Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 760 - The Primal Holy Land Shall Open! I

Chapter 760 - The Primal Holy Land Shall Open! I

Some beings had been around Noah long enough to not be too surprised by the things that he did.

Off to the side, the Emperor Penguin and the other Harbingers of Sin were looking at Noah with calm eyes as he simply sipped a golden drink while his body swirled with the magisterial essence of the Dao of a Summoning!

The intense reverberations only made them nod their heads in a matter of fact fashion as they continued eating their own pristine foods and drinks, but it was the figures of the Imperial Adjudicator, Anastasia, and Anna that looked towards Noah with agape expressions.

By the time their expressions returned to normal, the dao essence around Noah was calming down as he opened his eyes calmly.

As if nothing had just happened he turned towards them and continued on speaking.

"So this Aileron Race..."

The others looked towards him incredulously as he simply carried on the conversation as if he hadn’t just advanced a thousand years’ worth of comprehensions in a matter of seconds!

In the corner of his eyes, Noah could see the 31% next to the Dao of Summoning. Aside from this percentage there also came unique features that one could only unlock after they traversed through any Lesser, Grand, or Cosmic Dao.

To understand these unique features, we must discuss exactly what happens when one comprehends and assimilates a Dao. The further one travels as they gain more comprehension, the more power they can draw from the Dao they are well as the more power they could grant to their pets!

One of the more unique features that was inconsequential to Noah before but he could use now, was to actually control the dense swirls of Dao Essence he could now command to infuse into the bodies of his pets while they were summoned. This would enhance their strength to an unknown factor as he had to test it to be sure.

Noah was also able to confirm that the cooldowns and the efficacy of all of the skills that dealt with the Dao of Summoning were increased greatly as his comprehension rose to 31%!

So the skills that awoke the bloodlines of the Animus Summons now had +310% attached to them as he could use it twice in a day, and the skill that an animus trainer could use to increase the cultivation of their pets also had a +310% in front of it as only its efficacy was increased.

Of course, there was also the increased chance to obtain rarer pets when one’s comprehension in the dao was extremely high.

All in all, the efficacy of skills were greatly increased the further one traveled in the Dao, where when one reached 100% in comprehension...well, the boosts and ways they could utilize their abilities would just be horrendous.

When one further assimilated the Dao into their very soul and origin- well, that was another concept entirely!

So at this moment, Noah’s abilities that were boosted by skill points were even further enhanced with the increased progression in the Dao of a Summoning.

Noah conversed with Anastasia and the curvaceous Anna for a few more minutes before they had to leave the Infinite Galaxy and return to head towards the celebration taking place at this time. When it came to the supposed chains placed on Anastasia, Noah saw they were merely an item that had a locator function, but they could not be taken off by anyone other than the Holy Emperor!

This wasn’t because it was a great treasure, but simply because it required a being with immense comprehensions in the Dao of Summoning to continuously input dao essence into it before it could be unlocked. Even though Noah had only jumped to 31%, he could easily utilize his mana to continuously command dao essence into it until the tool could be unlocked!

He left the bracelet alone for now as he would observe how things go before making drastic movements. Thus they left the Infinite Galaxy to go towards the celebration.

It was only the first day, but Noah had arrived as he etched his name into the minds of hundreds of millions, reunited with a shocking mother and daughter pair, and also used the Protagonist’s Bookmark to advanced more than 30% in a Lesser Dao!

In only less than a day!

Yet he continued on with ease as his senses spread out from the Infinite Galaxy that was miniaturized and as small as a grain of sand in the gardens of the area they were in. When Noah noticed that nobody was present-the figures of him, Anastasia, and Anna swiftly reappeared.

His clone warped in briefly as he anchored the Infinite Galaxy on to himself and disappeared soon after as he returned to the job of fusing more galaxies into the Infinite Galaxy!

"Well, let’s go see how this plays out."

Noah spoke with a slight smile as the party went towards the location where the convergence of experts from the Primal Winged Expanse and the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter would be occurring.


The location that went to was a central castle in the area they were in, and this area that was the size of a world was truly grand as it looked like a paradisiacal land filled with beautiful gardens and castles.

Even though this castle was just as enormous, it didn’t have too many rooms, and only held a singular expansive ballroom in a circular area that was filled with golden tables and chairs. Exotic maid of the human and Dragonoid races walked in elegantly as they served drinks and good brimming with vigorous essence, painting for a fantastical scene one could never come across with ease!

This expansive ballroom was filled with important personages as Noah could even pinpoint the aura of more than five Entities just in this area, and this did not even include the Holy Emperor and the Primal Emperor that were not here as of right now.

The figures of Maya and Raya, the maids of Anna, could be seen standing behind the exquisite throne where the Holy Emperor would be sitting.

One could also see Rudolph and Old Man Khan entertaining the princes of the Aileron Race in the middle of this huge ballroom. These beings held regal robes as their shimmering pairs of wings were their defining features, their 4 meter tall stature making those talking to them always glance upwards!

Many others in the surroundings were Holy Children and the Holy Descendant of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter.

In this Expansive Ballroom filled with such royalty and elegance, Noah made his entrance!

When he stepped in, he was accompanied on both sides by two gorgeous women, with him being the leading figure as they walked behind him.

His entrance actually caused a pause to occur throughout the ballroom as many turned their eyes to see him walking at the very forefront while Anastasia was behind him to his left and Anna behind him to his right! It was a shocking image to look at as the Holy Princesses of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter actually followed behind a single man.

The eyes of Rudolph opened with a slight anger as Old Man Khan looked forward with a light smile. The party from the Primal Winged Expanse that they were entertaining looked towards Noah with cold eyes as one of the Princes of the Aileron Race began walking towards them.

Noah’s gaze was calm as he looked around at the many figures in front of him, his eyes keen on using the eyes of truth to understand more the mysteries of these powerful beings!

He didn’t even put the coming prince into his eyes as this being did not look towards him either, his gaze going towards the veiled Anna who was beside Noah.

"I wondered when I would make your acquaintance, Princess Anna."

The four meter tall winged being came over as a light smile appeared on his face, elegance and royalty leaking out of him as his four pairs of wings shone mystically behind him.

This was the supposed Prince that would be promised the hand of the Holy Princess of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter when the time came for the two forces to join hands as allies!

This was Prince Kirigan!

His face was filled with elegance and majesty as he appeared in front of Noah’s party, completely ignoring Noah as he only acknowledged Anna and Anastasia.

Yet before either of them could even reply, Noah appeared in front of Anna as he glanced at the Aileron Prince lazily before he spoke out.

"Who are you?"


Silence descended into the wide ballroom as a genius newly chosen Holy Descendant appeared in front of an Aileron Prince, his gaze full of disrespect as he stopped the Prince from even talking to the Holy Princess!


The elegant face of the Aileron Prince lost its smile as coldness appeared, the mystical eyes within its wings beginning to revolve as it looked like a fight was about to break out!

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