Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 788 - Pompous, Arrogant, and Frightening!

Chapter 788 - Pompous, Arrogant, and Frightening!

Not too far in the unique space, the sliver of consciousness of the long gone Great Sage watched as his chosen Successor continued to live up to the words he said, where he was now really going towards the Tiamat with the intention of contracting it!

He couldn’t help but speak out.

[As my successor, you can choose how to handle the rewards of the Tower, which means saving any Animus Summons you want for yourself and contracting them when you advance in the future! This is especially so for the PRISMATIC Peak Tier Summons, as many of them are nearing the Realm of Entities and would help you greatly on your journey...]

Yes! Many of the Animus Summons within the tower were very close to becoming Entities, and this was especially so for the PRISMATIC and Ultra Rare Summons who had powerful bloodlines. As they were locked within the Tower for tens of thousands of years with special restrictions, even though they were not contracted to anyone and weren’t in their Animus Universe- they had still been able to comprehend laws and Daos as the years passed!

This was the case for the Blue Slime, Tiamat, and many others on the line up that Noah faced.

[They have been comprehending for the past tens of thousands of years, but none of them have mastered their respective Daos as they have never been able to apply them. The moment they are contracted and step into the outside world as they utilize their Daos will be the time when they enter the ranks of Entities.]

The voice of the Great Sage Aoin rang out sonorously as Noah merely smiled, waving his hands beside him as a spatial wave erupted, another one of his bodies appearing in front of the Queen Dowager- Tiamat!

Since he was born from two Galaxies and shared two separate yet uniquely connected bodies, he effectively had a cheat on the number of summons he could contract with. But his bodies had to establish the contracts themselves first before he could place the pets into his shared Origin, where he could choose to transfer any of the pets that he or the body of Alexander contracted without any issues.

To him, both of these bodies were one and the same, and he would not even be using the identity of Alexander soon enough as he was gaining terrifying power that would slowly make him able to move with even more vigor in the Dark Universe!


Essence erupted out as the sliver of consciousness of the Great Sage watched a new being with the same fluctuations as the one that should have been his successor appear, this being easily forming a contract with the Queen Dowager as the restrictions of the Tower were lifted from her.

[Ridiculous...!]. Even the consciousness of a Great Sage could not help but lament in shock at the event!


A loud bellow of freedom reverberated out from multiple heads as this creature stood in front of Noah, its multicolored heads that numbered not 5 but 10- all of these draconic head roared out with anger and majesty!

Noah simply felt the oppressive aura as he smiled, a cold harrumph ringing out from each of the heads as a second later, a red cloud of smoke descended into the enormous 500 meter Queen Dowager as it rapidly began shrinking in size.


Noah watched this unexpected scene with surprise, his eyes observing this dense smoke miniaturized the enormous body of the Queen Dowager until everything coalesced into red smoke around 2 meters!

"Being summoned into this trash Universe by a stupid little sage, locked into an even more trash tower and wasted thousands of years, and then contracted by an even weaker being. I’ve truly fallen!"

With a shockingly melodious voice that would cause the souls of weak men to tremble, the figure of a drop dead gorgeous woman walked out of the red smoke in a shocking fashion as she walked with light steps towards Noah!

It didn’t take her long before her shocking figure came just inches away from him.

Noah only watched in a stupor as this figure came in front of him and used her slender arms to grasp his head, turning him side to side as she seemed to be looking for something.


A thoughtful look appeared the more she examined Noah’s face, even placing her head that was full of luscious dark hair on his c.h.e.s.t as she seemingly listened for his heartbeat!

"Well, not bad at least. A Grand Completion realm as a human, and I can even sense a whiff of something greater than a Dao Treasure from you."


The arrogant and pompous voice of this curvaceous woman that was the transformed Tiamat finally shook Noah out of his stupor as his face turned grave.

His eyes carefully glanced at her as he thought that she truly had no need to give herself such a blessed c.h.e.s.t and curves in her human form!

Even what she wore...was too revealing as it barely covered the things that should be covered!

This was one of the first summons of his that was able to change into a human form, and he thought it was rightfully so because her identity was simply too great.

She used to be the Progenitor of one of the 9 Supreme Bloodlines of the Animus Universe, a reality bending expert that was ganged up on and killed, and even then she still had ways to return as she now stood in front of Noah!

"Listen up."


Her words were mesmerizing as she spoke while raising her head pompously as every single one of her moves demanded attention.

"I have many plans and goals as I enact revenge against some cowards. Since we are now bound to each other and you’ve freed me from this stupid prison, I’ll help you for a bit. If you can keep up with me, maybe I’ll keep you around as my pet. But if you disappoint me and don’t become a Great Sage in a few hundred years, I will break off this contract!"


Even though her curves and everything about her was gorgeous, her words were cold and merciless as this Queen Dowager that used to rule an entire region of the Animus Universe before stood in front of Noah.

Faced with this pompous dragon queen, Noah’s gaze turned cold as his eyes shone with a dangerous l.u.s.ter!

The Blue Slime atop his head bounced up and down as it seemed to be having fun, but the air turned even colder as even more domineering words erupted from Noah.

"Just who do you think is the Master and Pet in this contract?"



It seemed like two domineering auras erupted against each other as a Summoner and an Animus Summon looked towards each other coldly, the very space in the surroundings beginning to crack as a dangerous force threatened to erupt out from the pompous Queen Dowager...

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