Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 1005 1005: Destruction Squad

Chapter 1005 1005: Destruction Squad

"Y-you are..." The Guard recognized Lucifer from his voice. As soon as he realized who the man behind him was, his face went pale in fear.

For such a long time, the Guards were trying to find him, but none of them realized that he was still within the mansion.

"P-please don't kill me! I'll do anything! I won't tell anyone about your presence! Just let me live!" Without thinking, the Guard started pleading for his life.

The way this guard treated him, Lucifer was certain that they treated him as a frightening enemy. Just what happened here in the time he was absent?

"That would depend on how you answer me. If you're honest, I might consider your request. And if not..."

Lucifer didn't finish his sentence, but the guard was wise enough to understand. He could try screaming, but he was certain that he was going to be killed before anyone could even come to help him.

"Did your Empress return? She commanded you to catch me?!" Lucifer asked the Guard.

It was at this point, the Guard also appeared confused. "How can the dead come back? Didn't you already kill her?"

Lucifer's expression darkened. Although he hadn't personally killed Talia, but if she was truly dead, then how did the Guards here know about it!

"Why do you think that I killed your Empress?" he asked the Guard for clarification.

The Guard was uncertain what Lucifer was thinking, but he honestly answered.

According to the Guard, it had already been a year since they last saw Lucifer and the Empress. That made Lucifer realize that he had been unconscious for close to six months.

Counting the six months it took for their journey inside that special realm, an entry year had passed since he was last in the Star Alliance.

Another important piece of information he received was that Talia had left a message. She had recorded a message in a crystal that was delivered to all the Generals of the Star Alliance.

Initially, no General could read the message because there was a condition set. Only if Talia didn't return to this place within ten months, the crystal was going to activate and deliver the message.

"And the message inside that Crystal was...?" Lucifer asked.

"It was that if she hadn't returned by the time this message was delivered, then all the Generals were to consider you as her killer," the Guard answered, finally giving Lucifer the answer he was looking for.

At the time of leaving, Talia didn't know that Lucifer was part of the Ancestral Species. However, that didn't mean she wasn't cautious.

She was going alone with Lucifer. Even if Lucifer wasn't an enemy, she took precautions. She set conditions in case she was betrayed and killed by Lucifer in the special realm.

No matter how unlikely it was, she still considered this possibility before entering. She also knew that if she was killed in the special realm, no one in the Star Alliance was going to know what happened, giving her killer the opportunity to make any excuse.

With the message, she cut off that possibility. If she was to return safely on time, she could've taken back all the crystals and none of the Generals could ever know the content of the crystal.

Unfortunately, she didn't return and the message was delivered.

There were many Generals who had close ties to Lucifer. Their grandchild was friends with Lucifer,and they had also taught some secret skills to Lucifer. They were shocked to learn this news. Although they didn't want to believe it, but they also couldn't ignore it.

As the message was delivered, multiple Star Alliance Ships had arrived in the core world, surrounding it from all sides. A manhunt had begun for Lucifer, something that involved many power houses of the Star Alliance.

Although Lucifer had tried to change the future, in the end, it had come true. He was on the receiving end of the Star Alliance's hate.

"What happened to my ship and my crew?" he asked the Guard.

Although he was heartbroken by what he heard his old friends say about him behind his back, he still didn't want them to die. As heartbroken as he was, he was still concerned about their safety.

They had helped him a lot. Even if they didn't do it willingly or had ulterior motives, but they still did a favor to him in the past. He was also the cause they were brought here and put at risk.

"Your crew... They've been imprisoned. They're scheduled to be executed tomorrow," the Guard answered. "A Destruction Squad has also been sent to earth just recently. If I'm not wrong, they should reach earth very soon. And if they find you here, they're highly likely to destroy the earth."

"The entire Star Alliance is in a state of shock and furious about the Queen's death, especially when they're under threat of outside forces, and they're letting out their anger on people associated with him," the Guard told Lucifer.

"If you want to stop that, the only way is to surrender. If they can have their revenge on you, they might leave your friends alive." While explaining, the Guard also offered some suggestions.

Although his life was in Lucifer's hands, but Lucifer's friends were in Star Alliance's hands.

"Destruction Squad?" Lucifer's expressions darkened. It was as if he was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

In this world, his own team's life was at risk. Meanwhile, on earth, his parents and his other allies were at risk!

He had already seen how the Star Alliance destroyed the World of Summons. It was easy for them to destroy Earth in a similar manner, but from what he knew about the Destruction Squad, they were a team of psychopaths!

They weren't simply going to destroy Earth, instead they were going to massacre everyone with their own hands!

"If you surrender now, they can still be stopped," the Guard repeated, but as he finished speaking, he felt a cold blade brush against his throat. In the blink of an eye, he lost his life.

"Surrender?" Lucifer spoke, his voice brimming with killing intent.

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