Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 761 - The Primal Holy Land Shall Open! II

Chapter 761 - The Primal Holy Land Shall Open! II

"Wow, the younguns are particularly feisty and full of energy!"


Before the essence from the Aileron Prince could build up any further, the strong voice of the Holy Emperor reverberated as he appeared in the ballroom with the Primal Emperor next to him, these two personages releasing extremely oppressive atmospheres as the attention of the entire room was demanded to go towards them.

The nearly bursting essence of the Aileron Prince died down as he received a look from the Primal Emperor, pulling back as the voice of the Holy Emperor resounded again.

"Gather around everyone. Before we jump into the festivities, I have a grand announcement to make that involves the joining of our two Ancient Powers, as well as...our Primal Holy Land!"


The words of the Holy Emperor took the attention of all the beings as the topics mentioned within were of high importance, many beings forgetting what just occurred as they focused on the figure of the Holy Emperor that moved to the very forefront.

The gaze of the Holy Emperor passed through many of the important figures in the ballroom before he continued.

"First is the news of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter and the Primal Winged Expanse coming together as allies, this alliance starting off by the engagement of my Granddaughter Anna...and Prince Kirigan of the Primal Winged Expanse!"



"The new Holy Princess...?"

Murmurs spread throughout with this announcement, a grand light coming to shine on the 4 meter tall Prince Kirigan as another light shone on Anna who was still behind Noah!

Even though these two figures were supposed to be on the spot light at this moment, many could not help but bring their eyes to notice the figure of Noah that was standing between the Prince of the Primal Winged Expanse and the Holy Princess.

Such were the effects of the Protagonist Trait!

Even the Holy Emperor looked at this in passing as he looked at the genius he needed to tie to him, and as she saw that he seemed close to his Granddaughter and Daughter, it shouldn’t have been too much a problem. He only had a light smile as he continued, the next thing he would be saying being granted even more importance as his oppressive aura spread out even more.

"To commemorate the beginning of this new chapter...I shall be opening our Primal Holy Land once more as the younger generation can step in to test their luck with the Legacy left behind by the Great Sage!"


"This time, our genius Summoners will be accompanied by the young generation from the Primal Winged Expanse as we get closer together, the storms to come in the future being nothing to stand against us!"

This shocking announcement had many beings shocked as cheers erupted thereafter, sharp lights passing through the eyes of the powerful figures of the Aileron Race as their Primal Emperor laughed jovially while raising a toast.

"To the alliance of our Ancient Powers!"

"To the alliance!"


Essence bubbled forth as these experts celebrated, many intricacies lying behind the decisions and happenings as on the surface, many beings just knew that two Ancient Powers were coming together.

"Let’s feast!"

The celebration began in full swing as beings came to converse with each other, Prince Kirigan turning around to see his soon be bride only to notice her already walking away with the figure of Noah towards the delicacies on the many tables of this ballroom.

His cold gaze contained many thoughts as a few other beings of the delegation from the Primal Winged Expanse came around him, sending telepathic messages with each other as they enjoyed the delicacies around them!

"Haha Brother Kirigan, are you really jealous of that puny human? Although he is a genius by their standards, even the Holy Emperor has promised his daughter to you."

The one to speak was another magnificent winged Aileron Royalty, his eyes containing a hint of mischief as he wanted to stir things up.

Prince Kirigan only smiled as he replied.

"I just don’t like flies hanging around my food, that’s all."

These cold words were said as the eyes of the Aileron Royals saw the group of Noah, Anna, and Anastasia finally go towards the Holy Emperor. Yet the telepathic messages of the mischievous Aileron Royal continued.

"I know you prefer playing around with the humans, but are you sure the Princess can handle you? I don’t know if her Physique can hold on like all the others!"

The Aileron Royalty voiced out telepathically as a light laugh escaped his lips, Prince Kirigan only smiling coldly as he replied.

"Let’s wait to enter their Primal Holy Land first, in there, I can truly show any flies what it means to be king."


As new faces were introduced to each other, a grand feast was being enjoyed as delicacies of all types were served out!

Ranging from rare fruits that took tens of years to mature, all the way to glistening Mythical Void Turtle meat and barbecued Phoenix Wings...a truly rare selection was being enjoyed by the higher ups of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter and the Primal Winged Expanse.

In the midst of all of this, many beings were getting acquainted with the horrendous genius that appeared in the Holy Descendant Selection, the being known as Alexander!

The more shocking thing about this being was how he was being taken around by the Holy Princess Anastasia and her daughter, his demeanor around them seemingly as if he had the higher status between the three of them!

Even the Holy Emperor noticed this scene as when the three of them went towards him, he sent a telepathic message to his daughter to act proper- even though he was secretly glad that there seemed to be a strong bond between this genius who should have been a student of Anastasia. He then met the genius he wanted to rope into his power as in his eyes, he only saw the possible future of multiple Entities arising from this single being because of his PRISMATIC Summons.

When Noah faced this ruler of an Ancient Power, many thoughts crossed his mind as he observed Anastasia to give a slight bow. Anna remained standing straight as Noah merely nodded to show respect, neither servile nor overbearing as the Holy Emperor laughed at this scene and didn’t take it to heart!

"The new genius Holy Descendant of my Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter! Come, let us know a bit more about you..."

The festivities continued as Noah mingled with truly powerful beings, a few of them being ridiculously powerful Entities that he couldn’t hope to match at this moment.

Yet, he had successfully inserted himself into the Ancient Power in just a single day, where he was currently introduced with its Ruler and Royalty!

On top of this, there was the delegation of another Ancient Power that seemed to be saying different words than what they truly intended, his Eyes of Truth catching the intricacies of many things.

Even further, there was the opening of the Primal Holy Land that apparently contained the Legacy of a Great Sage...

There were a lot of moving pieces, but it was bound to be a fruitful adventure!

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