Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 142 - Champion

Chapter 142 - Champion

In the city of Liquinia, on an artificial seabed beside the bustling underwater sh.i.p.s and exquisite buildings, a battle was taking place to decide if an Atlantean was worthy of the title of Champion.

Those who gained this title earned the right to trek the dangerous journey to the sea’s depths to Atlantis, where an even grander stage would be waiting for them.

The Neon Commander was taking the test seriously, using all his power as the water around him vibrated and became hotter. The shining trident in his hands lit up even more as green rays shot out and went towards Noah.

There were a variety of skills to counter the deadly green rays from the trident of this powerful LEGENDARY Merman, and [Demon King’s Haki] was activated first. The sea around the entire area trembled as those around felt themselves sinking lower, the Merman feeling the brunt of the force as he felt a crushing weight falling on to him, turning his face serious.

[Demon King’s Haki] was followed by a skill that heavily boosted Noah’s speed and damage, while strictly tying up the enemy’s movement and defenses. The blue runic sigil that was inlaid with red lines spread out to cover both the LEGENDARY beings, the merfolk on the other end feeling even more pressure. Next up was a skill that directly countered the deadly green rays rushing forward and the bubbling heat that continued to emanate from the Neon Commander, it was [Arctic Breath].

Noah’s mouth opened as destructive ice elements condensed, forming into a wide ray of ice shooting outwards.


The breath let out a droning sound as it smashed into the green rays and dissipated them, reaching the body of the Neon Commander as everything around them became frozen.


A laugh rang out from the Merman encased in ice, as his surroundings began to shatter and become hot once again. He moved even more vigorously towards Noah, the fun seemingly just beginning.

"Hammerhead’s Delight!"

A spectacular skill was cast as the Merman pointed his trident forward and shouted, the water around him solidifying and beginning to form into a dangerous creature only seen in some of the deepest waters of the sea.

The outline of a powerful Hammerhead Shark encased the Merman as he rushed forward like a missile towards Noah’s position.

Noah smiled brilliantly at the new types of skills he was experiencing as he used his first combined EPIC skill. After being boosted by a legendary skill that was even further enhanced by the demon’s [Power Jewel], the EPIC skill neared if not fully had the damage of a LEGENDARY ranked one.

[Hellish Descent] was cast as a red light began to spread out around his body. The light expanded rapidly and broke apart, forming into multiple dense circles that pulsated and let out vibrations in the water. The figure of the transparent hammerhead shark neared as the dark red circles shined, before they let out blistering rays of molten flames and lightning.

They looked like the most destructive lasers as more and more dark red origins formed which continued to let out damaging rays of flames and lightning, affecting the entire area as arcs of electricity spread out and the water rose far past the boiling point.


The rays of lightning and flames pierced into the encased figure of the Hammerhead Shark, leaving multiple simmering holes that destabilized the illusory figure and caused it to break apart.


An impact that pushed the two individuals back resounded, the Merfolk and Atlanteans in the surroundings hoisting their tridents and cheering at this spectacular battle.


The Neon Commander had blistering hot spots on his shining armor as he looked at Noah with expectant eyes, waving the trident forward and calming down the sea.

"Good! You have the qualifications of a Champion."

His words showed goodwill as they had found yet another powerful Atlantean to reinforce their power against the swarming enemies. A small green gem with the shape of a trident appeared in his hands and floated towards Noah.

"This is the Champion’s Trident that will be recognized the moment you near Atlantis, it will act as a guide and allow you safe passage, as well as the opportunity to participate in something extremely rewarding."

The sharp teeth on the Merman expanded out with a smile as his hands reached up and grasped, a pulling force coming out that sucked an Anglerfish that was swimming more than a nautical mile away into his hands. His sharp teeth shone in the clear waters as he bit down and took away huge chunks from the fish’s body, a bloody sight spreading out.

"All you have to do now is take the journey to the depths of the sea, pass through regions of blistering lava and flames, escape from Killer Whales and Vampire Squids, and hope you never come face to face with the slumbering...Kraken."



Boisterous laughter resounded from the Merfolk brutally bitting into the flesh and bones of the anglerfish, as all others around him laughed and enjoyed the sight of a new champion being appointed.

Noah looked at the new culture and behavior he was observing as his eyes shined at the mention of the powerful deep-sea creatures. Just what type of skills would they drop?

He grabbed the small green trident shaped gem and put it away, nodding respectfully towards the Neon Commander he had just gone up against and moved away.

A few Atlanteans and Merfolk were already swimming over to mingle, but he acted the part of the loner and neared one of the many tubes that made their way into the City of Liquinia.

There were doors on both sides of the areas where a bubble covered a few miles. Atlanteans could be seen walking around these pockets of air as if they were normal humans, only the golden hair on each of their heads being distinct.

The entire City of Liquinia was proportioned half and half into areas that were fully covered in the sea, with other areas surrounded by bubbles that kept out the water and allowed the powerful Atlanteans to walk through.

Noah looked at the futuristic city, at the connecting tubes that sn.a.k.e.d across the area and the weaponized sh.i.p.s and submarines around him as he entered one of the tubes and came inside one of the protected bubbles.

The archaic and yet futuristic buildings made themselves clear as he left the water and tasted air again. There was a sense of wonder at how the inhabitants of this world so seamlessly mixed technology and magic, as he could see levitating square rides that Atlanteans got on and off of.

It was something to do with the concept of magnetism and mana, with the Atlanteans working to combine theories of sciences and the use of essence to make levitating rides as well as modify the sh.i.p.s and submarines he had seen outside into the weaponized forms they had.

A new world filled with different sights opened itself up to Noah’s eyes.

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