Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 730 - Master the Laws and Equip!

Chapter 730 - Master the Laws and Equip!

As Noah went about mastering his laws, the Infinite Realm of the Novus Galaxy was particularly boisterous.

Right before Noah had left with all of his clones to begin cultivating, he had told all of his important people about the truths of what occurred with the Celestials, his entrance into the Nexus Galaxy, and much of the things that had recently occurred as he granted them knowledge of Galaxies and expanded their views.

After they received this information, their hearts only ached for more power as in a matter of a day, multiple Infinite Realm Beasts that were in the same generation as the Emperor Penguin reached the Nebula Realm, the Harbingers of Sin making the greatest progress as all of them chose not to chase the impossible dream of Grand Completion, choosing to break through into the Black Hole Realm the moment they amassed a few thousand stars within their Nebula!

The Inquisitor Athena, Steel Mikhail, Kazuhiko, Barbatos...all of these beings made advancements as their power exploded!

This created multiple experts in the Novus Galaxy as even grander things were in play. This was because there were thousands of skill books obtained from the siege of the Burning Domains Galaxy for them to choose well as the skills that Noah had placed in the Library Feature of the Infinite Realm.

The most important ones and the ones that made the Harbingers make a line towards the grand Library where they could obtain these skills today were the [Dao of Summoning Traverser] and the [Animus Summoner Trainer]!

This was because Noah planned to create his own powerful force of beings that had already begun embarking on the Dao early, where they would obtain this shocking inheritance as in the near future, Noah would create another skill that was similar to <<Archaic Animus Summoning>> that would allow his people to begin summoning and training their very own Animus Pets after they begin gaining understanding in the Dao of Summoning.

This would create for a shocking force to begin budding in this unknown corner of the Dark Universe...


In the Central Realm of the Novus Galaxy, two days passed!

During this entire time, immense amounts of mana were constantly used to keep the techniques of law cultivation active, Noah being constantly surrounded by swirling colors of law essence as he advanced minute by minute without a pause.


After two days, the Laws of Light and Dark while being enhanced by various factors finally came to completion, Noah actually obtaining 100% in all 6 laws required to be considered someone that held a Universal Origin Physique!


At this moment, a unique phenomenon occurred as around Noah’s expansive QUASAR, one could see the vibrant Law Origins of Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air in the form of swirling Nebulae.

These swirling Nebulae shone with splendor as they actually resonated with each other, faint blue lines that went around Noah’s expansive QUASAR forming to connect each of these Nebulae together!

Outside, his body was being elevated in the atmosphere as the universal law essences seemed to be cradling him- welcoming the first ever being with a Universal Origin Physique since who knew how many eras.


A magisterial sight of his body being set down like a delicate object occurred as the vibrant lights around him died down, his eyes opening with blazing golden lights that made him seem like a feral archaic being!

Checking his body, he nodded in satisfaction as he considered it acceptable, even feeling that it was slow as he hoped he could finish everything within a day, but it took two days!

If the genius of even Ancient Powers heard his thoughts, they would explode with jealousy as even beings like them took years to make the progress that Noah could make.

The moment he completely mastered the 6 laws, his eyes went towards the Ruination Core that had been floating near the obsidian core of the Novus Galaxy.

His shining eyes looked towards it domineeringly as he waved his hands towards it, this shocking treasure that felt oppressive to him before seeming docile as it began to float towards him.

[Are you sure...]

Even the Novus Galaxy was hesitant after it found out of the history of where this Ruination Core came from, of the Cosmic Treasure known as Ruination that caused all of this!

"I’ve never been so sure in my life."


With a steadfast gaze, the square-shaped red and black Ruination Core touched his chest as it felt like searing hot metal, passing through his physical body as it delved into his Origin and hung atop his luminous QUASAR.

It seemed to be deciding exactly which Law Origin among the 6 it wanted to go to, a red light shining from the many small holes of the square shaped Ruination Core as it then turned into a red streak of light that shot towards the Light Law Origin!


It smashed into the Origin with fervor as it vibrated rapidly, going into the center of the swirling Nebula of the Law of Light as it began to spin in a smooth motion.

Every time it spun, a red light would be released that went on to shine over the Law Origin, this light encompassing more and more distance as the seconds passed!

Every time the Ruination Core finished a rotation, the red light dr.a.p.ed over more of Noah’s origin as it went on to cover over the other Law Origins and eventually covered all of his QUASAR.

If a person then looked at Noah’s body, they would begin to see it shining with a brilliant red light that shone with an oppressive air, his shining eyes filled with calm as he sensed an unknown sense of power spread through him!

At the same time, he saw glimmering red words appear in front of his eyes.

[Ruination Core successfully equipped. Which Affix would you like to equip?]


With a calm expression and eyes blazing with intense light, Noah looked through the hundreds of Affixes as he made numerous calculations for his plans!

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