Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 728 - I Shall Usher in the Winds of Ruination! II

Chapter 728 - I Shall Usher in the Winds of Ruination! II


He bellowed out as his heart truly felt stifled, everything he had been working for all this time seemingly being for naught.

From the blue planet he came from until this point he was in right now, he realized that he had never escaped the Apocalypse!

He was in it then, and he was still in it now as undoubtedly, the Dark Universe was headed towards its own destruction. Who knew how long it would be, who knew how many days or months or years were left.

All he knew was that everything and everyone within it...would all perish and die!

No matter what he did...he would die!

The Dark Universe was headed towards destruction the moment the Sages carried out their actions, what they thought was them saving their Universe being the thing that utterly and ultimately set it on a path of Ruination, exactly what the name of the Cosmic Treasure was.


The splitting of the Dark Universe from the Primordial Cosmos was like cutting a leaf off of a tree- this leaf was bound to wither and die in a matter of time! Such a thing was exactly what was happening right now, where the Dark Universe was a cut leaf that was already withering and would soon turn into nothingness as everything within perished!

No matter what Noah did, he would be perishing along with it too! This was the reason for his immense wrath- it was because of the stupidity of the Sages and Great Sages that did not know what their actions fully did, and for the greed of the other Universes of the Primordial Cosmos that cornered them in the first place.


He bellowed out again with immense rage as beside him, even the core of the Novus Galaxy could not comment!


Minutes passed as he simmered in rage, continuing his viewing of the description of the [History] portion of the Ruination Core. None of the details changed, but a single paragraph was all that remained in the end as he forced himself to read it.

[...If the Cosmic Treasure known as Ruination is reassembled once more by a being with the Universal Origin Physique, a possibility exists to undo what had been done in the past. For this to be brought to fruition, the Ruination Cores have to be gathered as once more since the time of the Primordial Era...Ruination shall be brought forth once more.]


With a wrathful mind and a shaking heart, Noah read the last few words over and over again as amidst his red eyes, a brilliant light began to shine!

There were still many things he didn’t know, but the shocking history of the Cosmic Treasure known as Ruination was displayed in front of him with clarity. Aside from the portions that induced his anger, the last paragraph was one that gave hope amidst the dark tunnel of the apocalypse.

The action that the Sages and Great Sages of the Dark Universe had taken on the past...there lay a possibility to reverse it!

The leaf that had been cut off the main tree of the Primordial Cosmos...there lay a possibility to stitch it back before it withered and died.

Calming his rage, Noah looked at these words as his expression hardened, his thoughts moving as an immense choice lay in front of him.

He only hesitated for a total of 5 seconds, and he then made up his mind!

Just 5 seconds, and he made the decision that was true to him! He would not simply lie down as he waited for the eventual destruction of the Dark Universe that was torn away from the Primordial Cosmos. This was not like him.

Instead, he would give it his all to change it as the task in front of him...was extremely grand!

If he undertook it, it would give him the sole responsibility for the lives of an uncountable number of beings , but it would mean the entire Dark Universe would not perish.

To even begin doing all of this, he had to not only collect the remaining 6 Ruination Cores, but complete all of the 6 Law Origins of Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Earth, Air as he used them to hold a Ruination Core each!

Once he achieved this, he could possibly reverse the actions of the Sages and Great Sages of the Dark Universe...but it would mean he would bring forth Ruination once more!

The Cosmic Treasure that caused all of this...he had to bring it back in order to change the fate of the Dark Universe.

To save the Dark Universe, he had to bring down Ruination!

An extremely heavy burden to shoulder, but as he looked inside his origin and saw the swirling Law Origins, he affirmed that he was one of the very few if not the only one capable of even shouldering it. So he steeled his heart as his face rose.

He glanced away from the panel that showed the History of the Ruination Core as his eyes locked to the floating obsidian core that was the Novus Galaxy.

In front of this galaxy, his wrath transformed into extreme calm as he uttered what seemed like ramblings, with his voice growing louder and firmer each time.


"The Sages and Great Sages of old all perished from this single Treasure, and I...I will bring it forth once more!"


"I will do it! I will collect all the Ruination Cores as I set us back on the right path, as I rejoin the Dark Universe with the Primordial Cosmos!"

"I shall usher into this Universe...Ruination!"


Essence raged all around him as in this area that was thick with universal law essence, it seemed to have become particularly active as it raged around him vibrantly.

His words seemed to have evoked some sort of change as all sorts of Universal law essences surrounded him, his image becoming extremely imposing as amidst his chilling calm, his rage still remained at the ones that had caused all this!

On this day in the Novus Galaxy, a shocking vow was made that would forever change the direction of utter annihilation of the Dark Universe!


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