Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 752 - Merely Rare and Ultra Rare!

Chapter 752 - Merely Rare and Ultra Rare!

The Expansive Coliseum was bustling with activity as many beings watched with expectant eyes while a QUASAR ranked expert filled the screens spread across the huge coliseum!

This expert called Viktor raised his head high as a brilliant silver light flashed out three times, each time representing an Animus Summon coming out of his Origin.


They appeared spectacularly and in a stellar fashion as many beings gasped, noticing three unique creatures as one in particular drew in their breaths.

"2 of the Common Rarity...but the last one is Rare!"

"That must be the Rare Devouring Sandworm right?"

Discussions ran rampant as Viktor looked proudly at his Rare Devouring Sandworm, his other two pets being lackl.u.s.ter as they were within normal limits of what beings normally saw.

"Next up is contestant number 3, Dugu Xi!"


The announcer only gave Viktor a few minutes before he called up the next contestant, the crowd being kept entertained as they were exposed to many pets after that. Contestant after contestants were called up as they showed off Animus summons of the Common, Uncommon, and even so called geniuses showing a Rare pet every now and then.

But even this was enough to get many people talking as they discussed the bloodlines of the shown pets and their unique points. At this time though, silence descended down as the announcer’s voice resounded out in a stellar fashion, his gaze heated as he called out the name of the contestant who was right ahead of Noah!

"Next up is someone you all have heard about...the Summoning Prodigy- Raeger!"


Waves of essence rumbled out as a calm man went forward and took the sights of all illusory screens, the exalted stands where the Holy Family sat in having discussions also.

"This should be a good seed to rope in, Father." Holy Prince Rudolf turned towards the Holy Emperor as he whispered, the only thing he got being a nod as they watched this calm being step into the limelight.

Unlike many others, his face turned towards the far away stand where the Holy Emperor was as he bowed, raising his head thereafter as brilliant flashes of light erupted out!


Huge creatures that shone with powerful l.u.s.ter came to fruition, each of them more frightening than the last as this being at the Low Tier GALAXY Realm summoned not just one, but three Rare Ranked Pets consecutively!

"He really lives up to his reputation..."

"Truly the Summoning Prodigy! But wait..."

The hundreds of millions in the stand discussed as they watched with bated breaths for the main show to come, not waiting long as the Summoning Prodigy waved his hands once more and caused the appearance of a stellar Ultra Rare Pet.


"He truly contracted a Void Behemoth Sparrow!"


Ignoring the fervor happening with the common folk, even the Holy Emperor nodded as he agreed with Holy Prince Rudolf. This was because extremely rare pets were truly rare even in the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, with even an Entity like Old Man Khan having an Ultra Rare Starry Behemoth Tarragon as his main battle pet.

Only the Holy Emperor and a few other Entities under the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter had Prismatic Pets, and pets of such rarity could actually be counted on one’s two hands! So one of the main forces of power were the GALAXY Realm experts with Ultra Rare pets under their belts.


Raeger, the Summoning Prodigy, received many cheers as he left the stage in a grand fashion, only giving a cursory glance to the being who was right behind him as his eyes seemed to have a tinge of pity.

Such emotions weren’t shared by him alone as many beings in the stand looked at the announcer that was about to call on the next contestant and discussed.

"The guy going next has to have the worst luck!"

"Hah, to go right after the Summoning Prodigy? I would just swallow my pride and run..."

Jokes and laughter had begun spreading out even before the name was called, the announcer that had a deep smile since Raeger came up reading the name very quickly as he wanted to get a move on and see the pets in action in the next part of the Selection.

"Next up is Alexander."

His voice came out blandly as the many screens portrayed the calm face of Noah. He went forward into the arena floor with steady steps as he took his time, drawing the ire of many as they truly didn’t care for this nobody who was striding like he was someone!

"This is the being you trained?"

The Holy Emperor’s voice sounded out as the Anastasia that wasn’t too far away bit her lips and nodded. Holy Prince Rudolf chimed in soon after.

"He’s apparently a genius capable of summoning Ultra Rare pets. I gave him the selection medallion after Anastasia mentioned it just in case."

His words seemed to not believe his own sister as the Holy Emperor nodded, their gazes landing towards Noah who actually raised his head high and instead of beginning to summon his pets, he actually spoke a single word as he raised his head to the other contestants to look as arrogant and pompous as possible.



With a gaze filled with contempt, this was actually the word uttered by this contestant as he glared at all the others behind him!

His words nearly caused the eruption of battles as the other contestants he suddenly insulted nearly jumped him, these beings who were geniuses or extremely advanced in age not taking such an insult lightly.

Yet the words continued as they felt like this being was purposefully asking for a beating.

"A bunch of fools that know nothing about rarity!"


His words came with action as first, he utilized his essence as the over 1 billion beings watching nearly had their eyes pop out- their irises locking to the gradually appearing image of a Manifested QUASAR within this being’s body!

"Manifested Realm...!"

"Grand Completion!"


Shock and stupor resounded throughout as in the exalted stand, Anastasia let out a light sigh as all others honed their eyes towards this being with shining lights as his words continued.

"You fools continued summoning trash pet after trash pet and keep on thinking you’re all that, disgracing the Dao of Summoning with such actions!"


Every word of his seemed like a knife that wanted to provoke others, his gaze domineering as he continued.

"Standing so proud and showing pets that are merely Rare and Ultra Rare!"

Essence moved with his words as a streak of light shot from his origin, the image of an enormous Void Serpent making itself clear in front of him as its draconic head raised arrogantly.


Those knowledgeable in the Dao of Summoning- which were nearly everyone here- very quickly sensed the rarity of this pet as their bodies shook in incredulousness!

"That is...!"




The word spread throughout the Expansive Coliseum as many eyes honed in on Noah, even the gaze of the Holy Emperor and beings around him locking at his location as a sharp light crossed through their eyes!

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