Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 143 - Relaxing amidst turmoil

Chapter 143 - Relaxing amidst turmoil

Noah used an hour to walk around the City of Liquinia to enjoy the sights of Atlanteans and technologies he had only seen in the stolen memories. Rides that were levitating off the ground, colorfully designed buildings, and most interestingly of all, the advanced weaponry.

The Guards in the City of Liquinia could be seen walking around with guns that pulsed with a blue light. These were laser guns that were deadly to anything below rank S, and could injure those in the EPIC rank if they weren’t careful enough.

There were many things that Noah could do to explore one of the first underwater cities, but he had achieved his goal of obtaining the identity that would allow him entry into Atlantis. Now, he could do something that he was looking forward to doing for the past few hours.

A smile appeared on his face as he thought about the memories from the dead Atlanteans he obtained not too long ago. They showcased the location where they met with the subdivision of a demon legion, where an EPIC Commander was taking the lead.

It would be a nice end to the first day if he could take out a portion of the first demon legion he had come across in this world. As for the Demon King that stood at the top of this one was, he would find out in time.

His figure walked among the throngs of people as multiple hiding skills were activated, his robust Atlantean disguise becoming thin and disappearing from everyone’s eyes as he then activated {Spatial Travel}.

The location was outside a large underwater cave that was expertly hidden.

No movements could be seen on the outside, but the [Searching Thermal Eyes] showed multiple beings moving in the air-filled underwater cave. The location wasn’t too deep, and the demons had made this one of their hideouts as they began communicating with Atlanteans and Merfolk.

The strongest demon in this group was EPIC rank, so Noah didn’t waste any time with tricks and would go forward with brute force. With enough speed and precision, the demons wouldn’t even know what hit them before they fell.

He liked doing things in a grandiose fashing though, so he began with a cast of [Corrupted Sigil of Hegemony] to heavily boost his power, with the addition of [Absolute Zero] that quickly encased the sea around him in ice. In the next instant, [Hellish Descent] was cast repeatedly as vibrating circles that would shoot out molten flame and lightning lasers spread around the underwater cave in its entirety.

A passive look was on Noah’s face as he continued to cast the skill, not initiating the shooting of the molten flames and lightning just yet as more and more of the dark balls were lined around the entire cave. [Searching Thermal Eyes] kept track of all the demons walking around the cave as the command was finally given, and hell descended.


Multiple sharp sounds of concentrated lasers of fire and lightning shot out and pierced through the cave walls, piercing into the hundreds of demons cl.u.s.tered in the cave without mercy. A thin layer of ice covered these lasers of flames and lightning as they struck.


Screams could be heard as they felt this unexpected attack which took their lives in the next instant. It didn’t matter if they were rank A or S, as even the most powerful EPIC commander died at the lasers that skewered the cave and the beings in it from all locations.


A few seconds passed, and not a single being remained alive in the cave.

A division of a Demon Legion in the Lost World had thus fallen like this, unexpectedly and without mercy. The impassive look remained on Noah’s face as he went into the destroyed cave to do what he enjoyed doing the most nowadays, obtain some memories.

A traitorous Atlantean led him to a division of a demon legion, where would the EPIC Commander’s memory of this division lead him to?

The process of collecting the loot and memories from the dead didn’t take too long, and Noah was done with it in a few minutes. He didn’t go back to the City of Liquinia, and transferred himself into the Spiritual Land that was anchored to his equipment all this time to go through the new gains.

The miniaturized Spiritual Land acted like its own little world, nothing affecting its working even when he had been moving underwater. He transferred himself into the modern house he practiced with building first as his facial structure and body changed to that of his old self.

He had moved around the Lost World of Atlantis today and learned a great deal of things not found in Gremory or Orias’s memory, and he had to digest the many gains he received before he began heading towards the city at the center of this world. The goal there could only be achieved with the entrance of using the title of Champion, and the rewards would be something spectacular.

His body returned to normal as he opened the glass door of the only house in the Frozen Plateau Spiritual Land and went inside. He was met with a surprising scene as on the soft couches beside the elevated rectangular fireplace where blue flames were flickering, a miniaturized sleek penguin had its feet up as its body sank into the couch, its face one of contentment.

The [Emperor Penguin] now had the power of LEGENDARY rank, and could easily perform something as changing the size of its body. But, what made it so bold as to do what it was doing currently?

It seemed to have sensed Noah’s entrance as its eyes switched from laziness to full alert, rising up from the couch, it’s beady eyes stared blankly at him as if it was caught doing something that should have never been seen.

Noah shook his head at this peculiar penguin and left it be as he was in a good mood currently.

The sleek penguin looked at the figure of Noah that moved up the stairs, craning to see as soon as he was gone and sinking back on the luxurious couch with its beak raised high.

Noah went to the topmost floor of the expensive-looking house and took off his clothes, putting himself in water again as he relaxed in the bubbling hot and steaming pool on the third floor.

He began going through the gains of the demons eradicated today, as he found an EPIC skill from the commander that was worthy of mentioning.

[Chains of Lightning] :: Binds any beings on the same rank as the skill with fearful lightning for as long as the energy is provided.

It was a binding type skill that seemed extremely suited to him, as his eyes lit up at the description. He had many skills that he had to continue rising the proficiency of and combine. The Spiritual Land provided the perfect space for that.

He enjoyed the bubbling and steaming pool a bit longer before he would force himself to go to the underground area of the Spiritual Land to practice his skills. This time around, it would be even more fun as he would have partners to go against him.

A smile lit up on Noah’s face as he thought of the arrogant LEGENDARY penguin that decided to laze around today, as well as the other four beasts of the same rank. They would make great opponents to test out against and become even more familiar with his new skills as he also increased their proficiency.

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