Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 127 - Days of Peace

Chapter 127 - Days of Peace

The past few days have been a scarce period of calmness that I rarely came across since the moment I awakened. I hadn’t been getting an ounce of sleep as I trained my skills and moved around using [Budding Farmer] to cause explosive growths of the agricultural sector that would now be the biggest thing for the Frozen Kingdom.

I was surprised yet again by the fact that Adelaide had already begun sending words through merchant channels across the continent to begin for the sale and trading of the many products that continued to abundantly flood the kingdom.

They were all taken care of with the highest scrutiny as everything was calculated and stored, either to be sold in the Kingdom or for the oncoming caravans of merchants that could smell money in the air.

The citizens found themselves gaining a semblance of hope after the misery as the streets of Frozen Kingdom became lively once again. I remained in the Spiritual Land most of the time as I continued to increase the proficiency of my skills, while at the same time thinking about doing something that would be somewhat cruel.

I had the mindset to just start picking some rank A and S beasts in the Spiritual Land and using my authority as the owner of the Frozen Plateau to create a dungeon that would allow for me to farm skills for combinations later. But after reflecting and looking at all the benefits the beasts would bring in the long run, it outweighed the small boost in power I would have after collecting and combining a few rank A and S skills.

A majority of the EPIC beasts were weakened after I absorbed their origins during the trial of supremacy, and beasts at their level were one of the keys to upgrading the dungeon, so I wasn’t planning on continuing to weaken them by stealing their origins.

If I began weakening the strength of the lower leveled beasts too, it would lead the overall same result and I would shoot myself in the foot as I need more beasts to rise through the ranks in order to upgrade the tier of the Spiritual Land. The benefits that would come from upgrading the Spiritual Land heavily outweighed gaining a few rank A or S skills when I’ve already begun getting legendary ones.

So the past few days were essentially a grinding session that never ended, constantly spamming my skills and learning more information about the Spiritual Land. The proficiency of my EPIC and LEGENDARY skills also continued to rise steadily. It was so tiring that I was actually looking forward to a very interesting enemy that should be approaching the kingdom very soon.

From the memories of Gremory on how the Rulers of the Demon World moved and thought, this event where one of them died would be taken very seriously, and someone they all had high trust in would be tasked with the important job of learning everything about the situation by coming here first.

I had a sense of slight excitement as I thought about the ways I could use these significant memories of the 56th ranked Demon King to plan so many things. It was hundreds of years of habits, likes, dislikes, and many secrets shared between high ranked demons. If I use them well enough, even with the terror of the power that the demons displayed, I stood a chance of gaining huge benefits.

Aside from the training of skills, I was able to witness the first harvest of produce in the Spiritual Land as the [Sacred Rye] was fully ready yesterday. The rye became an even brighter shade of blue and gold as they waved around proudly in the snowy fields. The spiritual land had a gorgeous transferring function that harvested all the ripened plants and placed the produce into neat rows in the underground layer that was freezing cold.

As soon as they were harvested, I used {Spiritual Land Management} to plant new ones on all of the fields as I checked out the [Sacred Rye] myself. I hadn’t worked with something like this before, and had to reach out to Adelaide on how rye was prepared to become flour or fermented to become something else. I tried to enjoy the rye just as it was without any other prepared taste pervading my mouth as the world around me seemed to become just a tad bit brighter. It seemed like they could even be enjoyed as they were without necessarily having to be processed.

The process was long, so I left all of it to the people that the Princess delegated as I transported a significant amount of the [Sacred Rye] towards heavily protected storage rooms that she specified. She had plans of using this grain that could only be planted in the Frozen Plateau Spiritual Land to make specialty products of bread and fermented drinks that would be a huge sensation and bring in a significant amount of money and cores into the kingdom.

Everything seemed to be on track for extreme growth, but I knew of the huge threats lurking in the dark that could bring everything down in an instant. I recalled the trap I had thoroughly concocted after spending a significant amount of time analyzing the memories from Gremory about one particular Demon King.

This was a particularly eccentric one, ranked 59th, Demon King Orias. She was a peculiar Demon King that enjoyed taking the identity of many different personas through the usage of her unique skill. Her usefulness was so high that the unprepared powerful beasts of the Draconic Kingdom fell with her help.

If the demons were to make any moves, she would be the first one. I smiled as I thought about this possibility, and I was more than 90% sure about it playing out this way. Based on all the memories I looked over, it would be even more alarming if something other than that was to occur.

I was actually in a war of information with some extremely scary and powerful individuals. They had no information about me or my abilities, while I had the memories of someone in their ranks that carried huge significance.

I knew about their unique skills and even more importantly, their personalities. Orias enjoyed playing many different personas, but she had the one important trait, and that is she always took the same form of these personas. Whether it was a gallant knight, a sickly old lady, or an innocent girl, she always changed into the same faces.

It would usually not be something that would be considered a weakness as anyone that ended up being around her was already dancing on her palm and would be dead soon enough, but it became a weakness if an enemy knew about it.

Besides her skill that allowed her to shapeshift, there was another particularly strong and peculiar one that made her extremely fearful. But it just so turned out that I had something that could completely take away the advantage of her powerful unique skill when the time came.

I had a daring smile as I continued to train my skills and prepare. If you do end up coming, which shape will you be taking, oh Demon King Orias?

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