Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 885 - The Rebirth of RUINATION! I

Chapter 885 - The Rebirth of RUINATION! I



His shout reverberated across the cerulean chaotic void as many thoughts crossed his mind.

He had long since known of the name of the being he was batting when he could still utilize the Grand Dao of Destiny against him, and his focus was on this being and the Universal Emperor Slime he commanded.

"A creature such as that was outlawed and marked for murder across all cosmos, yet you just happened to have one!"


His mere emotions caused the cerulean chaotic void to tremble as he continued.

"I will not be cheated out of a Cosmic Treasure and Dao so easily..."

His enormous body now sat at the edge of the Galaxy as many plans seemed to cure through his mind at this moment.

"To succeed in saving your universe, all you can do with the combined Cosmic Treasure is stave off the advancement of Ruination Essence as you try and connect it back to the Primordial Cosmos..."

"But even the Sages and Great Sages of your universe perished as they didn’t have what it took before! Even if you have the prerequisite of the Cosmic Dao, are your mana reserves as much as multiple Great Sages or a Universal Realm Hegemony?! Hmph!"


The body of the terrifyingly sized being stood up as the Galaxy below him quaked.

"I actually wish you succeed in returning your Universe to the Cosmos! Because then...!"

Devious light shone from the stellar eyes of the being as his body erupted with the golden light of Destiny.

Many plans were weaved in preparation for what would happen with the lost Dark Universe!


Back in the Dark Universe, a shocking scene of a trembling Blue Slime that had just absorbed a Half-a-Step Great Sage was playing out!

Before anything else could happen, the viscous body of the Blue Slime seemed to be expanding and contracting as if it had eaten something it shouldn’t have.


A belching sound came as the Blue Slime ridiculously puked out some things...the things turning out to be two slimy red dark cubes that were the Ruination Cores!


The Ruination Cores that were in on the body of the devoured Half-a-Step Great Sage where thrown out as they were actually stupendous enough to be items that were not devourable even with the absolute skill of the Blue Slime.

Noah’s armored body vibrantly floated in the chaotic void as the Ruination Cores sank into his Origin, trying to find their respective location as at this moment, all 6 were about to be gathered together once more under the being proficient in the Cosmic Dao of Ruination.

The being that could actually use the Cosmic Treasure fully!


At the same time, the body of the Blue Slime had begun releasing a space shattering aura as its strength surged.

The Legions of the Infinite Galaxy looked towards it in shock as the moment they observed the biggest boss of the Spirit Race fall, the rest of the army of the Spirit Race became dimmer as they seemed to have lost a great supporter!

The bodies of the Spirit Race turned listless, Legions of the Infinite Galaxy shouting out with vigor as they moved to finish them off.

Not a single one should be left alive on their eyes!



The victorious cries of many beings rang out as they moved to collect loot, but Noah’s resonant voice rang out and stopped all of them.

"Stop, we have reached a critical junction with the apocalypse. Return to the Infinite Galaxy!"


The moment his words finished, a rupture spread out a few hundred thousand miles away to get his point across.

The Infinite Galaxy bloomed out to the size of a small planet in the chaotic void under the command of Noah, the Legions instantly beginning to rush into it under Noah’s command!

Morgana and The Sword Emperor came towards Noah with shining eyes as they began to so see his body shoot out l.u.s.trous red light, knowing a reaction was happening after all the Ruination Cores were obtained as they waited to see the results.

They had actually succeeded!

Against a Half-a-Step Great Sage, they had actually come out on top!

They looked towards Noah with visible shock and stupor at the level of power his body released, their figures then flashing towards the Infinite Galaxy as they only spread their auras out to see what was occurring in the outside void.

It only took less than a minute for the Legions to be returned into the Infinite Galaxy, just as quickly as they were brought out.

Noah waved his hands to warp this Slime into the Infinite Galaxy as well- becoming the sole being in the chaotic void aside from the listless Spirit Race that looked forward with hazy eyes!


Noah’s body shone even brighter as the two Ruination Cores settled into their respective law origins, a wondrous reaction beginning at this moment as across the chaotic void and on the overall Dark Apocalypse was accelerating.

Fractures spread throughout as the piece of the Cosmos that was cut off could no longer protect itself from the destructive Sea of Ruination, being eaten up all around as it was only a matter of time before everything was swallowed up!

At this moment as Noah watched ruptures appear one after another hundreds of thousands of miles away, with some even coming tens of thousands of miles close, his eyes were calm as he beckoned towards his throne of Ruination. The Light of Destiny flooded from his eyes as it told him of the time he had, as he ascertained what he had to do in the next few minutes.


His figure sat on the Ruination Throne grandly once more as he looked around the chaotic universe facing destruction. His c.h.e.s.t was shining out brightly as within it- the shocking rebirth of something powerful was occurring!

It was the treasure that the Sages and Great Sages of the past utilized to strengthen themselves, but because they did not have the proper requirements to use it, they only brought themselves and their Universe Ruination.

It was the Cosmic Treasure that forces from nearby Universes fought over, a Treasure that even an expert of the Cerulean Universe failed to get his hands on even after over a hundred thousand years!

In the c.h.e.s.t of an Emperor atop a Throne, the Rebirth of the Cosmic Treasure Ruination was taking place!

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