Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 789 - Glorious Rewards and a Shocking Return! I

Chapter 789 - Glorious Rewards and a Shocking Return! I

"Guess I’ll have to give out a beating against my so called Master for him to understand."

The Queen Dowager raised her slender fists dangerously as a nearly completed Dao erupted from it, a Dao that very Infinitely neared the power of a genuine Entity as it was a Grand Dao!

Yet against this scene, Noah’s eyes remained cold.

In this state of tension, the chirpy voice of the Blue Slime also rang out as it seemed excited.

"Master, didn’t I tell you Big Sister would be powerful and fun?"

Noah ignored the words as he raised his hand and utilized something he never had before- the contract that was inscribed deep in his soul and the soul of the Animus in front of him!


"Hmph, you think a mere contract ability that at most a Great Sage created would be enough to bind me? I’ve ruled countless lands and even destroyed cl.u.s.ters of galaxies, what makes you thin- Ahhh!"

A painful m.o.a.n escaped the Queen Dowager as she clasped her head in shock and fell to the ground!

Noah walked up towards her as his gaze arrogantly looked down.

Yes, maybe a being of her caliber would have been able to cause problems with an animus contract and even possibly break it if she grew to be more powerful. But the contract he used...was one backed by skill points as its effectiveness was elevated multiple times.

Even this terrifying being felt intense pain from her soul if she ever wished to rebel!

"You little...!"

Yet Noah also watched with surprise as even with a pained expression, the Queen Dowager still rose up slightly before she remained in place while bearing the pain, the aura of a Grand Dao around her palpating as it threatened to erupt!

His eyes shone with intense light at this scene as he waved his hands, causing the pressure of the soul contract to subside as Tiamat looked towards him dangerously!

"I do not wish to have a conflicting relationship with my own contracted Animus, so let’s do this."

His words came out calmly as he walked towards the Queen Dowager and looked her in the eyes.

"If I really get left behind in terms of Realm and I don’t even become a Great Sage in just 10 years, not even hundreds of years, I’ll break off the contract I’ve created with you myself and let you off!"





His words were simply too shocking!

"Great Sage in less than 10 years...hmph, so be it!"

The Queen Dowager was reined in as she thought of the pain she just had to endure, as well as this incredulous promise of this human she knew he could no way accomplish!

Great Sage in just 10 years? What, did he think he could advance through Realms and master Daos that easy?

’You’ll need to fully assimilate a Grand Dao and have advanced above the GALAXY Realm, even I would need at least a hundred years! Yet you’re just a human...’

Prideful thoughts crossed the Queen Dowager and she straightened her curvaceous figure and spoke grandly.

"Let’s get out of this musky tower, I’ve been in here for too long."


Noah felt a headache coming as he looked at this Peak Tier GALAXY Summon, another one still bouncing above his head as the terrifying Blue Slime that seemed innocent was actually much more monstrous than even Tiamat herself.

In this trip, he had truly obtained a great deal as his source of strength was expanded greatly, and he hadn’t even gone through all of the rewards yet as of right now!

He still had the Ruination Page from the dumb prince to go through, remaining Low Tier GALAXY Cores he had in abysmal amounts after absorbing nearly all of them just now to pass to his subordinates, and all the rewards of the Tower that included a great deal of things- along with the Legacy of the Great Sage Aoin that included skills relating to the Dao of Voidspace!

When it came to skills relating to the Dao, Noah was filled with curiosity as most were skills designed by beings over the years, the [Animus Summoner Trainer] from the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter being an example.

This meant he could create his own skill trees that related to any Dao he was focusing on, and he wanted to fully do this when the time came for Grand Daos!

If a unique Lesser Dao like the Dao of Summoning granted him this much power, just what would happen if he fully utilized the others?

Of course, he knew the Dao of Summoning was unique in the way it boosted him because of his Infinite Mana and Protagonist trait, where he utilized this Dao to an extreme that even exceeded the Ancient Power that was focusing on it for the past tens of thousands of years!

The Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter also comprehended this Dao and even had Entities that had begun assimilating it, and yet even they had not been able to have the line up of pets like Noah nor accomplish the things he had. Even now, their Ancient Power was merely equal to the Primal Winged Expanse as other Powers eyed their Legacies.

So how powerful one could be from any Dao depended on how it was utilized and the power of the being themselves!


Noah lamented at this fact and his own genius as he turned towards the consciousness of the Great Sage Aoin that was still looking towards him in a stupor.

He had defied every single thing this Great Sage knew as common sense, where at this point the sliver of soul didn’t even have words!

"The Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter has enemies within our ranks currently. Close off the Tower for now until we successfully bypass some of these dangers, I shall bring worthy geniuses to claim powerful summons here then!"

"We have to move..."

He gave commands as huge changes began to occur in the Tower...


As Noah reigned in an unruly Animus and gave out commands, changes soon occurred in the secret realm where many new Low and Middle Tier GALAXY experts had entered!

First was the Tower itself, where every being inside was ejected as they found themselves warped outside of it.

"What happened..."

"We can’t get back in!"

The Holy Descendants tried to enter the same way they did before, but they were bounced back as if rejected and not allowed to enter!

Anna didn’t panic as she looked around, her eyes soon noticing spatial fluctuations as two figures appeared in front of her.

It was the genius she knew all too well, but he was accompanied by a curvaceous woman whose expression dripped of elegance and power!

In addition to this woman, Anna squinted her eyes as she also saw a cute blue blob situated happily atop Noah’s head!

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