Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 882 - Innumerable Daos in Seconds!

Chapter 882 - Innumerable Daos in Seconds!

Noah analyzed the words of the Half-a-Step Great Sage carefully as he moved.

Since the being repeated over and over again that he would get what he wants from experiencing the destruction of the Universe or from the Hands of the Master of Ruination, Noah simply wanted to find a third option for that.

This third option came in the terrifying identity of a Universal Emperor Slime!

A race that was hunted down by even the powerhouses of the Primordial Cosmos for their unique power, a creature that could turn the tables at any time!

Noah was not looking forward to whatever powerhouse from the Primordial Cosmos who gained the ability to traverse the Ruination Sea and come after him for the Ruination Cores, so this third option had to be utilized.

As for the truthfulness of him being somehow able to comprehend a Cosmic Dao just from him being killed by Noah? He affirmed this to be true with the Grand Dao of Destiny! The soul of this being that had managed to survive Ruination once and enter the Dark Universe while collecting Ruination Cores made this condition viable to this creature as such a soul was only a portion connected to a larger being!

Unless other beings stepped in the Ruination See with half a soul and it came out safe, and then somehow obtained Ruination Cores that the small soul stayed with for over a hundred thousand years- such a thing would not be possible again. So nothing ridiculous like beings gaining comprehensions of a Cosmic Dao merely from being killed by Noah would appear in the future!


Unstable Galaxies floated around him as they were forward to smash onto the raucous Half-a-Step Great Sage, all of his Summons attacking valiantly as Morgana’s deadly hands palpating with the essence of Destruction fearlessly pounded the enemy!

At this juncture, we have to come to a stop for a second to appreciate the scene playing out.

What was occurring at this moment was a scene of the final war for the Dark Universe, where the most powerful combatants were embroiled in a terrifying battle that would determine many things for the future.

If the scene could be frozen in time, we would be able to see Noah’s Summons surrounded by gorgeous tendrils of Ruination Essence as they released deadly attacks, the figure of Morgana pulsing with the Essence of Destruction onto a Half-a-Step Great Sage, the figure of the gargantuan Emperor Penguin and Barbatos leaving her Holy Undead Army not too far away- as well as the Undead Legion called forth by Noah that had the Nether Lich Emperor pointing its staff towards the glimmering bodies of the Spirit Race!

Then there was Noah.

A being that months ago had only picked up [Fireball] as his first skill. A being that was among the weakest there could be on an unknown planet.

At this period of time, he was shining the most resplendently as he faced a Half-a-Step Great Sage, his eyes blazing with red beams of light as around his body...unstable cl.u.s.ters of Galaxies and vibrating Ruination Swords bloomed out!

This being that was just a Rank F Hunter months ago...was forming and throwing out literal miniaturized Galaxies towards his enemies...

How vast the changes could be in such a short period of time!

But Noah wasn’t thoroughly done as even with this tremendous strength, he still wasn’t getting through the defenses of this Half-a-Step Great Sage to be able to give the third option a possibility.

This was where the clones in the Time Space of the Infinite Galaxy came in!

They had been gaining Dao and Assimilation Crystals every time an Entity of the Spirit Race fell, and they gained an even larger number of Dao Crystals as the GALAXY Rank Spirit Race experts were also learned on the Dao, just not fully comprehending it yet.

This meant that all the Daos the Spirit Race delved in...could now become Noah’s!


As he clashed with the Half-a-Step Great Sage, the glorious scene resumed as those around felt the aura of the Grand Dao of Destruction erupt around Noah.

It passed through the stage of full comprehension in a second, and then jumped to full assimilation in another second!


His strength became even more explosive as the Ruination Galaxy Spirit Bombs became even more l.u.s.trous.


His body glimmered all sorts of colors as the pressure when released only became grander.

Mind you, every fully assimilated Grand Dao gave him +10,000% Increased Damage on top of whatever unique things the specific Daos themselves granted!

This was why his power was increasing greatly every second as he wanted to bring forth all the daos he could until he could overwhelm a Half-a-Step Great Sage purely on the percentage boosts alone.

With his 15% purification paired up with the boosts of multiple Daos...


He continued as those around him stared towards his direction in shock, sensing Noah becoming an Entity in Daos and assimilating them all very quickly in just seconds!

"Truly ridiculous and unfair how the Cosmos can be! For what reason should someone like you be able to exist? A being so young yet somehow comprehends Lesser and Grand Daos to completion and assimilated them in seconds?"


"Do you see why I say the Cosmos are unprincipled? Do you understand?! Unless you were a monstrous Universal Realm Hegemony that comprehended the Cosmic Dao of Reincarnation and you are simply reclaiming your old comprehensions and Assimilations...what you’re doing now just should not be allowed!"


The Half-a-Step Great Sage had been clashing with Noah and the others many times in the past few seconds as he seemed fine after each clash, but after Noah comprehended and assimilated his fifth Dao...the Half-a-Step Great Sage began to be pushed back.


The Ruination Galaxy Spirit Bombs around Noah only formed faster at this scene as they rumbled towards the Half-a-Step Great Sage, yet another Dao aura erupting from Noah!

Vitality, fully comprehended and assimilated.







The Spirit Race truly had a vast array of beings that studied many different Daos, where Noah knew it to be the influence of the being that descended onto their souls a long time ago from the Primordial Cosmos.

He was truly thankful for this as even if the beings killed didn’t fully comprehend the Dao- just having proficiency in it would grant him a few Dao Crystals. With his comprehension and Assimilation boosts, it became a cake walk for him to do the shocking actions he was currently doing.

But after the many Daos he just added in a matter of seconds, the one he added last just now was the one to cause a change even more wondrous than the special effects of Grand Daos.

It was the small Lesser Dao of Summoning that went far to forge Noah’s path until he got to where he was today!

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