Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 117 - Catastrophic Consequences! II

Chapter 117 - Catastrophic Consequences! II

While the battle was concluding in the snowy mountains between a Demon Legion and the forces of the Frozen Kingdom, a world shocking notice passed through the minds of every Demon King in existence!

Whether they were the highest-ranked Demon Lords carrying out conquest in large worlds, or the Demon Kings currently invading the beast world, a singular message passed through their minds.

Something that rarely occurred and has not come to pass in the last hundreds of years, had now taken place.

A Demon King had faced True Death!




Lines of communication that went across the worlds were sent out as the Demon Kings looked for answers. Who had died? Which world were they in? And the most important thing, which powerhouse had they offended that they faced True Death?!

To understand the shock of these Demon Kings, one would have to first know just how hard it was to actually kill one.

For the Demon Kings invading the Beast World, over the course of the months more than three Demon Kings had fallen. But neither of them faced true death!

Every time a Demon King was killed, their origin, no matter how injured, would be sent back to the Demon World. The origin would act as a seedling and absorb the primeval essence of the Demon World to eventually be born again after a long period of time passed.

This was one of the core reasons why the Demon World was able to wage war and dominate many other worlds, their main forces seemed inexhaustible as time passed. It was a World that continued to rise through the ranks, and almost neared the upper echelons of Prime Worlds.

Their strength was also their only weakness, where the 72 Demon Kings and the upper ranked Demon Lords were very careful when they waged war across worlds. Many things would be considered. What level was the world they were invading? Were there any beings there that could truly threaten their lives?

This was the crucial question that was always looked at first before any Demon Kings or Demon Lords descended onto other worlds. Over the past hundreds of years, a complete list of Worlds not to get in conflict with had all been doc.u.mented from past events where a Demon King had faced True Death.

Worlds that focused on and were proficient in Soul Systems were left alone. Worlds where inhabitants increased their strength by unlocking the secrets of the universal laws, were left alone. Only recently growing worlds that had not yet established their place in the universe were targeted . This allowed the Demon World to roam free and rampant, and prevent the True Deaths of their strongest forces.

From the time when their conquest began until now, only two Demon Kings had faced true death. Now, there was a third!

There used to be 72 rulers of the Demon World in total, and now only 69 remained. Where had the Demon King fallen? Which grand world had one of them stepped into that caused such a huge incident?!

Communications were sent back and forth across worlds as the rulers of the Demon World confirmed their positions. In a matter of a few minutes, all of the remaining 69 checked in.

The only one that was missing...was rank 56, Demon King Gremory!

Even more shock came from the realization of this, because Gremory was in a world that was neither weak nor powerful, but it definitely did not have powerhouses or such powerful systems of strength that would allow for its inhabitants to cause a Demon King to face True Death.

The Demon Kings currently in the Beast World were the ones that felt even more apprehension because they knew the situation of Gremory very well. He was a powerful Demon King of LEGENDARY rank, with many skills at his disposal.

He was the one in charge of occupying the kingdom in the Northern Lands of the Beast World where the weakest Kingdom resided. Yet...he had actually faced true death there?!

Communications continued as the Demon Kings and higher ranked Demon Lords quickly moved the information around. An impossibly cold voice rang out through the channel of communication that was established across worlds.

This was one of the highest-ranked rulers of the Demon World, someone ranked in the top 10 speaking!

"The ones remaining in the Beast World, focus your forces in the region where this incident occurred. A few more Demon Kings that are in nearby worlds will come to reinforce you soon enough. Move carefully. This could be a serious threat that is just now budding in this world, or something entirely different. Information is key, find out everything behind this incident first. Then we will see how to move forward."

A momentary silence passed as another Demon Lord of high rank chimed in.

"Once the information is known, strengthen the attacks on all the forces in that world and take over everything as soon as possible. Treat this threat with extreme caution."

More words were passed around as the Demon Kings grasped the situation of the Beast World and planned. A terrible threat had possibly appeared that could shake the core foundations of the Demon World, it had to be nipped as soon as possible!

A Demon Lord that had remained silent through all of this also had their voice ring out, making a few of the high ranked Rulers surprised. The one that talked was a Demon Lord that kept to themselves in a dominated world where they alone ruled. This ruler caused many of the lower-ranked Demon Kings to feel fear from the cruelty of their actions and power.

"Well, I doubt someone of my rank would be needed to crush this possible threat, but why don’t I go down myself?"


There was complete silence in the communication channel as the first cold voice that gave out the orders replied.

"That won’t be necessary. The Beast World is not highly developed and still has strict universal laws protecting it from the descent of high tiered beings. Even trying it would deplete treasures and essences we’ve collected over the past thousand years. It is not worth it."

"Hmph, so be it. Don’t regret this in the future. Orias, you go and do reconnaissance where this incident occurred first, your skills are a perfect fit for this."

There was a period of silence as the rulers of the Demon World felt the connection have one less being on the other end. This was a Demon Lord that caused fear to permeate through the bones of lower-ranked Demon Kings.

It was a Demon Lord that took over a world and completely massacred its inhabitants just to build up an army.

This was the Necromancer of Chaos, the one who gained the title of Destroyer. Rank 8 Demon Lord, Barbatos.

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