Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 729 - The Disgusting Effects of a Ruination Core

Chapter 729 - The Disgusting Effects of a Ruination Core

As Noah made a grand vow, the universal law essences around him raged as if they agreed with his choice, his image at this moment being extremely eye catching as he looked like a grand existence that released an extremely oppressive pressure. This was very hard to describe as Noah wouldn’t normally release such an oppressive demeanor, yet his mind was gradually being forged and changed as he experienced shocking adventures and truths that he never thought possible!

His eyes carried a trace of coldness as extreme calm settled in, his fiery gaze going back on the Ruination Core still floating in front of him.

To begin his mission, he had to first start with the Ruination Core in front of him. He waved his hands as he pulled the panels of text boxes containing its information, moving from the [History] portion and into the [Uses].

[Excerpt II- Uses] :: When it was a full Cosmic Treasure, the uses of Ruination were vast. After splintering into 6 Ruination Cores, each one carries a number of uses that relate to laws, Daos, and miscellaneous ’affixes’ that the holder of the Ruination Core can set.

To be considered a holder of a Ruination Core, one must have the Universal Origin Physique with all six laws (Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Earth, Air) mastered before even one Ruination Core can choose a Law Origin as its home.

When a single Ruination Core has been successfully equipped, the user gains the ability to choose one of the following effects to be inscribed on their Soul (Only ONE effect can be selected per Ruination Core).

[Ruination Core Affixes](Laws) :: +10,000% Comprehension & Assimilation to the Law of Life, +10,000% Comprehension & Assimilation in the Law of Death, +10,000% Comprehension & Assimilation in the Law of Fate, +10,000% Comprehension & Assimilation in the Law of Chaos...+10,000% Enhanced Effects(Defensive/Offensive/Auxiliary) to the Law of Death, +10,000% Enhanced Effects(Defensive/Offensive/Auxiliary) to the Law of Life...

[Ruination Core Affixes](Daos) :: +10,000% Comprehension & Assimilation in the Dao of Summoning, +10,000% Comprehension & Assimilation in the Dao of Vitality...+10,000% Enhanced Effects(Defensive/Offensive/Auxiliary) to the Dao of Macrocosm...

[Ruination Core Affixes](Miscellaneous) :: 10% chance to Smite enemies for 10,000% Ruination Damage when you hit them, Slain enemies explode into crystallized Blood Orbs that enhance physical constitution, +10,000 to All Damage, +10,000 to Defense, +10,000 to Attack and Cast Speed, Damage Dealt to enemies increases by 10% for every enemy near 50 meters of you...


Noah’s call gaze only had slight shaking as he remained cold, his mood heavily being changed by the shocking truth he just found out that he would have otherwise been jumping for joy while raucously laughing at the boosts he could choose from by equipping a single Ruination Core!

His sharp eyes honed in on the fact that he could only choose a single effect affix to attach to himself once he equipped the Ruination Core, but a single effect was more than shocking enough as it could enable him to advance through a single law or dao at +10,000% speed than normal, or enhance the effects of those laws or daos by the same percentage.

This wasn’t to mention the shocking effects of the [Miscellaneous] affixes that numbered over a hundred, just the first few he saw showing something extremely twisted like having a 10% to Smite enemies for 10,000% Ruination Damage when his attacks reached them.


Was truly ridiculous!

Such were the Ruination Core’s effects when utilized by a being! Such was the effect of an item capable of twisting universal laws!

But for Noah to equip this item...he needed to master 6 laws.

Fire and water were already at 100%, with Earth and Air currently at 99%!

Only light and Dark each had about 20-30% remaining before he could max these as well.

Seeing the stellar floating Ruination Core in front of him, his mind was made up as he sat down right away in the Central Realm.

He wasn’t the only one as all his clones and Alexander and all of his clones in the Nexus Galaxy also took their positions as today...he would completely master all 6 laws!

The way he went about this was of course by doing something that nobody else could do- he began by activating each of the techniques to cultivate the laws of Light, Dark, Earth, and Air that had not yet reached 100% completion as after these law techniques were activated, the two trees within his origin thrummed as they also began trembling.


The dense universal law essence converged around him as he didn’t just cultivate the four laws he needed to master at this moment, but all the laws that had not reached 100% as the dense culmination of life and death essence roiled around him and swirled into the Trees of Life and Death.


All of these laws being cultivated at once caused a sense of resonance as the Ultimate Laws increased the speeds of all other law comprehensions, the effect of the Endowment he had cast in the Novus Galaxy also going along to achieve a rapid cultivation pace!

But this wasn’t all! There was also another thing he could now utilize which caused a vibrant reaction when cultivating laws- and it was the Dao! His calculative mind moved as he also activated [Dao of Summoning Traverser], a majestic swirling descent of the Dao appearing above each of his bodies as the law essence around him only became wilder.

As this shocking cultivation session began, he did not even wait a minute before the 99% in the Laws of Earth and Air reached 100%, only the Laws of Light and Dark that had a bit over 20% remaining!

Today, he would not move or do anything else until these laws hit 100%, and then he could equip the Ruination Core as he would gain a shocking tool to quickly traverse through laws and daos, or simply choose one of the more shocking affixes that were termed [Miscellaneous]!

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