Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 762 - You think I need protection?!

Chapter 762 - You think I need protection?!

The night was lively as esteemed personages enjoyed themselves, the event going through the entire night and spilling into the next day as to these experts, it didn’t matter whether it was day or night!

Noah got the chance to truly open up his eyes to how those in Ancient Powers celebrated, much of the night being accompanied by Anna and Anastasia as the Holy Children of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter tried to get closer to him.

When the celebration neared its end, he received word from Anastasia that the Holy Emperor wished to meet him in private, his show of power having worked greatly as this Ruler of an Ancient Power truly wished to rope him in!


As Noah made his way towards a private meeting with the Holy Emperor while accompanied by the mother and daughter pair, the delegation of the Primal Winged Expanse was making their way out of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter with grand smiles on their faces.

The Primal Ruler was at the very forefront as his five pairs of wings shimmered with immense light. The wings of the Aileron Race represented status, and five pairs were the highest an Aileron could achieve! Even Prince Kirigan only held four pairs of wings at this moment as he had not reached his ultimate form.

The voice of this same Prince Kirigan rang out towards the Primal Emperor as they crossed the chaotic void.

"Grandfather, why would the Holy Emperor open up his Holy Land so easily?"

"He knows that the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter is gradually getting more and more cornered as 2 Ancient Powers are turning their eyes towards it. The rumors about them having an intact Sage’s Legacy have truly brought them into peril..."

As the Primal Emperor mentioned the ’rumors’, he had a mocking smile as this same being was one of the contributors of such things!

"I know he suspects me as well, but his hands are tied as with the move of inviting our young generation into the Primal Holy Land as well as announcing our alliance that begins by blood, he ties our two powers together while reducing the rumors to nothing as we will be able to see for ourselves that he doesn’t have an intact Sage’s Legacy- that old fool is as wise as ever!"

"As it will be known that our two powers have explored the Primal Holy Land together, any attacks that the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter faces will be shared by my Primal Winged Expanse as well. But what my dear Brother Windsor does not know is that I could give a shit about his Sage’s Legacy...what I want is something that even at this time he thinks is a secret...I want the Ruination Core within his grasp!"


The 10 eyes on the five pairs of wings of the Primal Emperor shone with a golden l.u.s.ter as he released a horrendous pressure, the faces of the Aileron Royals behind him lighting up as they looked towards each other with great smiles.

"The coming cataclysm will not be survived by any stupid Legacies or the minor comprehensions in the Dao...the only solution is the Tools of Ruination that began everything in the first place."

The delegation from the Primal Winged Expanse left while discussing a great deal of things, another meeting taking place at the same time back in the draconic shaped Expansive Holy Land as Anastasia led Noah into yet another grand castle.

He seemed to be jumping from one majestic castle into another as this current one wasn’t filled with servants all around, but seemed quiet and empty as he could only sense a single aura- an aura of a terrifying Entity more powerful than the many he had come across!

He was brought into this castle that had a garden at the middle of it, a single Holy Emperor standing within this garden as he turned towards them with a smile as he spoke to Anastasia and Anna.

"Leave us."


His word was an undeniable command as Anastasia turned around right away, only Anna remaining as her mother pulled her back with her a moment later while sending a telepathic message towards her.

’He’s not in any danger. He’s actually safest by the side of the man that wants to rope him in the most.’

As the mother and daughter pulled back, Noah glanced at this Holy Emperor that had already begun speaking as he looked at the vibrant garden around him.

"I haven’t come across a being like you in my lifetime, where even now I don’t know how you were able to summon three PRISMATIC Summons."

Noah remained quiet as he listened, walking into the garden with arms behind his back as he put on airs even while in front of this Holy Emperor!

This being looked towards him with a smile as he sensed this scene, continuing with the same tone thereafter.

"Such accomplishments have also made you very proud it seems, where even someone such as me isn’t even placed in your eyes it seems. But I will tell you now that this attitude...will bring you countless troubles in the future!"

"Yes, you are a genius, but you are young and haven’t grown! There are many enemies all around that can very easily take your life!"


With these words, the Holy Emperor released a terrifying air as dense swirls of the essence of the Dao of Summoning descended unto him, his figure metaphorically becoming bigger in front of Noah’s eyes as he seemed as vast and stable as a holy mountain!

"I want to provide you with the protection you need as you grow, as well as all the resources you can think of. All I want from you is your allegiance once you reach the rank of an Entity, as this will strengthen our Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter even further."


Noah glanced towards this being that was vibrating with power. This was an Entity that stood at the top of an Ancient Power, a being that commanded multiple Galaxies and was greatly proficient in the Dao of Summoning as even his Pets were in the Peak Tier GALAXY Realm as they were Entities themselves.

Yet as he stood next to this being...Noah wasn’t afraid!

This was more so because of all of his abilities from the Protagonist Trait, but also because of the many unique uses of the Ruination Core that he had with him. Aside from the great percentages when it came to laws and Daos, it also had great offensive and defensive abilities. He looked at these stupendous affixes as he calmly uttered shockingly domineering words in front of the Ruler of an Ancient Power.

"You think I need protection and resources from others to grow?"



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