Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 128 - Father and daughter

Chapter 128 - Father and daughter

The Ill.u.s.trious King of the Frozen Kingdom was looking at an outstretched field of green in front of him. Many things seemed to be happening that he did not understand these past few days, with them bordering on the corner of miracles.

He was filled with regrets of not moving fast enough to quell the fears of his people after the battle finished, having used most of his time occupying himself with his son and mulling over the decision of just what to do with him.

These days, he found himself questioning if he still even had the qualifications to rule. AS these thoughts passed through his mind, the guards that were around him shifted as they felt movements, and they say the figure of the Ice Princess making her way over.

They quickly moved aside and put a distance between them and the two royalty, spreading across the field to watch at all vantage points. They were currently of King’s Crown, which also had a few acres of fields set aside that were now glowing a vibrant green.

A father and a daughter stood amidst the peacefully waving produce in front of them as the daughter spoke first.

"How are you feeling?"

It was a fairly simple question that many people hear every day, but always carried a different connotation depending on who was asking it. The question from Adelaide seemed like a very simple one where it could be referring to the health or emotions that the aged king was feeling, but at the same time it seemed to be asking about even more important things.

"I feel...tired my daughter."

The king said this with as a sigh as he looked away at the miraculous sight of produce that rose overnight these past few days and looked at his daughter. He felt tired. Tired from the constant struggle of trying to stand out exceptionally in a world where they were a minor species that held less power.

Tired because they were in a time of war, and he was always advocating for peace. He felt a piece of himself breaking every time a soldier died that day. He felt tired when he came back home and saw the result of mourning and loss that he expected, but he could do nothing about it.

Yet, he still had to hold strong. Because if it wasn’t him, who had the power to take the lead when the stronger enemies came once again?

When he got to this point he looked at his little girl who seemed to be growing up too fast. The shock her actions had caused did not just stump nobles and the common people these past few days, but they had shocked him even more. How had his daughter been able to do it?

"I know you’re tired, Father. You’ve been working tirelessly for tens of years to bring all of us where we are now, and it was almost all undone in the span of a few days."

Adelaide walked across the field and stroked the [White Radishes] that were growing vibrantly and yet to be harvested.

"I know you’re tired, Father, so I came to ask you to rest."

Roark looked lovingly at his daughter as a laugh escaped from his lips.

"Haha, are you that eager? You know that plans and calculations aren’t the only things needed to get us back on track. Power is also one of them. If a single LEGENDARY or MYTHICAL being came, no plans would work in the face of that power."

A period of silence passed as the two family members thought before Adelaide released some shocking words.

"How do you think we were able to pass the trial of the LEGENDARY Demon King just last week?"

Shock ran through Roark as he heard this, his body trembling as he looked at his daughter incredulously.

"You’re connected to them?! Who are they?"

Multiple questions came out as the daughter gave a calming smile to her father, a smile that wanted to do its best to reassure the increasing tension.

"They’re people that are willing to help, but they do enjoy their privacy so I can’t really say much about them."

"Haha, the world has not forsaken my kingdom just yet, good!"

The king seemed riled up as a semblance of his LEGENDARY power shot out, startling the nearby guards who couldn’t hear a single thing about what the father and daughter were talking about in the fields.

"Hmm, they had a hand in the miraculous events with these fields too...but which Mythical Kingdom are they from...Have they finally decided to come down their high pedestals and offer a hand?"

The king was vigorously talking as he walked back and forth, his head fully trying to wrap his min around the new information before he sternly came to look to his daughter.

"You trust them?"

Roark looked questioningly at his daughter as he turned serious at this question. He didn’t want to be duped into causing a colossal mess just because some individuals lent their power.

"I trust one of them, and he has control over all the others so there in nothing to worry about. To reassure you even more about how I was able to get in contact with them first, I’ll let you in on something that even Mother chose to keep to herself."


The king was dumbfounded at the mention of his deceased wife, Annalise, and probingly looked for his daughter to continue.

"The reason my mother was of such help to you in the past, the reason this kingdom was able to be so smoothly established in its beginnings, was because of a unique skill my mother held."

Secrets that were only known between two people were now being shared.

"When she left us, she passed that unique skill down to me, warning me of an impending calamity that could be solved through the use of this skill, {Golden Rule}."

Adelaide turned from the [White Radishes] she was stroking as she looked strongly at her father. Even when she was growing up, this secret had stayed with her. Now, it was being released because there was a need for it. It’s usefulness had shown itself, and now it was needed to convince this very careful man.

"I have found the solution to that impending calamity through this skill. It has never before lied to mom, and it has never lied to me. That is why I am so confident when I ask that you to rest and leave everything else to me, Father. I want you to sit back and enjoy your you watch the spectacular show about to play out in the future."

Roark felt the shock from all of these bombshells increasing as he looked at the woman in front of him. She wasn’t his little girl anymore. He thought of his dear wife and recalled everything he had done well because of her words. If he had known his daughter had the same gift as her mother, would he have bothered even going to ask for advice from his ministers? He fondly looked at his daughter as he stroked her head.

"Silly child, why didn’t you say so earlier. Kingship is it? I’ve been holding onto it for too long anyway. Come, let’s get the preparations underway."

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