Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 790 - Glorious Rewards and a Shocking Return! II

Chapter 790 - Glorious Rewards and a Shocking Return! II

"This is...?"

Anna’s eyes carefully looked at the human form of the Queen Dowager as she seemed to sense immense danger from her.

Noah had a light smile as he looked around and replied.

"Just a summon. Come, we have to head out."

Anna seemed unconvinced as she stared at Tiamat, but the latter ignored her as the bountiful c.h.e.s.t attached to the Queen Dowager’s c.h.e.s.t shook while she spread her arms out wide and took a deep breath!

"Never thought such a dry environment would ever smell so good..."

She spoke domineeringly about the atmosphere of a secret realm that was filled with dense essence, leaving hints that where she came from was multiple times grander than this!

Noah didn’t pay attention to her as he raised his above them, seeing the figures of multiple Holy Descendants and Aileron Royals coming towards them and the Tower.

The second party was just arriving as Noah didn’t even want to bother with them, sending a message to the consciousness that controlled this secret realm!

"Eject all of us out of this Realm for now, I should be back with a few people in a bit."


The moment his words ended, the entire Primal Holy Land shook as a bountiful amount of essence erupted out, the Wild Animus roaring out as all the humans, Dragonoids, and Ailerons felt spatial essence cover them as they were unwillingly thrown out!

At the same time, Noah’s own essence overflowed as he changed the affix on the Ruination Core to be [The act of not taking damage for 10 seconds grants a Ruination Shield capable of withstanding a single strike from a Sage].

He was merely getting ready because as of this moment...things were about to get wild!



The gazes of the Primal Emperor, Holy Emperor, and many others rose up as they sensed changes near the golden door of the Primal Holy Land, seeing multiple figures teleported back.

Those that entered first and even those that had just entered a few minutes ago, every single being was teleported out!

Of course, every single being but the 20 Aileron Royals from the first party to enter...

The expressions of many beings shifted at this scene as the air was very oppressive and filled with power!

This was because currently, there were 4 Entities present in this very tense situation!

The Holy Emperor was overseeing things as Old Man Khan wasn’t too far away with the Holy Price Rudolf and other important Royals, while the remaining delegation of Aileron Royals were the Primal Emperor bound by an Aileron Entity behind him, as well as the remainder of their Royals that were led by Prince Kirigan’s father.


The pressure was mildly reduced as the Holy Emperor went towards the teleported figures, his eyes landing on Noah and his granddaughter as they shone with brilliance.

This was especially so as his eyes landed on the curvaceous figure of Tiamat, his eyes beginning to shake with happiness as he sensed her aura at Peak Tier GALAXY!

Yet his eyes didn’t catch the even more fearsome blue slime atop Noah’s head as it seemed like the most non-threatening thing there, no aura leaking from its body.

"What happened?"

His question was directed at all of them, so a single Holy Descendant went forward as he bowed while speaking apprehensively.

"Emperor, our group was forcefully ejected from the Primal Holy Land as we appeared here..."

The face of the Holy Emperor lost its happiness at this as nearby, the resonant voice of the Primal Emperor rang out next!

"All of you?"


His words came out like a rolling tide as they held immense pressure, the second group of Aileron Royals that were also just ejected nodding towards their Emperor with cold faces.

"We were all ejected, meaning that all of us here are the only ones alive to be teleported out..."


The moment these words finished, the horrendous aura of a peak Entity erupted out as the 5 pairs of wings on the Primal Emperor quaked with power!

His gaze was extremely cold as with the warping of all of these beings here forcefully, they confirmed that the initial 20 man party of Aileron Royals were dead!

All others were ejected out of the secret realm, but not them!

The significance of this was soon understood by all as the atmosphere became extremely oppressive.

It meant that under the watch of the geniuses of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, the guests they invited had lost 20 of their people- and it was those with extremely high status at that!

"Windsor, what is the meaning of this?"


The words were cold and biting, filled with zero cordiality as even the ’Brother’ that the Primal Emperor normally used was dropped!

"I’m sure there is an explanation of what happened to the young Prince Kirigan and others. You all, what did you see?"

The Holy Emperor remained impassive as his might was unrelenting when faced against the aura of the Primal Emperor. Turning his gaze to Noah and the other Holy descendants that had entered first!

At the same time, the Holy Emperor sent a telepathic message towards Noah as his shining eyes remaining on the curvaceous figure of the Queen Dowager who was only looking around with her mesmerizing red eyes, this entire tense situation seemingly not worth her attention...

"What happened with our Great Sage’s Legacy? Is that creature in front of you from the Legacy? What about all the other treasures...?"

A barrage of telepathic questions entered Noah’s mind as his eyes looked up to meet the Holy Emperor.

All of the others also focused on this scene as among everyone there, nobody even raised their heads as they knew nothing of what happened, only this single genius raising his eyes to meet the Holy Emperor!

The powerful beings all around watched with careful eyes as they wanted to know, just what exactly had befallen the 20 Aileron Royals inside?

At this juncture, Noah replied with two sentences.

One was a telepathic one that entered the mind of the Holy Emperor and caused his body to nearly shake out of happiness.

The other was a verbal message that he said for all to hear.

"In the Secret Realm, the consciousness of the Great Sage saw my talent as he chose me as his successor, bringing the rewards of the Legacy that contain multiple PRISMATIC, Ultra Rare, and many more powerful summons under me to do as I see fit!"

This was the telepathic message to the Holy Emperor that nearly caused a wide smile to break from him, containing his emotions as his shining eyes called for him to continue for the other question he had asked.

When Noah answered this question for all to hear, the happiness bubbling within the Holy Emperor would very quickly be doused as the atmosphere would turn terrifying!

With a blue slime sitting happily on his head, Noah raised his head grandly and spoke with utter calmness, his words being a shocking spark that would cause the eruption of deadly events.

"The 20 Aileron Royals including that Prince Kirigan...I actually killed them all."




Silence so deep and terrifying that I made the blood of many run cold!

This silence...was followed by mayhem!


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