Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 1006 1006: Friend or Enemy

Chapter 1006 1006: Friend or Enemy

The lifeless body of the Guard decayed beneath Lucifer's feet, swiftly dissolving into dust and vanishing. Not a single trace of his was left behind.

Lucifer opened the door and stepped out of the room, taking a clear look at the people who were guarding the Mansion.

One thing was certain. The prisoners weren't kept in the Mansion. They were kept in the Star Alliance Headquarters, which had an even stronger security.

He still believed that he could free his teammates, but the problematic part was escaping after that. It was impossible to escape this world without the Star Ships.

Although he was given control of one of the Star Ships, he had a feeling that he wasn't able to use it anymore. Since he was being hunted everywhere, it was highly likely that his access was removed. And without that access, he couldn't even start it.

There were a lot of problems in his path, but he still didn't feel defeated. His figure disappeared.

One of the Generals glanced in the direction where Lucifer was standing, frowning.

"What happened?" Another person asked the General.

"Nothing. I just thought I saw someone there," the General commented, still slightly suspicious.

He called for a guard and pointed him in a certain direction. "Go and check that place."

The Guard followed the others and searched the higher floor thoroughly, not finding anything.

"Looks like it was my misconception," the General shook his head lightly.

"It's good to be careful. Nothing wrong with it," the other general laughed. "Though I'm certain we're wasting our time here. If that man was here, we would've caught him already. He's probably not even in this world and already escaped before we began the search."

Almost every General believed that Lucifer had already escaped and went into hiding long ago. The lockdown happened after eleven months and it was nothing more than a formality since no one expected Lucifer to be here in the first place.

Although no one believed Lucifer to be here, the security was still high, especially around the Star Alliance Headquarters. Now that their Queen was supposedly dead, they couldn't take any risks. There were still many enemies, even some on the inside who had ulterior motives.

Lucifer appeared a short distance away from the Headquarters of the Star Alliance, looking from the distance.

The security was as strict as he expected. It was as if the Star Alliance Headquarter was turned into a fortress.

A barrier was also cast around the Headquarters which had magic nullifying properties.

It was also this barrier which prevented anyone from Teleporting inside the Headquarters. There was only one entrance left to enter the Headquarters and it was from the front.

No amount of magical attacks could affect the barrier.

Lucifer was certain that a barrier like this consumed a lot of resources every minute, but the ones in control weren't hesitant.

It was also this barrier which gave Lucifer a headache. He had to enter the Star Alliance Headquarters to free the prisoners, but it appeared unlikely at this point.

While Lucifer was last in thought, he watched a person step out of the Headquarters. The Person passed through the barrier.


The person who stepped out was the Grandson of one of the High Ranking Generals of the Star Alliance. Both of them had taken part in the Promotion Trials at the same time.

It was also Ron's grandfather who helped Lucifer understand the true essence of Black Lightning. Ron could be considered a friend, at least before this whole debacle happened.

Even before Lucifer left with Talia, he had met with Ron. The two of them trained by fighting against each other. Lucifer had also asked for Ron to take care of his ship and crew for him.

At this point, Lucifer didn't know if Ron was still a friend or an enemy. It was highly likely that it was the second possibility.

Despite the uncertainty, Lucifer was sure that he had found the key to free his teammates. And that key was Ron!

Lucifer's eyes followed Ron who passed through the barrier. He entered the Car and drove away.

Lucifer chased after the car, teleporting from one point to another, keeping up with the Car of Star Alliance.

After the car was far away from the Star Alliance Headquarters in the land of no man, Lucifer finally acted.

A black bolt of lightning fell from the sky, landing just a short distance away from the car.

Seeing the Black Lightning, Ron was surprised. He instantly stopped the car. There were only a few people who could use the Black Lightning. One was his family, which was unlikely to do something like this in this place. And the other was Lucifer.

Stopping the car, Ron opened the door and stepped out. Most people would have been scared that a killer like Lucifer was after him, but Ron didn't appear afraid.

Ron looked around for any signs of Lucifer, but he couldn't find him anywhere. While he was still confused, a voice came from inside the car.

"What are you doing outside the car? Get in."

Ron looked inside the car, finding Lucifer sitting on the driver's seat.

He opened the passenger side door and stepped inside, without taking any precautions.

"Aren't you scared that I'll alert the Star Alliance about your presence?" Ron asked, slightly amused. He was intrigued by the trust that Lucifer put in him.

"I did consider that possibility, but your reaction gave you away," Lucifer replied, while gesturing for Ron to give his handprint to start the car.

Ron placed his hand on the dashboard, letting it scan his hand. Before long, the car started.

"You're right though. I've no intention of giving you away. I've known you long enough to know what kind of person you are. And I don't believe you killed the Queen," Ron answered as he sat back comfortably while Lucifer drove the car.

"Oh? And what if it's the truth that I killed the Queen?" Lucifer asked in response.

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