Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 884 - Merely a Great Sage! II

Chapter 884 - Merely a Great Sage! II


Oh, pride!

It was the deep and conscious satisfaction of oneself, something that experts achieving grand realms have too much of in abundance.

It is pride that causes the downfall of many beings, it is pride that is the cause of great experts becoming careless as all of sudden...they fall from their high pedestals and into an extremely painful experience!

The Half-a-Step Great Sage has a true body in the Primordial Cosmos as he was extremely powerful, and he had such confidence in himself and the Dao of Destiny that in the last few seconds of the Final War of the Dark Universe...he pridefully closed his eyes as he awaited to experience Ruination from the hands of the Master of Ruination.

He waited for what he was destined for...but it would never arrive!

Noah’s eyes shone brilliantly as while in his magisterial armor, he watched in slow motion as on the majestic Half-a-Step Great Stage with a brilliant blue crown spinning atop his head...the viscous mass of a Blue Slime unfolded.

A singular blue slime!

It came from the folds of space as it ballooned up instantly, the Great Sage only sensing it a millisecond later as a single thought crossed his brain.


Hmm- It was a stupendous thought that many had throughout their lives, and it was the last thought this being had!

<<Universal Devouring>> was cast from a Universal Emperor Slime that did not have an ounce of Ruination Essence in its body!



A void shattering eruption of essence then occurred a second later, everything around the immediate thousands of miles trembling!


The Cosmos were vast, mysterious, and most of all...fantastical.

So fantastical that everything within them was something out of a being’s wildest imagination, with the most shocking things being how many trillions of different things one could find across these Cosmos.

The Primordial Cosmos were filled with many Universes, our subject today being a particular Universe that was fairly well known by the true powerhouses that had the capability to stroll around between Universes as they wished!

It was a Universe that was known as the Cerulean Universe, a gorgeous expanse of an innumerable number of galaxies, with its key feature being the wondrous blue aurora of colors that permeated throughout its chaotic void.

Towards the center of this Cerulean Universe, there was a particular region that many powerful experts of this Universe stayed away from- a region that was known as the domain of a powerful being!

Irascible in nature and extremely devious, this being was one of the few experts within this Universe that was widely well known.

For any that were powerful or courageous enough to enter the region, they would be able to find a certain location that had a circular, stellar shimmering Galaxy filled with trillions of stars.

On top of this slowly rotating galaxy that was thousands of light could shockingly see the figure of a being laying on top of it!

Let me repeat that- a figure of a being lying on top of the thin boundary of a galaxy that contained trillions of stellar bodies, where the length of his body ran from the beginning to the edges of the Galaxy, with one foot even dangling freely from the edge of the Galaxy!

It was...a monstrous and unbelievable scene to even imagine.


The next second, this being’s eyes opened as the void around him trembled and cracked, his immense voice ringing out.


The galaxy he was laying on trembled at his outburst as the being rose up, his hand coming down in anger as it smashed onto the barrier of the Galaxy and shattered it as if it were a thin film of paper, his hand going on to destroy an uncountable number of stellar bodies in the corner of the galaxy that his hand could cover!


"What the f.u.c.k?! What the F.U.C.K?!"


He rose up with a face full of anger as one could shockingly see the being to be shifting from being visible to illusory, an enormous blue crown situated grandly atop his head as at this time, it shimmered with an intense blue light that matched with the cerulean chaotic void in the surroundings.

Extreme shock and wrath were apparent on this being’s face as he was the one that was the sliver of the soul within the Half-a-Step Great Sage that was just within the Dark Universe!

His shock came from the fact that the connection with the soul was cut off abruptly, his high Realm being able to see the soul deconstructed and devoured in its entirety by the sudden appearance of a viscous creature.

’The creature...!’

His mind moved at extreme speeds as the scenes of the Final War in the Dark Universe played out, all the ones with a certain Blue Slime being isolated as the face of this being became filled with more and more wrath!

This single creature...caused for tens of thousands of years of hard work to go up in smoke...

Over a hundred thousand years’ worth of work....wasted!

It was all wasted as while he waited for death, the Master of Ruination had actually stopped while the viscous body of a slime wrapped around him and devoured his body and soul in their entirety, wiping that sliver of the soul out from existence.

No death by watching a Universe being destroyed with Ruination, no death from the Master of Ruination- it meant no comprehensions in a Cosmic Dao!

Just death by being utterly wiped from existence as everything he had was taken by a singular round creature.

"That slime...!"

His thunderous voice rang out as the Cerulean Chaotic Void trembled, this knowledgeable expert quickly putting the pieces together after looking deeply at the Blue Slime and recalling the feeling of devouring before the sliver of his soul disappeared.

"A Universal Emperor Slime...that wretch actually obtained a Universal Emperor Slime on top of a Cosmic Treasure and Dao?!"


Within the unique cerulean chaotic void that took a blue hue, he seemed to be truly at home as this being was born from the essence of this Universe!

"Hah! Truly what an unfair cosmos we live in! Ruining all my years of hard work and obtaining everything for yourself...? It won’t be so easy!"


The resplendent blue crown of the terrifying being shimmered as he rose up, his eyes that were larger than many stellar bodies stacked together shining with a dominating cold light as the image of a singular being filled his mind.

It was the being situated domineeringly upon a throne of Ruination.

The being whose eyes seemed to always be looking down on those he faced, eyes that blazed with resplendent beams of red light!



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