Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 754 - All of you can face me!

Chapter 754 - All of you can face me!

As many beings could barely contain themselves from the shock they were experiencing, they actually didn’t know that Noah wasn’t done!

As the Holy Emperor vowed to not let this being slip past his fingers just from seeing him summon 2 PRISMATIC pets, Noah raised his head high once more as a silver light began to shine from his body once more, meaning another pet would soon be coming out.

"He wouldn’t be..."

"Not another one, right?!"

Hundreds of millions rose from their seats as they wished their eyes could be right next to this being to observe what would happen next!


Essence surged out as in the next instant, a fast shadow that even those in the Middle Tier Galaxy could barely see flashed out of Noah’s origin.

With such fast speed, the Obsidian Panther appeared grandly as even though it wasn’t as large as the Colossal Helios Leviathan and the Void Serpent- its significance was just as great! This was because with this pet brought forth, another PRISMATIC summon came to be on the arena floor of the Expansive Coliseum!

A single being at the QUASAR Realm, three PRISMATIC summons! The hundreds of millions of beings all glanced towards him as they saw the devilish charm and the raised head that looked at everything in contempt.

At this moment, the image of this being was imprinted in the minds of many!


In the exalted stand, Old Man Khan was standing behind the many Holy personages as his old eyes fully opened, taking in the sight of 3 PRISMATIC Animus summons. Meanwhile, the Holy Emperor at the very forefront was gripping his seat while many thoughts ran rampant in his mind.

When he saw the three pets, he was actually looking into the future when all three of them were brought into the Peak Tier GALAXY Realm, as this would signify his Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter gaining three more Entities!

’With such an additional force while completely allying ourselves with the Aileron Race of the Primal Winged Expanse...those Ancient Powers would not dare make a move for our Legacy...’

A grand future opened itself up in front of him as this ruler planned, his gaze on Noah becoming even stronger as he thought about what had to be done to tie this being to him.


On the arena floor, Noah was surrounded by three sparkling PRISMATIC pets as he stared down at all the other contestants that were showing off earlier.

His gaze dripping with contempt glanced all around as he stroked the fur of the Obsidian Panther, his voice ringing out again.

"I know there’s a fighting portion of this selection where we see who the best Animus Trainers are. Since I’ve shown you all that truly rare pets are, let me show you how they fight. All of you...can face me!"


Millions nearly fell out of their seats as they felt their blood beginning to boil at these words, the audience looking at each other to confirm if they had really heard correctly.

The contestants that Noah was looking at, especially the Summoning Prodigy- all of them glanced at Noah with blazing eyes full of anger as others glanced towards the announcer who also looked forward in stupor!

This was definitely not the way the Selection was supposed to go, so the announcer turned towards the direction of the exalted stands where the Holy Emperor sat as he looked for a signal. In one illusory screen, the majestic face of the Holy Emperor was shown as he looked extremely thoughtful, eventually giving a light nod as the entire audience erupted in booming cheers thereafter.


Excited reverberations rang throughout as hundreds of millions looked forward expectantly! At this point, they truly did not know what they would be seeing as nobody had ever expected the coming of 3 PRISMATIC pets. Now that this single being would be using these pets to battle all the other 50 some would be a sight to see!

Among the contestants, the so called Summoning Prodigy stepped out as he held a difficult expression.

"I respect you for being able to contract such amazing pets, but your demeanor and insults are not qualities a Holy Descendant should have, so I will have to face you with all I have!"

He spoke as all of his summoned pets shone with light, all the other contestants also preparing as they looked towards this genius called Alexander with caution.

He was more than amazing to have such rare pets, but could he really face 50 other contestants all at once? The Summoning Prodigy pointed this out as his hands waved around them.

"Another thing that will be your bane is your arrogance, where you actually chose to face all of us just to feed your pride. Among us, there are multiple at the Low Tier GALAXY Realm, and as you are at QUASAR, your pets are at most in that Realm as wel-"


The Summoning Prodigy had to come to a stop before his words even finished as he and all the other contestants looked at the pets this being summoned again! He was talking about how the levels of the Pets would be at QUASAR or below because of Noah’s rank, but he realized in shock that the Obsidian Panther and Colossal Helios Leviathan were both at the Low Tier GALAXY Realm while the Void Serpent was the only one at the QUASAR Realm!


He and many others had actually been so shocked by the rarity that they forgot to glance at the Realm the pets they were in, just now realizing this discrepancy as it didn’t make any sense! How could a being of the QUASAR Realm contract with pets a Realm above them?!


But the answer would never come for them as at this moment, Noah finally began moving.

"Truly fools until the end. Just my panther will be enough for all of you."


Essence of starry black erupted out from a single Animus Pet near Noah, the Illusory screens of the Expansive Coliseum showing different scenes as everyone looked forth with bated breaths. They saw the image where a single being was standing atop an enormous Colossal Helios Leviathan, a Void Serpent by his side as an Obsidian Black Panther had begun shining with a brilliant black light. Facing this being were over 50 powerful experts proficient in the Dao of Summoning with their own pets, a few of them even being at the Low Tier GALAXY Realm!

Yet while facing all of these beings, Alexander waved his hands and gave a command, the Obsidian Panther turning into a black flash that streaked across the arena floor.

This black flash...would spell doom on all of its targets as wherever it passed, blood overflowed!


A shower of blood erupted out in the arena floor of the Expansive Coliseum as Noah made sure to remind his panther not to go for the kill when facing these opponents, with the goal being to only incapacitate them as his aim at this moment was to introduce himself to everyone in an extremely domineering fashion!

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