Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 1075 1076: Beginning of Fate

Chapter 1075 Chapter 1076: Beginning of Fate

Twenty years passed before Lucifer finally returned to earth once again.

The first thing he did was to check up on Zale and Clarisse who were now living in the house he had gifted them. However, the only thing different from the past was that he wasn't with them.

Even in this life, Zale had adopted an orphan. They had adopted a girl, who was already nineteen years old.

Lucifer observed the house from a distance, seeing the girl leave the house, entering Zale's car who was going to drop her at college.

Clarisse came to the door, wishing them a safe journey. However, as Clarisse turned around to return inside, she stopped.

She turned around, looking towards the tree in the distance where Lucifer had been standing. Unfortunately, there was no one there now.

Clarisse didn't know why, but she felt a strange sense of sadness. She entered the house and closed the door.

Lucifer stood behind the tree, his back resting against it.

He had confirmed that they were safe and lived a much happier life than last. Moreover, one thing had happened completely out of his expectations.

The orphan they had adopted was none other than Alicia. Even her future had changed. In this life, she wasn't caught by scientists to experiment on her variant abilities.

She hadn't fallen to the hands of the Variant Uprising. Instead, she lived a life where she was loved by Zale and Clarisse. A world without monsters had changed many lives.

After checking up on his parents, Lucifer went to meet the President again. Surprisingly even now, the same man was in power, only appearing older.

Seeing Lucifer back in his office, the man couldn't believe his eyes. Even now, Lucifer looked the same age.

The man repeatedly thanked Lucifer for the inner protection that saved his life. After a small talk, Lucifer told the man that he needed a little more help.

He told the man to find a few more people while giving the names and portrait scrolls.

This time, the President did the same thing. However, he didn't let Lucifer leave. He took Lucifer home and introduced his family.

While they waited for the information, he hosted Lucifer at his home, even introducing his children. However, since he hadn't told his family that Lucifer was a god, he introduced him as a special friend who had saved his life.

"You have a really nice family..." Lucifer smiled. He quite liked this man. Although he was stern, he was also kind and clever. Moreover, he wasn't scheming and somewhat honest.

"Their happiness is all because of you. If I had died that day..." The man lowered his head, still feeling scared about the day.

Lucifer didn't answer. He simply looked at the man's family in the distance which also included some grandkids.

Once the man delivered the information to Lucifer, it was time for him to leave. However, before leaving, Lucifer once again granted an inner armor for the old man. He didn't want to owe any favors.

The President just watched Lucifer disappear, his eyes filled with complex emotions. He wasn't sure if he was ever going to see Lucifer again. But he was happy that he could see him once again at least.


This time, Lucifer gathered information about his friends that he had disappointed in the last time, leading them to their deaths all because he couldn't control his powers. However, in this life it was all different.

One after another, Lucifer went to various places. Seeing his old friends, it brought so many memories back. However he knew that these weren't his friends.

Although they had the same life and Soul, his old friends were forever dead. These were completely different people that hadn't gone through anything they had gone through. However, he was glad for that. He didn't want them to go through all that suffering.

Lucifer left behind small gifts for all of them. Without letting them know, he gave all of them an Inner Armor as he did with his parents and Alicia.

This was the last time he had decided to come here. With this, he was going to separate himself from his past and focus on his future.

He looked at earth one last time. So much of his life and suffering was based on this place, yet so much of his happiness was also from this place.

A melancholic smile remained on his lips as he entered the portal, disappearing forever.


Once Lucifer returned to his world, he started to focus on his world and on strengthening his Clan even further.

Occasionally, there were more occasions to celebrate. And on one such occasion, another large scale banquet was thrown.

Once again, many powerful clans attended the banquet. This time, Lucifer was slightly more accommodating to them, not as dishant. However, he still looked just as regal.

However, while he was talking to his father at the banquet, in the corner of his eyes, he noticed a figure.

Frowning, he looked in the direction. Seeing his son's reaction, Lucifer's father also looked in the direction.

"They are from the Mythical Beast world. If I'm not wrong, this is the first time they've been invited to such a high level banquet. Are you interested in them?" Lucifer's father asked. "I heard that they have some quite talented people. That girl right there should be the one with Phoenix Bloodline if I'm not wrong."

While Lucifer looked at the red haired girl in the distance, the girl also looked in his direction. As soon as their gazes met, the girl hastily lowered her gaze, scared.

Seeing her reaction, a small smirk spread across the corner of Lucifer's lips. In the last life, she used to be so bossy, not scared even when they broke inside the house of another Mythical Clan, but now she was just like a little kitten.

Seeing his gaze, Lucifer's father was also surprised. This was the first time his son had shown any interest in a girl.

Placing his hand on his son's shoulder, he took him to the group of the Mythical Beast Clan.

The Representatives of the Beast Clan were stunned, seeing the two overlords approaching them.

Lucifer's father stopped before the Mythical Beast Clan Leader who was respectful as well as scared.

"You don't have to be scared. I'm not going to eat you. Since it's your first time, I just thought I should get to know you a little," Lucifer's father told the Mythical Beast Clan Leader.

He looked at his son. "While we are talking, how about you show her around?

Lucifer couldn't believe his father was behaving like this. But in the end, he didn't refuse his father.

He reached out his hand towards the red haired girl. "I'm Lucifer."

"A-Amelia..." The red haired girl held Lucifer's hands, her heart racing. However at the same time, she even felt a strange sense of curiosity towards this young man before her...

The man had brought the entire universe to its knees when he got angry, yet in this moment he looked completely different.

She followed Lucifer, without even realizing, marking another beginning of their fate...


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