Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 883 - Merely a Great Sage! I

Chapter 883 - Merely a Great Sage! I

The moment Noah fully assimilated the Dao of Summoning, information of its perks when fully assimilated floated into his mind!

Grand Daos like the Sword gave one the ability to enter a Sword Form that doubled all the boosts of the Dao, Withering had a unique quality of deconstruction, the Grand Dao of Vastness granted one expansive mana reserves, and all the other respective Daos each had their own perks.

The Lesser Dao of Summoning had its perk as well, and it might have not been a big deal to normal beings who fully assimilated it, or even someone like the Holy Emperor.

But for Noah...

{Aura of the Assimilator of Summoning}: A passive aura that only appears around those who have fully comprehended and assimilated the Lesser Dao of Summoning. It grants +5000% Increased Damage to the Summoner and Summoned Pets, and allows the Controller of Summoning to merge his Summons onto him in the form of armament, greatly increasing their battle prowess.

Aside from a 5000% damage increase that would at this point seem minor with what we’ve seen, it was the perk of an assimilator of the Dao of Summoning being able to merge with all his pets as they would seamlessly attach onto his body as armaments!



His thoughts moved instantly as the essence followed, the enormous body of the Colossal Helios Leviathan that released deadly red rays of plasma being the first to turn into a streak of light as it shot towards Noah.

The light that represented the Leviathan covered his c.h.e.s.t and torso as it shone brightly, the scene clearing up as a gorgeous set of blue-red armor with archaic runic inscriptions appeared grandly on Noah’s body! With the appearance of this, this aura that Noah released became even more oppressive!


The figures of the rest of the pets began to shoot towards him as each of them went to a different part of his body.

The Obsidian Panther wrapped around Noah’s feet as sleek red-black boots with obsidian wings formed, while the Calamity Bear wrapped around Noah’s neck and back as a majestic furred coat dr.a.p.ed his back!

The Oculothorax turned into a streak of light that went into Noah’s eyes, forming into stellar contacts that snuggly fit onto both of his eyes as they released horrendous rays of doom lights the moment they appeared.

The light of Jormungandr split in two as within Noah’s hands, curved serpentine blades that pulsated with an intense light appeared!

Tiamat’s enormous figure all went towards Noah’s head and back as it wrapped around, a fearsome draconic head helm and crimson dragon wings forming over Noah that made him look like a dragon warrior!

Lastly, the bright Golden Crow’s light came to float above Noah’s head as it formed into a luminous golden crown filled with archaic runic inscriptions. The golden crown vibrated and released a pulsing light constantly as it washed over Noah, his body constantly clad in vibrant lights.

He stopped there as only the Blue Slime wasn’t fully merged with in the form of an armament, but his current look was a devastating one!

Morgana and the others found themselves breathless when they looked at this scene.

Crimson wings on his back with a dragon helm, a l.u.s.trous armor with two serpentine swords as his eyes blazed with a soul destroying light.

It was a shocking transformation that caused the aura of his body to rise to shocking levels!

His clones that were merged with his pets.

And now his pets that were on his body seamlessly to create a magisterial set of armament!

The boosts...oh the f.u.c.k.i.n.g boosts!

It wasn’t cluttered.

It wasn’t spread apart.

All of it came together in a DICTATORIAL fashion as with a stellar new look as blazing red eyes, he released an aura that was way past a Sage!

Even compared to the Half-a-Step Great Sage in front of seemed higher and more oppressive!

At this juncture, Noah with the demeanor of a true expert moved to attack the stupefied Half-a-Step Great Sage.


An innumerable number of Ruination Galaxy Spirit Bombs exploded out, these ones dealing damage multiple times greater than last time as they were now enhanced by a ridiculous amount of boosts! Even Noah was not able to quantify what percentage of boosts he was receiving, as he knew it wasn’t all simply added up from the merged pets.

All he knew was that his body felt invincible, and his strength like he could shatter full sized Galaxies with a swing of his swords!

It was that sense of feeling!

"Haha! What a Cosmos we live in! What grand creatures that can be born from it! Alright then, O Master of Ruination. Kill me! Let me be destroyed from the hands of the Master of Ruination! From this destruction, I will experience a rebirth as I gain a Cosmic Dao..."

"From destruction comes rebirth, from Ruination..."


The figure of the Half-a-Step Great Sage vibrated with power as Noah’s attacks were actually getting through its defenses.

The serpentine Swords he held tore apart the shimmering blue on the body of the enormous Sage as a starry Expanse was exposed from within!

The Half-a-Step Great Sage was actually excited as even though it wasn’t the path he wanted of him experiencing the Ruination of the Dark Universe, the path of being killed by the Master of Ruination still granted the same result!

All he had to do was have his main body make its way to the Ruination Sea with the newly gained Cosmic Dao...his only task being to locate Noah and take the Cosmic Treasure away from him.

After all, no being in the ranks of Sages or Great Sages could escape the wrath of an expert multiple levels above these!

So the Half-a-Step Great Sage saw the many unstable Galaxies heading towards him and the deadly Animus Summon turned swords as he actually...closed his eyes and welcomed the death of this body.

He waited for the death of this portion of his soul and got ready to reap its rewards!

Oh, the result of this action!!!

A blue assassin that was acting on its own finally made its appearance at this time!

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