Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 116 - Catastrophic Consequences I

Chapter 116 - Catastrophic Consequences I


Attacks that were reinforced by a LEGENDARY skill exploded in the skies above the snowy mountains, painting a devastating scene of power. When the skies cleared, the winged Demon King and his primal spirits had sustained significant injuries.

A deep gash lay on his chest as the muscles wiggled around eerily to heal themselves, but the deathly energy from the [Bone Spears] vastly reduced the speed of healing. A significant amount of time had passed since the battle began, and the Demon King was finally becoming worn out.

I looked at this scene as I moved faster to end this fight that had been going on for far too long. I had a few more seconds before I could cast [Sigil of Hegemony] again. My mind moved quickly as I sent a command, and the golden saint that had been going around healing injured forces from the Frozen Kingdom silently disappeared.

In a few seconds, something entirely new appeared in the air above me as a wicked form of a 10-meter tall green-gold abomination stood by me. I ignored the primal spirits around the Demon King and focused only on him, now joined by my upgraded EPIC summon.


The Demon King that was being besieged from all sides was actually laughing, even when injuries continued to acc.u.mulate on his body as I threw more [Bone Spears] and struck down with my freezing sword.

"You exceeded my expectations, I’ll give you that!"

I continued to ignore his words as I focused on counting down the seconds until a specific skill could be cast. I would try my best to end it on this next one. A greyed-out skill became blue again as I cast it right away and watched the runic sigil spread out all around me.

My incarnation and summon received tremendous boosts while the enemies we were facing reduced in speed and defense. I wanted to use the next 30 seconds to the fullest as [Arctic Breath] was already leaving my mouth and [Bone Spears] were thrown out again and again.

The skills that were only of EPIC rank showed extreme effectiveness when boosted by [Sigil of Hegemony], and it looked like the defences of the Demon King were finally wearing down after he was hit for so long.

The summoned Holy Blight entering the fray caused the battle to be even more balanced as Noxious Breath was also continuously released onto the enemies.


I kept the primal spirits at bay as I watched my summon use its large body to smash the Demon King into the ground. Whatever attacks were thrown at the Holy Blight, they quickly healed as even more virulent poison was released from him.

The Demon King...neared his end.

The one surprising thing was his nonchalant expression as his body continued to be poisoned and injured. Even when the Holy Blight, with its huge stature exploded its body while clutching onto the Demon King and causing a tremendous amount of damage, he continued to laugh.

"This is definitely interesting. To be defeated by a beast I have never heard about, I’ll have to thoroughly investigate this in the future!"

I continued to rain attacks on the body that had turned a deathly shade of green red as the fight went on and replied to the dying demon.

"You still think you’re coming out of this alive?"

A wicked smile was on his face as he looked at me once more, the hellish flames he usually released from his palms fizzling out as his primal spirits were kept at bay. The two summons of his were hard to kill, and caused heavy explosions when they died, only to appear a few seconds later.

They were trying to break through the encirclement of my incarnation and summon, but we defended and absorbed their attacks, healing from them quickly while trying to end the life of this powerful opponent quickly. His twisted face spoke yet again.

"Here’s the last thing about Demon Kings that I can tell you now, you gained the right to learn that much. Demon Kings...never really die! Haha! Even if you kill me here and now, I will be resurrected by the Demon World in a few months. That is a right that is rare across many worlds, only given especially to the ranked rulers of the Demon World. Now, when that better hope you’re not in this same location, or the Demon Legions I will bring with me next time...Haha!"

The demon was maddeningly raving as I threw down more [Bone Spears], being one of the skills that dealt a lot of damage as he couldn’t heal from them easily. As for his claims, let’s put them to the test.

My large body glowed magnificently as another [Sigil of Hegemony] spread out, and I used the boost of speed and power to bypass the barriers the Demon King had set up around his body, my cold blade piercing through his chest.

The primal spirits behind me trying to claw their way past the Holy Blight that continued to explode and push them away screamed out as they exploded too. The cold blade that passed through the chest of the Demon King vibrated as the destructive cold elements spread out with it as the center.

The Demon King still had the same mocking expression on his face as he could feel the freezing feeling spread across his chest and completely overlap his heart.

"I’ll see you in a few months, puny beas-"


A painful wail rang out to the Demon King about to die as a red light exploded outwards, his face adopting a despairing expression as something seemed to have gone wholly wrong for him.

"What- you, what are y-"


One last scream erupted out as the red light exploded outwards even more, giving me a surprise as the red light exploded to become gold bundles of books, items, cores, and something else I had never seen before.

I breathed out heavily as I looked at this scene that had never occurred before. The essence of the beasts I defeated usually gets pulled into one of my storage items where I would find the loot there. This time, an explosion of loot had occurred outside as the demon completely perished. The primal spirits that exploded before him were also nowhere to be found.

We had moved away from the battlefield for quite a distance as we fought and flew, and I found myself near a peak of a snowy mountain as the yells and screams of the battle a few miles away continued.

I sent the changed Holy Blight that was now adopting my face with his saintly aura caused by [Two Faced] towards the battle to continue saving more lives as everything wrapped up, and I looked towards the explosion of loot in front of me. What kinds of rewards would fall out from a Demon King?

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