Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 1007 1007: War it is

Chapter 1007 1007: War it is

Ron looked at Lucifer for a brief moment, not saying anything.

After a long time, he finally spoke.

"Then why would you return to this place? Also, if you were planning to kill the Queen, you would've already told your people to escape before they were caught. It's clear you didn't plan it, so if it happened, that means you must've had a cause."

Ron knew that if anyone else heard him, they would consider him a traitor. However, he believed in Lucifer more than he believed in a single message of the Queen.

Lucifer was strong, but how could he be strong enough to kill the Queen who had her guard against him? It didn't make sense.

He had fought with Lucifer and knew what kind of person he was. He wasn't a greedy person, so killing the Queen for some treasure made even less sense.

"You..." Lucifer shook his head lightly. He couldn't believe that Ron was still siding with him. This was truly a man who wasn't born for this cruel world, if he was able to trust others this easily. Then again, it wasn't the words he was trusting, but his heart.

"Though you're right. I didn't kill the Queen," Lucifer answered.

He told Ron what happened, albeit he had skipped things. He talked about the fact that the Queen wanted to gain an inheritance and needed his help. He then said that the statue that was supposed to grant the inheritance exploded and the entire world was destroyed.

Everything he spoke was the truth so even if one had the ability to decipher lies from truth, they couldn't find any laws. He did; however, leave out the part where the statue exploded because he attacked it. There was no need to go into details.

"I woke up from a coma just a few days ago and returned to this place, only to find out that I was considered a Criminal and a murderer. Everything related to me is put into danger."

"Why don't we go to the Headquarters. We can tell them the truth. I'm sure my Grandpa will side with you," Ron suggested.

Lucifer rejected the suggestion. "Talia is dead and they need someone to put the blame on. Her message gives them the perfect reason and I'm sure they'll take it. Even your grandfather won't be able to stop them."

"You mean even if they can confirm that you're telling the truth, they'll still execute you? Why?' Ron asked. He wasn't good at politics and didn't understand the reasoning.

"Their Queen is dead. If it turns out that I'm the killer, they can kill me and take over the Star Alliance completely. But if they accept that I'm innocent, as the only living relative of Talia, I'll gain the control of the Star Alliance. They'll have to work under me. So you think they'll accept that?" Lucifer asked in return.

"After a long time, they had the opportunity of removing every bit of control over them. They're like hyenas who were waiting for this opportunity and now that they have it, they'll go to any lengths for it. Going to them is no different than surrendering my life."

Although Lucifer wanted to avoid the war with the Star Alliance until he was fully prepared, but things had escalated and his own family was in danger now. He couldn't ignore things anymore.

"Then what are you going to do?" Ron asked Lucifer, his mind going through a commotion.

If Lucifer wasn't going to justify himself, then even the people who were righteous were going to consider him wrong. It was a harsh situation but nothing could be done about that.

"There's only one thing I can do. If they want a war, I'll give them a war. But first, I need to save my people," Lucifer spoke, his eyes brimming with intensity.

"The Headquarters is very secure. Even I can't meet your friends there. The security mechanism itself is impossible to break, and on top, a General is Guarding that place. You can't do anything," Ron exclaimed, worried that Lucifer might act hasty and then get caught.

"Oh there's certainly one thing I can do. And it's already in motion. I won't have to enter that place. Someone will bring my people to me." Lucifer didn't clarify, but he already had a plan. And that plan relied on Ron.

"Plan?" Ron was still unclear what kind of plan it could be. Even he couldn't enter that place. So who was going to bring his friends to him? Something didn't add up.

"Where are we going?" he asked Lucifer.

Lucifer had been driving for a long time, but Ron still didn't know their destination.

"My Ship. They probably removed my Access, but you were temporary captain of the Ship, so I don't believe they removed your access. You're going to help me get in," Lucifer answered Ron. This wasn't a secret either since they were getting close to the dock where all the Ships were kept.

Since Lucifer didn't have access to any ships, no one expected him to come here. The security here was still basic like before.

After half an hour, Lucifer applied the break. He recognised his ship. In the last one year, the ship had barely taken flight. Its landing position was also fixed.

The car stopped right before the Ship. As it was a Star Alliance top grade car, even the Guards at the entrance of this area didn't try to stop it, granting an even easier Access.

Lucifer emerged from the car, gracefully opening the door and stepping out onto the ground. The tranquil breeze caressed his hair, causing it to sway with an ethereal elegance.

His gaze ascended towards his ship that exuded a futuristic aura.

It had been far too long since he had entered the ship. Last time he came, it was on the day of his wedding where he had heard his friends talk behind his back.

Seeing the ship, he was reminded of everything, but he didn't let his thoughts sway.

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