, all the Clans had a Portal of Lucifer that they showed their members, warning them that it was better to offend a Demon than to offend Lucifer.

None of the clans wanted to be the next clan to disappear, all because of some single disrespect act towards Lucifer. So they made sure to drill Lucifer's image in their minds so they could recognise him and behave accordingly.

The Celebration was attended by almost all Major Clans, all bringing their heirs with them. Many even brought their daughters, hoping that their daughters could catch Lucifer's eyes.

The Major Clans respected the previous Ancient Clan Head. But for the new Ancient Clan Leader Lucifer... They not only respected him, but they were frightened by him.

Even the Clans that hadn't seen Lucifer before, when they saw him during the ceremony, were stunned. Just being in his presence alone was making them feel like they were suffocating.

Lucifer had lived for a few hundred years, but he still looked like he was only in his mid twenties, while his father now appeared to be in his early forties.

Lucifer's charismatic and enigmatic aura commanded the attention of everyone in the room. People couldn't help but feel a sense of awe and admiration for the leader who possessed such immense power beyond his years.


An unknown amount of time has passed. And in this time, Lucifer barely left the Ancient Clan. However, wherever he went, he was always treated like God after instantly being recognised.

However, during all these years, Lucifer had always been looking forward to something.

Lucifer was sitting on the roof of the palace, looking at the dark sky. His heart that had been still all this time, finally was getting impatient.

"You look quite impatient, yet at the same time slightly happy. Is there something My Lord is looking forward to?"

"Arel..." Lucifer muttered, without even looking around. "Do you really need to guard me even at a time like this! If that's someone I can't protect myself from, will you be able to? How many times have I told you that I don't need protection?"

From the shadow, a man stepped out.

"Forgive me, My Lord. But these are the orders from your father. Although you're the family head, he still can't help but worry about your safety. If you command me, I'll return. But your father might be angry at me and send me here again. It's an endless cycle, so please let me accompany you!"

He had been guarding Lucifer from the shadows, and he was also the one that was closest to Lucifer after his family.

Arel further continued. "As for protecting you, if that's ever a threat to your life, that threat will have to pass over my dead body first."

"Sigh, stop being so dramatic," Lucifer rolled his eyes. "The one who can kill me hasn't been born yet. Though you're right about one thing. There is something I've been looking forward to. It's almost time..."

"Time for...?" Arel asked, confused.

Lucifer smiled. "Time to go out for a walk…"

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