Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 881 - There is always a third option!

Chapter 881 - There is always a third option!

In the trembling chaotic void, the terrifying Half-a-Step Great Sage continued to speak madly as his face looked towards Noah with intense light.

"Every time you took down my other 2 bodies...I felt the whispers of a Cosmic Dao enter my ears as the moment I faced utter destruction from you, I would finally step on the path of this tremendous Dao."

"Even a child like you does not grasp the true meaning of it, the true worth of someone capable of utilizing the Dao of Ruination and being able to cross the Ruination Sea outside of the Primordial Cosmos! This is the reason why I decided to simply enjoy the first method, and instead see if I can kill the Master of Ruination so that I can be the only being having access to this Dao."

The sinister plan that caused the Half-a-Step Great Sage to fuse his body and step into its terrifying realm came out!

I’m the end, he wanted to experience the death of a Universe to gain the spark of comprehension that would set him on the path of Ruination. He wanted to eliminate the being that had become the Master of Ruination as he took the prime position!

If he learned the Cosmic Dao, he would naturally be able to combine and utilize the Ruination Cores as the Cosmic Treasure would also become his.

"Yet you haven’t even used your ability to obtain Invincibility for an hour when faced against all my bodies...your strength as a Sage nearly spilling out of the peak of such a stage."


"I even had plans for when you escape this Time upon your death where I would follow you in the past and kill you there as well...but you threw all of this out when you ridiculously appeared at the stage of a Sage and with a mere wave of your hands produced even more Sages!"


All the plans and contingencies the terrifying being had made were turned into nothingness in the face of true strength.

When Noah’s force came, it was a question of whether the set up plans would ever even get a chance to be utilized!

The Sage actually had the goal of comprehending the Cosmic Dao of Ruination, and he would be able to do so if he experienced the destruction of a Universe with Ruination...or faced destruction from the hands of the Master of Ruination!

Such a shocking reality was extremely shocking to think about!

"If straining this portion of my soul a bit more might help in taking down a monster like you, I will do so. If not, I’ll have to watch the play of you deciding whether you can kill me and hand me the keys to comprehending Ruination...or if the destruction of this Universe will do it for me!"

"Either way...I will not lose!"


The Half-a-Step Great Sage spoke grandly as his words were packed with a great deal of information!

The talkative biggest boss had told Noah everything to answer the questions plaguing him, even going as far as calling a being like him a monster.

What an honor it was to be called a monster from an expert stemming from the Primordial Cosmos!

"I will not lose...but what will you do? The Sea of Ruination is already ripping apart the portion of the Cosmos torn apart from its home...this Universe will completely be devoured as it does not have the protection of the Primordial Cosmos anymore!"

"Will you try and take my life as you grant me the Cosmic Dao? Or will the inevitable destruction of this Universe give it to me? Either way...I win!"


"The moment that I do step on the path of the Cosmic Dao...I will have my main body and soul finally freely traverse the Sea of Ruination as I will come to this destroyed universe to take with me a Cosmic Treasure, your strength next to the full power of my body and soul being negligible!

The glorious Half-a-Step Great Sage said these words with shining eyes, his crowned 20 meter body shimmering with power as Noah just needed a few seconds to think.

A moment after, his body rose from his throne as he turned his eyes towards the direction light years away where he could see Fractures beginning to spread out, where nobody knew how much time was left before these Rifts in space would decimate the entire Universe.


Ruination Essence flared from him as his hands obtained two Cardinal Swords of Ruination, his hair turning crimson as his eyes blazed with light!

"Well, that is a decision. But is it the correct one?"

The Half-a-Step Great Sage that had been drinking Primordial Essence to purify his body saw Noah’s reply, the Tyrannical Emperor’s figure appearing in front of him in the next instant as his body carried large numbers of Ruination Galaxy Spirit Bombs to smash onto the golden barrier he had been Relentlessly attacking before.



Tiamat and the other Summoned weaved in on all sides as they went to support their Master against this ferocious enemy, the Legions from the Infinite Galaxy continuing to rip apart the forces of the Spirit Race that had their bodies glimmering with even more strength.

"I want a piece of this damn Outsider!"

Morgana’s sharp voice rang out as with her little body that palpated with destruction, she smashed into the figure of the Sage with vigor as she joined the battle!

A single Half-a-Step Great Sage, besieged on all sides by over 10 powerful Sages, most of them just stemming from Noah.


The terrifying Ruination Galaxy Spirit Bombs were the ones causing the most damage to the big boss, their terrifying +50,000% Soul Damage ripping the defenses that the Half-a-Step Great Sage was setting up in seconds!

"Purification exceeding the ranks of Sages...this must be from the Ruination Essence, yes? Haha, good! For power such as that, it is still left in the air whether path 1 or 2 will be followed."

Death from the Master of Ruination or from the destruction of an entire Universe through Ruination...the Half-a-Step Great Sage would take either as long as he achieved his goal of a Cosmic Dao and gained the ability to traverse freely from the Primordial Cosmos.

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