Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 110 - The Ill.u.s.trious King, Roark Belmont

Chapter 110 - The Ill.u.s.trious King, Roark Belmont

Sometime before, in the cold mountains between the Valen County and Shadow Dukedom.


Lines of soldiers, adventurers, and mercenaries were filling up a wide path between two large mountains. This path was the only way to pass through to even get near the counties and dukedoms surrounding the Frozen Kingdom, unless you wanted to trek through the dangerous mountains.

Horses and other magical beasts were standing on the side of humans, patiently watching for the forces of Demons to arrive. King Roark was in an enclosed tent talking with a few Battalion Commanders when a blaring horn rang out through. Everyone inside the tent stood up imposingly as they looked at each other, knowing the battle was about to begin.

King Roark took the lead as his body began thrumming with wild energy, heading to the front lines and instilling a sense of power to any people he passed. A few miles away from them, large groups of beasts could be seen as a terrifying sound also began to echo.


The sounds of their heavy steps were not the first thing that reached them, but the extremely clear droning sound that continued to come out every few seconds.


The defenders of the Frozen Kingdom were fully battle-ready as they saw their enemies come to full view, hearing one last droning sound before everything came to a standstill.

The forces of the Demon Legion had stopped. They stood cleanly in their lines, multiple different ranks of C through S mixed in together. Large reptilian beasts and [Demon Ox] could be seen carrying many of the demons that had more power.

A few [Mephitic Turtles] stood imposingly as EPIC Demon Commanders could be seen on top of their hard shells that were fastened with luxurious seats. There were multiple Demon Commanders, many of them holding dangerously red glowing weapons.

The largest beast on the Demon Legion’s side was a [Komodo Dragon] nearing ten meters. On its back could be seen an expertly made tent where a gorgeous figure was now coming out of.

Demon King Gremory, of the 56th rank, had made his appearance. He had a sly smile on his face as he pushed the scantily clad figures of [Succubi] back into the tent on top of the beast as he stepped outside.

His appearance was met with horror as he released a pressure that seemed to press down on the wills of all those standing against him.

[Demon King’s Haki] was fully activated as Gremory made his debut. He had an imposing air that made him seem like the most powerful in the world, the waves of LEGENDARY power making themselves extremely clear.



As these two forces stared at one another, not a single force moved. Only the cold winds of winter that ravaged the mountains could be heard whistling by.

King Roark Belmont was at the forefront of the forces as his body began to burn up and began to expand. He released a blast of light that passed through the snowy fields and offset some of the terror released from the Demon King. His vigorous voice rang out right after.

"My people!"


The soldiers, adventurers, and mercenaries lined up behind him shouted strongly as they smashed their feet or weapons into the ground, making for an imposing air.

"A battle that decides our fate is here!"


The impact of their weapons or feet hitting the ground was getting stronger as the whole mountain range trembled when it occurred.

"Fight for your lives!"


"Fight for Honor!"


"For the families back home!"


"For Humanity!!!"


The forces were screaming and moving at full speed as they felt their bodies strengthened to unbelievable degrees, reaching levels of power they had never crossed before. This was one of the skills of the great King Roark Belmont.

{Ill.u.s.trious Ruler} :: Majesty is in your blood. Your words carry great momentum to all the subjects that are fortunate enough to hear them. Applied effects are Clear Mind, Strengthened Will, and Boost Power.

Unique Skill, {Ill.u.s.trious Ruler}. One of the main factors that allowed Roark Belmont to rise through the ranks and obtain the loyalty of many powerful human forces, eventually uniting them under his rule. The addition of his capable wife, Annalise, had made it possible to preserve the human kingdom for the last century.

His body had finally finished expanding, and he stood closest to the Demon Legion as they saw the ruler they would be clashing with today. Roark’s body stood more than five meters tall. A thin layer of stretched armor tightly hugged his body as it shone a golden light.

He seemed like the personification of a man made of gold as multiple protrusions of his steeled muscles imposingly stood out. No weapons were in his hands as his fists shone dangerously, seemingly more dangerous than any sharpened blade. This was the LEGENDARY skill that all those who stood against him feared.

[Gold Man] :: Overcome the limits of your body as it is strengthened to its utmost potential. +300% Physical Damage, +300% Speed, +300% Armor, +300% Healing Effects. The illusive power of gold follows all of your attacks.

His gold figure let out swirls of wild power as his eyes found their target, and he disappeared from his location. The battle had begun!


The scene was too fast to catch, but the Ill.u.s.trious King has already reached the center of the Demon Legion, his fist directly clashing against the LEGENDARY Demon King Gremory. The Demon King had a wicked smile on his face as his palm met the glistening gold punch.

The entire tent behind him was ripped to shreds as a gold force traveled all around the area. The weak [Succubi] that were still in the tent atop the beast found their bodies becoming shredded as they turned into messy pulps of blood and gore.

Demon King Gremory looked at the gold human in front of him with a curious smile, not caring the least about the deaths of all the playthings he brought with him. The Demon Commanders on their own beasts saw this clash, but they had full confidence in their leader and focused their rush to meet the Battalion Commanders of the human forces.


Clashes began to occur between the two armies as all sorts of elemental attacks roiled out. Arcs of lightning could be seen in one location while huge waves of water smashed down and drowned the demon forces. Walls of earth constantly rose and fell as bubbling magma burned soldiers and adventurers.

At the center of the Demon Legion, Gremory pulled his palm that had stopped the much larger fist back as he stretched his body, treating what was about to come as a light exercise. This was arrogance of an extreme degree. This was arrogance born out of trust in one’s own dominating strength.

The body of the Demon King lost its upper layer of clothing as his red chest and abdominal muscles made themselves prominent. The horn shooting from his head shone in a dangerous red light as he laughed.

"The King in the North! Entertain me with all your best, for I have been truly bored so far!"

The Ill.u.s.trious King was not one to be told what to do, as even before the words finished, the tight golden body moved dangerously and a ferocious axe kick smashed into the head of the Demon King.


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