Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 109 - Unexpected Combination

Chapter 109 - Unexpected Combination

After being amazed at the small floating landmass that I held in my hands, I used the third function that was also unlocked. [Anchor] was used as I sent a command again, spending an exorbitant amount of mana and watched as the Spiritual Land attached itself to the right side of my EPIC armor. I moved around in the skies and watched as no movements or issues occurred to the Spiritual Land.

I even went as far as using [Teleport] for the first time, watching as a silvery light quickly spread all around me, my figure disappearing and appearing a few miles away right after. Still, no problems had occurred.

I laughed at this amazing sight as I carried the shrunken Spiritual Land with me towards the Frozen Kingdom while testing out [Teleport]. The forces of the kingdom should have already moved out, and I didn’t know if they had clashed with the Demon Legion or not. I flashed across the frozen plains at high speed until the heavily armed fortress walls of the kingdoms appeared in front of me.

Not too long after, I arrived on the snowy peak with my usual covert skills activated, as well as the [Rat King’s Mask] that provided another function of hiding my aura and figure. There were significantly more guards on the Snowy Peak as mostly humans and a few beastmen moved around.

I found the princess on the terrace of the same Manor, and she somehow also found out that I had arrived as her veiled face turned towards the skies I was at. I could feel the smile from the veil as the princess went towards closed doors with me following close behind. The updates I heard when she began talking to me privately were huge, to say the least.

The discussion was occurring as I also took the time to finish absorbing the EPIC cores and start on the LEGENDARY ones that I recently gained.

The forces of the Frozen Kingdom would be clashing sometime soon if they hadn’t already, and I had to move fast to join them before too many casualties occurred. The other thing that caused me to be pleasantly surprised was the fact that this Princess was now the future Queen. A slight smile came to my face as I thought of the implications of this.

I didn’t want to spend too much time here while others could be battling this instant, so after knowing about the location of the forces being cl.u.s.tered between Valen County and Shadow Dukedom, I ended the discussion early while enjoying the icy look on Adelaide’s face that seemed to portray calmness, but I could see worry at the same time.

I couldn’t help but reach out towards the delicate face and pushed aside the blue hair, bringing the crystal face fully into my view.

"Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to bring your family back safe and sound."

The girl seemed dazed as my hand brushed past her face, and I flashed away with [Teleport] towards the direction of the battle. I already set the Frozen Kingdom as one of the three Teleport Points I could come back to no matter how far I was.

My direction was the battlefield as I prepared myself for the oncoming clash against demons. I looked through my constantly changing attribute panel at this time and was met with an unexpected surprise.

[Noah Osmont][Occupation: Hunter]

[Vitality: 410]

[Focus: - ]

[Strength: 418]

[Skill(s) :: [F][E][D][C][B][A: Flight-100, Instant Transfer-100, Pain Resistance-100, Recorder-100, Language Comprehension-100, Lion’s Roar-23,Water Barrier-100, Pierce-100, Executor’s Speed-100, Sense Heat Source-100, Silent Communication-75, Regal Archer’s Eyes-100, Cook-38]

[A+:: Arctic Zone-100, Relegator’s Spear-23, Immutable Regeneration-100, Abstruse Cover-100, Barrier of Illusion-100, Paladin’s Blessing-11, Pursuing Infernal Lightning-1]

[S :: Protection of the Wounded-100, Flash-79, Aura of Belligerence-88, Enfeeble-89, Phoenix Arrow-1, Shield Slam-8, Obfuscation-88, Rune of Defense-88, Dragon Scales-88, Budding Farmer-8, Ricocheting Shield-1, Bear’s Fighting Style-1, Archer’s Gamble-1, Lion’s Heart-76, Speedster-76, Smouldering Sword Strike-25, Earthen Spears-1, Thought Acceleration-76, Crisis Avoidance-76]

[S+:: Saint’s Return-100, Devastation-95, Plague Bearer-100]

[EPIC :: Corrupted Sword Saint’s Incarnation-38, Iceberg-25, Absolute Zero-35, Bone Spears-9, Bear Emperor’s Fur-14, Life Steal-1, Teleport-5, Arctic Breath-1]

[LEGENDARY :: Sigil of Hegemony-1]

[UNIQUE :: Spiritual Land Management]

[Equipment: (3x B-Ring of Storage)(A-Ring of Storage)(S-Storage Pouch)(S-Veiled Suit)(EPIC-Kingslayer)(EPIC-Rat King’s Mask)(EPIC-Prismatic Guardian) (EPIC-Unshattered Charity) (EPIC-Tigereye’s Roots]

Skills that I had been actively using so frequently and a few that were always activated had long reached the required proficiency for combination. [Abstruse Cover] and [Barrier of Illusion] were quickly combined to give the rank S [Illusory Cover].

The biggest surprise that occurred next was me putting the seemingly incompatible skills of [Summon Plague Bearer] and [Saint’s Return] that should have been polar opposites, and yet the [Skill Combination] shone a blinding blue light, an unexpected product coming out right after.

[Summon Holy Blight] :: A being that should not exist. Releases an aura that surrounds itself and the summoner, providing constant healing while releasing destructive and poisonous plagues on its foes. Among its tools are Noxious Breath, Zombie Master, and Two-Faced.

The skill made me stop my constant teleportations towards the direction of Valen County and Shadow Dukedom as I gave it an even closer look. I couldn’t help but summon the beast right away to see just how insane it had become now that it was EPIC.

A malachite runic circle twice as big as it was previously came to life, this time colors of gold were inlaid with the abundant green. The formation of this new summon was grand, as when the light died down, an even larger monstrosity that now neared 10 meters came to be.

It now seemed like a humongous green humanoid with runic tattoos of gold all over its body. The wings on its back were now bright gold, filled with thick muscles that dangerously flapped in the air.


It let out a deadly shockwave as it was released for the first time since its upgrade, the waves of power it released were much higher than even the [Emperor Penguin] at its peak. I didn’t think my excitement could increase even more, but I was curious about its additional skill besides the ones that had a name change but still held similar functions with many more additions. I sent the command for it to use [Two-faced], and watched as an amazing sight opened up before me.

The nearly 10-meter tall green-gold monstrosity shrank down to two meters with a blinding light, and the result was as if I was looking in a mirror. A figure with long black hair and golden wings of light that held a face that was 99% similar to mine made its appearance.

My face, or really its face, seemed to hold the most compassionate gaze as the whole body was letting out a sheen of golden light. This was the poisonous abomination? Haha!

I laughed at the unexpected usage of the [Two-faced] skill that this upgraded Holy Blight could use, and rushed towards where the battle was occurring with even more vigor as many ways to use my new skills played out in front of my eyes.

As I continued to teleport across the frozen plains, I found that I was self-reflecting on the things I was currently doing. I began this journey because I felt weak and cowardly, and I wanted to change that.

I moved with even more conviction when I received the information on the enemies that had caused all of the death and destruction that took away the lives of my family and many more people. Now, even though all of those reasons were still what carried me forward, I also found myself looking forward to even more of these fantastic things I continued to experience.

The ability to cast the amazing skills that I continued to gain, magical environments like Spiritual Lands which held their own secrets for me to unravel, the foods and cultures I come across, and the many people I met along the way.

Even with the goal of getting back against my enemies, I also enjoyed and looked forward to experiencing all of these great things while I moved along in this journey. I was just touching the rank that was LEGENDARY at this point in time, which rank would I reach months or years from now? There were too many things for me to look forward to and unravel, and I couldn’t wait!

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