Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 126 - A Demon in Disguise

Chapter 126 - A Demon in Disguise

News of a victorious battle had slowly disseminated from the lands in the North. Surprised sounds came from the knowledgeable people standing at the top ranks of Mythical Kingdoms as they looked for the connection between the battle and the recent movements of demons.

They had taken a huge loss with the defeat of the Demon King that was advancing in the North, and it seemed worse enough that he didn’t even come out alive. The surprising contenders of the battle that caused this change were placed on the spotlight as many tried to find who they were.

An [Imperial Phoenix] was surrounded by resplendent red clouds on a high tier Spiritual Land floating far in the skies as flames flared in and out of their nostrils. She listened to this news interestingly as she continued to observe the movements of demons that seemed to be acting much more prudently these past days.

’Just what exactly did you do to ruffle their feathers this much, human?’

This [Imperial Phoenix] was the only Mythical Beast among the three kingdoms who somewhat knew of the identity and sequence of events that occurred in the North, becoming even more curious of the human who became the first of his species to own a Spiritual Land.

The fact that he was able to defeat a demon king and not even allow them to escape put them on a huge pedestal that even the Mythical Kingdoms had to respect. She stopped herself from sending a piece of consciousness out towards the North once more and just sent down messages for communications to be established with the lone kingdom in the North.

The [Imperial Phoenix] was not the only one doing this, as other powerful Mythical Beasts also saw the disruption of balance as another powerhouse appeared on the stage. They also sent their people to the North for clarity of the situation and to establish communications.


A little girl was following a procession of many carriages of merchants that were making a trip towards the north for the first time in a while.

Messengers had arrived to all parts of the continent carrying a singular message, that there was a tremendous opportunity for profit in the North. A sequence of positive events had continued to occur after the victory against demons, where the agricultural industry of the Frozen Kingdom had exploded.

When its citizens were facing the prospects of famine and refugees continued to fill up the streets, the Queen Elect of the Frozen Kingdom caused a miracle to say the least. The air of despair and mourning that was plaguing the north was quickly replaced by hope as people found the abundant verdant fields of green that seemingly erupted over night.

These merchants were rushing to this kingdom to have a piece of this pie, as anything to do with agriculture that was this big meant a tremendous amount of profits. They were taking with them multiple products from the surrounding Mythical Kingdoms for exchange as they trekked this perilous journey to the north.

There were still demons moving around, yet many processions of merchants could be seen moving. Mercenaries and adventurers were abundant as they worked to protect their employers from any enemies.

In one of these merchant processions, there was a little girl sitting atop a carriage with her legs swinging back and forth. She had a sweet little smile as she hummed while bobbing her head side to side, looking curiously at the landscape that passed around them. She had a dark ponytail with a frilly dress and a long heart shaped staff that she waved around in the air.

They were gradually passing the lands filled with greenery from the borders of the Mythical Phoenix Kingdom and stepping into a land filled with snow. When news of the victory and sudden agricultural boom were spread, the phoenix kingdom was the first one to send its people and merchants to the north, a command apparently coming from the top.

The beastman merchants following this particular procession all thought this girl was the daughter of one of them. She had a small furry tail coming out from behind as she cutely observed everything around her. Amidst her playful swings of the heart shaped staff and hums, a dangerous light could be seen passing through her eyes.

What these merchants thought to be the daughter of someone just playing around, was actually something much more dangerous. The girl happily taking a ride in the merchants that were heading for the Frozen Kingdom was a terrible figure that could massacre all of the people around her without batting an eye.

On the concept of caution, the demons were moving around carefully to find out exactly what had happened in the north. Their first piece to play was this little girl. She was the singular individual that had such perfect skills for reconnaissance and spying that even the strongest assassins would be ashamed in front of her.

Her battle power was not the highest, but she was the one to give the most trouble and often caused the downfall of many kingdoms and empires across the worlds that the demons conquered.

Her power laid in the two unique skills that she held, making her one of the more terrifying Demon Kings to hold something like this. But the universe was always fair, and not everything would be given to one being. Even though she held 2 unique skills, none of them were geared towards fighting.

This was the Demon King Orias of the 59th rank, holding the unique skills of {Spatial Travel} and {Shapeshifter}.

Her skills made her uniquely capable of moving around rapidly over large distances while also being able to become someone completely different. Through the usage of [Shapeshifter], her entire aura and being would be changed to the form she wanted without any mistakes or give-aways.

If she wanted to be a little girl, she would completely be a little girl. If she wanted to be a gallant knight in shining armor, nobody would be able to tell the wiser. This Demon King was actually one of the direct keys that caused the downfall of the Draconic Kingdom.

She had disguised herself as a powerful adventurer that gained many military exploits when the war against demons began, winning over the good favor and love of a Princess Knight that was fighting in the front lines.

To a Demon King that had lived for hundreds of years, how easy was it to play with the heart of a girl that was hundreds of years younger? It was a very thorough process that took some time, but she was able to bring the Princess Knight to her side and eventually use Abyss Magic from the hands of Belial, the master of illusions, to hatch a plot that took down the most powerful MYTHICAL beast of the Draconic Kingdom.

Now, this same girl was going towards the north, with the Frozen Kingdom as her goal. A twisted smile could occasionally be seen as she hummed and bobbed her head side to side. She knew the news of the unbelievable boom in agriculture that should in no way be possible, and the only thought in her mind was which character to play in order to gain the trust of the highest echelons and learn about all of their secrets.

Who was the being that had actually taken down Gremory, and did they have any hand in the huge moves the Frozen Kingdom was making right now? Her lips curved into the cutest smile as she thought of the mayhem she would cause in this kingdom.

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