Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 751 - Its Him!

Chapter 751 - It's Him!

In the Expansive Coliseum, hundreds of millions of beings that held high positions throughout galaxies that were a part of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter- all of these beings were introduced to the daughter of the Holy Princess, Anna!

There were many questions that came with this shocking revelation, but as their Holy Emperor was happy to introduce his granddaughter, the watching subjects roared out in fervor as the shockingly drop dead gorgeous face of Anna filled the screen.


Shouts reverberated out and essence flowed wildly, the Holy Emperor waving his hand as it very quickly came to a stop.

"Today, we are here to enjoy the Holy Descendant Selection though, so let us see what talents are revealing themselves from our Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter! Let us watch exquisite summons from all walks of life!"


The image of the Holy Emperor was grand as it appeared on the multiple illusory screens, all the beings shouting out in fervor as he waved his hands and the image on the screen changed to show an enormous golden door that led into the solid floor of the Expansive Coliseum.


This golden door filled all the screens as it was over 200 meters large in diameter, opening into the floor of the coliseum that spanned 1 thousand miles! That’s right, the floor of the coliseum itself was a thousand miles, with the structure being expertly built the way it was to be able to hold over a billion beings within it as experts could freely watch everything with ease, while others could simply focus on the illusory screens that zoomed in on the moving beings!

Everyone watched with bated breaths as on the screen, a bit over 50 beings could be seen stepping out of a grand hall. These were the contestants that had earned the right to participate in the Holy Descendant Selection this time around, the beings proficient in the Dao of Summoning who wanted to impress the royals of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter and join the ranks of Holy Descendants.

They stepped into the arena floor as their figures seemed extremely minuscule across the hundreds of miles, but they were zoomed in with clarity on the huge screens as their faces were seen clearly.

"That is...the Summoning Prodigy!"

"We’re in for a show today, an Ultra Rare Summon should be making an appearance!"

A bustle of discussions already erupted out as the faces of the contenders became clear. Their levels ranged from Nebula to Low Tier GALAXY Realm as more than half were humanoid with the remaining being of the Dragonoid race. Some were well known with others being extremely famous, the figure of the one known as the Summoning Prodigy taking a full screen by himself as whoever controlled the illusory screens focused on him.

In the stage where the Holy Emperor was located, none of the powerful and high-ranking beings showed any reaction to the contenders of today’s selection...none of them but two specific people!

Anastasia raised her head as her eyes squinted while looking at someone shown in passing on the screen, a devilishly handsome young man that held a calm smile on his face.

Beside her, Anna inadvertently stood up as her eyes landed on someone familiar again, a happy light shining through them as she accidentally called out softly!



The actions of this new Holy Princess shocked many as even the Holy Emperor turned towards her, his eyes shining with an unknown light as he then turned his face to the illusory screens.

This granddaughter of his had not given him an ounce of respect as she did not even rise from her seat like everyone else when he entered, and yet she stood up so abruptly for someone she saw on the screen! The Holy Emperor did not have to wait long as yet another person recognized the being that Anna and Anastasia had reacted to, the Holy Prince Rudolf squinting his eyes as he spoke out.

"That is the supposed genius that Anastasia trained in the Galaxy that disappeared from our watch not too long ago. For him to be here already he must have left around the same time as us...he might have a connection to whatever powerful Entity is looking after that galaxy!"

His words gave a lot of information and the Holy Emperor nodded with a smile.

Anastasia pulled Anna to sit back down as their sights settled on the illusory screens once more, many emotions passing through their eyes as they saw this genius again!

Meanwhile, Noah had a light smile on his face as throughout the Expansive Coliseum, a boisterous voice had now begun to ring out as everybody sat back ready to watch the show.

"Alright everyone, settle down!"

The voice resounded out from a location just below the area where the Holy Emperor was situated, a man with a red Mohawk appearing on the illusory screens as his voice was amplified to reach everyone.

"We are in for a great show of rare and exciting summons, of powerful practitioners of the Dao showing off the strength of their pets as we shall welcome new Holy Descendants at the end of it!"


"As always, we shall first have the contestants show the rarity of the pets they hold, and then we shall have them show this strength in actual combat as we see just what type of trainers there are!"


Every single one of his sentences was met with raucous yells, the blood of hundreds of millions of beings pumping strongly as their excitement was shooting through the roof.

"Without further ado, we shall start with contestant number 1, Viktor!"

From the line up of contestants leaving the grand hall and into the arena floor, Noah watched as a man walked in with prideful steps as his face occupied the center of the illusory screens. He was obviously ready to catch the eyes of everyone as he seemed extremely confident, his essence rumbling as he was about to summon his pets.

Noah was simply watching with a smiling expression as he prepared. In the days to come, he wasn’t planning on hiding or acting low key. He was actually planning on acting extremely high key as he had utter confidence in keeping his life, and he truly had the qualifications to act high and mighty unlike these beings he was seeing who were actually feeling prideful from having summoned a Rare Animus!

He waited to see how they would show off in this Expansive Coliseum before he utterly crushed them as he showed them what true rarity of pets one should have before they held even an ounce of pride...

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