Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 115 - Demon King Gremory II

Chapter 115 - Demon King Gremory II

A game of cat and mouse was currently happening in the skies between two snowy mountain peaks in the Northern Continent of the Beast World. Who the cat or the mouse was could not be clearly identified at this time, as the roles seemed to change over time. More than 30 minutes had passed since this chase began.

It was two ferocious-looking beings flying through the skies, a silvery light appearing every now and then as one teleported a few miles away, only for the one chasing to catch up a few seconds later.

The reason this chase was occurring was because a powerful sigil that was spread for more than 30 meters had caused a tremendous amount of damage for a winged demon and his Primal Spirits, and that sigil had disappeared after thirty seconds. This scene repeated itself multiple times in the past half hour. The disappearance of the sigil drastically reduced the power the white-furred incarnation was releasing, causing the current scene.

The Demon King that had caught up to the white-furred incarnation that was Noah struck out with his strong arms as hellish red flames erupted out. Two Primal Spirits were not far behind as poisonous stingers appeared from behind looking for an opening on their target.


One of the stingers from the [Blue Manticores] was able to pierce through, leaving a large gash on the shoulder of the incarnation which quickly closed up. This rate of healing so rapidly from an attack of a LEGENDARY beast could not be explained normally, as many skills came into play to cause it.

First and foremost was [Life Steal]. Every single attack from Noah had the trait of absorbing health based on a portion of the damage dealt. The ferocious ice storm that continued to surround him, the cold blade that continued to smash into the bodies of the Primal Spirits and the Demon King, even the attacks made by the summon that was called forth by him, all of these were his attacks, and he gained a portion of health from the damage they dealt.

The battlefield was also largely populated by green defiled corpses at this instant that were ferociously decimating the Demon Legion. Just those attacks alone made it so that [Life Steal] was constantly working to heal and regenerate any damage. This wasn’t to mention the constant buffs and heals that came directly from the Holy Blight.

As Noah waited for the cooldown of the powerful LEGENDARY skill to finish, he rapidly moved across the skies, taking many hits that could rupture apart the [Corrupted Sword Saint’s Incarnation] that was even protected by [Bear Emperor’s Fur]. The only thing that kept it apart were the constant heals that covered up all the damage in the blink of an eye.

Amidst teleporting, deathly spears made of bones would appear and rush towards the chasing Demon King who was knocking them away with a swing of his arms that released hellish flames. The injuries on his body continued to acc.u.mulate but he seemed to disregard them completely. A wicked smile was on his face as the red-winged demon spoke.

"You do not seem to be familiar with Demon Kings, so let me enlighten you."


An expanse of red sprouted out as the outline of a large spear formed out of hellish flames. The spear chased Noah’s figure and exploded vigorously.

"First, we hold massive reserves of mana. Whatever game you think you are playing by running around like this, the longer it goes, the more you guarantee your death. No being has ever competed and won against the mana pool of a Demon King."

Gremory’s words seemed to be hitting air as Noah’s beast incarnation came out of the explosion safe and sound. An expression of excitement appeared on the incarnation’s large face as a powerful runic sigil was activated yet again.

The manticores surrounding the Demon King returned to his side as they guarded menacingly, watching out for the figure of Noah that had begun moving at extreme speeds once again with the activation of [Sigil of Hegemony].

"Second, our bodies were born from the primeval essence of the Demon World, granting us extreme resistance to all forms of damage. Surprisingly, this skill of yours can momentarily cause a drop in my defenses, which makes you a very interesting little beast to study."


A sound as if the arrival of the most terrible disaster appeared as Noah finally showed himself, appearing on an opening between the Demon King that was surrounded by two LEGENDARY primal spirits as his incarnation’s mouth opened unnaturally and a destructive breath roiled out. [Arctic Breath] was cast for the first time.

Pah! Pah! Pah!

Sounds as if popcorn was being popped rang out as the freezing breath surrounded the Demon King and his summons. But this was a Demon King. One of the ranked beings that was especially born from a large world.

[Despondency of Spirit]!

A powerful yell came from the Demon King as one of the spirits covered in ice exploded out, forming into a thin line of light that attached itself to Noah’s figure.


A resounding explosion rang out as the figure of the white-furred incarnation shot towards the ground like a ballistic missile. One-third of the incarnation’s body could be seen decimated, as even with the absorption of half of all damage from the now active [Sigil of Hegemony] could not stop the devastating damage from an explosion of a Primal Spirit.

Noah’s body was roughly breathing inside as the impact had spread across all the way to him, the EPIC items and layers of lower skills he had on reducing the rest of the damage as he suffered minimally. Only a few seconds were left to the recently casted [Sigil of Hegemony] as his incarnation fully healed and he teleported to the skies. The voice of the arrogant and injured Demon King rang out once again.

"Lastly, our Unique Skills...are f.u.c.k.i.n.g unique!"

A burst of raucous laughter rang out as a new Primal Spirit formed as good as new, the dangerously shining poisonous stinger and ferocious power of LEGENDARY rank that just exploded coming back as good as new.

Demon King Gremory stood grandly in the air, surrounded by two [Blue Manticores] letting out overwhelming power as his laugh resounded. Yet the curious thing that could not be explained remained, why was he so nonchalant about his heavy injuries?

Gremory came out of his stupor as he felt the movement of essence roiling above him, giving an interesting smile as to what the puny beast was doing now.

Up above, multiple sizable [Icebergs] had appeared once more, along with tens of five-meter large bone spears pulsating dangerously, and an [Arctic Breath] that roiled out while [Sigil of Hegemony] was still active.

The horned incarnation that covered Noah’s body stood firm in the air with a blade in hand as his voice rang out for the first time.

"You talk too much."

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