Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 753 - Must Have Him!

Chapter 753 - Must Have Him!

Utter silence overtook the Expansive Coliseum as the audience saw a PRISMATIC Pet summoned from a being that now looked to be shining with gorgeous splendor!

The being who was known as the Summoning Prodigy looked at this scene with an ugly face as the calm and proud expression he always had was wiped away, his mouth twisted as if he had eaten some truly dirty shit.

The announcer had to do a double-take to make sure his senses weren’t lying to him, that the dark shimmering Serpent he was seeing truly was an Animus Pet of the PRISMATIC Rarity! In the exalted stands, Rudolf had shocked eyes as he didn’t truly believe his sister, the gaze of the Holy Emperor landing on him as his voice sounded out.

"This is the being you didn’t bother checking the words of your sister for truthfulness of?"


Rudolf felt immense pressure as he nodded slowly, the eyes of the Holy Emperor then going towards Anastasia as he wanted to ask something, but the contestant known as Alexander did not seem to be done at this moment as he waved his hands and summoned yet another pet, his devilish charm being shown for all to see on the numerous illusory screens.

The flash of gorgeous light this time around caught the eyes of everyone as they watched with bated breaths to see what would come out next, nearly stumbling from their seats as they saw the materializing on an enormous fortress looking creature- the Colossal Helios Leviathan making an appearance in a grand fashion as it towered over 10,000 meters!

Although in the 1000 mile arena floor its size wasn’t overly large, but it took over much of the illusory screens as they zoomed out to capture the entire body of the creature while focusing on its draconic-whale shaped body that glimmered with an intense l.u.s.ter.

The domineering being known as Alexander climbed atop the huge body of this Leviathan, the Void Serpent warping above it as well as its serpentine body wriggled dangerously. The gaze of this actual summoning genius appeared on the screens that all hundreds of millions of beings were watching as his face alone relayed his thoughts!

His head was raised as he stood atop his Colossal Helios Leviathan while looking towards the other contestants. As for what his gaze said, the mere contempt one could see from it was enough to make some contestants puke blood. His figure looked like a lone hero with a grand destiny awaiting him, a being of true importance as every other Summoner that had gone into the arena floor before him were merely extras to his story.

The abilities of the Protagonist Trait were running on full steam at this moment as his visage was imprinted into the minds of many!


Utter silence overtook the arena floor as the audience simply looked forth in a stupor!

A single PRISMATIC Summon was enough to cause huge waves across the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter as there were so few of them. A second one appearing would cause similar waves, but the fact that it came from the same being was the truly appalling fact.

In the exalted seats, Anna’s eyes were shining as she nodded in a matter of fact manner, her eyes seemingly accepting what the being she knew as Alexander had done faster than anyone else. This was because during all the times she was with him, he had continued to exceed her expectations as everything he did was always over the top!

Anastasia also looked over with shining eyes as she thought of many things, but it was actually another being on the exalted stands that was having the biggest reaction to the happenings right now was actually the Holy Emperor that was standing at the very forefront.

This was because unlike others, he was looking at everything through a bigger lens, a view point of a Ruler. At this moment as he saw the appearance of 2 PRISMATIC Summons from a single being, their significance was something only he truly understood!

For us to understand this as well, we must talk about what the rarity of PRISMATIC pets in the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter truly signified.

Almost always, PRISMATIC Animus Summons signified the rank of an Entity is the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter!

This was because once raised to the Peak Tier of the GALAXY Realm, nearly all pets of this rarity would have their bloodlines fully unlocked as they also gain understanding of a unique Dao. When they reached this level, those brought up to Grand Completion along with the boosts of their terrifying bloodlines and Daos...they could match the level of an Entity.

In the entire Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, less than 10 PRISMATIC Summons were present throughout! This meant in terms of summons, they had less than 10 that could be titled Entities. Of course, the Summoners that controlled these summons were Entities in their own right, but the key here is that there aren’t many of them.

So when the Holy Emperor saw three PRISMATIC Summons be released from one being, his eyes looked towards him like a treasured gem as aside from the disbelief at this ridiculous scene, he wanted this being under his banner!

His fiery eyes turned towards Anastasia as the swirling Dao of Summoning erupted around him, his voice ringing out clearly as it woke many of the Holy Children and Descendants from their stupor.

"Anastasia. I’m going to need you to tell me everything about this Alexander."


His voice was unquestionable as only silence met him, squinting his eyes as he saw the flash of hesitation in Anastasia’s eyes. The Holy Emperor thought quickly as he sent her a telepathic message.

"I will delay Anna’s engagement to the Aileron Prince for another year."


Anastasia looked towards her daughter and then towards the grandiose looking Alexander, her eyes calmly saying that when it came to this genius, all she did was pass down the skills of their Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter!

"Aside from achieving Grand Completion of his Realm, he took just a second to embark on the Dao of Summoning, and just minutes to summon his first pet."


Alarm filled the eyes of the Exalted Holy Children and Descendants as the eyes of the Holy Emperor shone with blazing lights, Anastasia hiding that Noah’s first pet which had somehow not even made its appearance here was actually a Three-Legged Fate Crow at the rarity of Ultra Rare.

"Oh and he’s personally got the battle prowess capable of slaying those in a realm above him with ease, yet when I told all of these to my dear older brother, he decided to leave him alone in that remote galaxy and not even bother to check."

Anastasia’s cold voice rang out as she boasted about Noah while throwing veiled words against Rudolf!

The Holy Emperor looked at this scene as his eyes nearly shot out golden beams of light. In the heart of this Ruler, he knew today that whatever he had to do- he had to rope and tie this being to him right away!

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