Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 144 - Journeying to the Depths

Chapter 144 - Journeying to the Depths


Painful screams were ringing out at an unknown location beneath the sea. There was darkness all around, except for wisps of green light that seemed to be spread out by the hundreds of thousands for miles.

The one screaming out painfully was a robust Atlantean that had multiple bone spears nailing him to the sea bed. He was stretched like a starfish as some bone spears pierced his palms and others passed through his ankles.

A golden armor lay carefully beside the Atlantean. This was an Atlantean with a Golden Armor, meaning he was a MYTHICAL ranked being. Yet, screams continued to resound from him as a small figure moved around beside him.

"I’ve cut off any ability for you to move, leaving behind only the sensation of pain"

Her words rang out calmly as if talking about the most casual thing.

" actually a very interesting thing that allows us to get to the core of the truth."

She finished her words as she bent down, a sharp bone spear dripping with blood in her hands as it moved towards the face of the MYTHIC Atlantean. It stood an inch away from their right eye, shining menacingly as the being lying down could not even move a muscle to prevent its descent.


A sound of a pop could be heard as dark energies spread out from the sharp bone spear and burst apart the soft right eye.


Brutal screams continued to resound, as an apologetic tone rang out from the small figure doing all this.

"Woops, I was supposed to ask a question before doing that. Oh well, you still have another eye."

The bone spear in her hands moved from the destroyed eye where pus had begun leaking as it went to the other side.

"Where is the Trident of Neptune located?"



The painful screams from the Atlantean stopped just for a second as this question was heard, and the remaining eye that could barely make any movement focused on the woman voicing it out.

It actually seemed like a teenager dressed in gothic black dress, yet the voice that came out was that of a woman.

The Atlantean looked at the apathetic eyes that seemed like bottomless holes as an unnatural laugh began to leave his barely moving lips. The laughs were filled with pain, but seemed to carry a mocking tone at the woman holding the sharp bone spear above his remaining eye.

"Ah, you have a sense of loyalty huh? Very well."

The one with the voice of a grown woman but the body of a teenager rose up, the dark bone spear disappearing as the black light around her intensified.

"I must tell you, I’ve dabbled a little in life and death, and can easily regenerate your lost limbs and organs. Whenever you feel like you’re on the edge of death, I’ll pull you back to life."

The dark light around her intensified as the green wisps that were surrounding them on the seabed floor for miles shined brighter. The wisps of glowing lights began moving up and down, making a thrumming sound as their master prepared a painful game. The wisps of light were the eyes of hundreds of thousands of undead, their power spreading out across the waters unhindered.

The soft hands of Barbatos, the Necromancer of Chaos, glowed with the dark light as they neared the body of the Atlantean yet again.

"If it so happens that you cannot hang on to life anymore, well, then there is a glorious death with years of service waiting for you on the other side."

A wicked smile gleefully spread out on her face as the screams resumed even louder.



A high-speed battle was taking place as five LEGENDARY beasts were surrounding and throwing attacks at a huge demonic incarnation that swung around a sharp sword with endless vigor.

Dense circles that shot out concentrated flames and lightning would occasionally appear, as even larger Icebergs fell from above every now and then. The powerful attacks caused mayhem and pandemonium as Noah practiced against five LEGENDARY beasts all at once.

Attacks continued to land on him as he was pushed back. When the fight began, he could only defend and stop the five beasts from tearing apart the incarnation. As the fight carried on for longer and his attacks began to land on the five beasts, [Life Steal] effectively dispelled all the damage as it healed the instant it was dealt.

The EPIC Holy Blight remained summoned and stood by the side, not joining the battle with its thousands of [Defiled Corpses] it controlled as Noah took on the beasts alone. It was great practice to be matched against five LEGENDARY beasts, going a long way to hone his fighting skills while also allowing him to spam all his skills to increase their proficiency.

Whenever [Corrupted Sigil of Hegemony] finished its cooldown, the five beasts would find themselves taking a beating for the next 30 seconds before retaliated the time after that.

A sleek [Emperor Penguin] seemed to be filled with vigor as its flippers shining with a silver light struck out. Its body would appear and disappear randomly on all sides as very dangerous attacks flew out of its flippers. They seemed like silvery blades of light, and yet their damage was greater than the skills similar to the other beasts mostly using the ice element.


The fight continued for a few hours, the eventual winner being Noah. After being pummeled to the ground by the beasts for hours, they finally lost their juice near the end while he could still continue to cast skills at the same rate with no issues.

A sulking penguin could be seen becoming smaller in size as his beak pointed down and his body flashed away.

Noah breathed out slowly as he could feel his tiredness spreading out through him. The beasts were not a joke, and he was glad that even more of them were on there way. Among the remaining EPIC beasts that had begun consuming the fruits from the [Snow Vine], a few more were almost near the point of breakthrough and it would just take some more time.

This finally made him get around to checking the new plants available after the Spiritual Land became tier 3.

Today’s combined skills:

Corrupted Sword Saint’s Incarnation + Bear Emperor’s Fur :: EPIC+ Fiendish Sword Beast Transformation

Arctic Breath + Bone Spears :: EPIC+ A Storm of Ice and Bones

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