Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 108 - [Sigil of Hegemony]

Chapter 108 - [Sigil of Hegemony]

I forcefully turned my attention from the newly appeared unique skill and looked through the loot of the recent battle, especially the reward of clearing the trial that also granted me ownership of a Spiritual Land.

The first thing looked at were the EPIC skills and items that dropped at the last stage of the trial, adding to my collection 3 new skills and 2 items.

The items were a resplendent armor called [Unshattered Charity] and exquisitely inlaid boots called [Tigereye’s Roots]. The skills were even more spectacular.

[Teleport] :: Space begins opening up to your control. Can set up 3 Teleport Points (0/3). Can teleport yourself or others to any visible location or previously set up Teleport Point.

This skill came from the source of the [Emperor Penguin], and it was a skill that I knew would be my all-time favorite from how I had been moving around so much. The other two were just as amazing.

[Life Steal] :: Your health is restored based on a portion of the damage dealt to your enemies.

[Arctic Breath] :: Chilled bodies are left in the wake of the icy breath that freezes all that it touches.

All of the newly gained EPIC skills were so fantastic looking that I could not wait to test them in the field. Especially [Teleport] and [Arctic Breath], it looked like I would have a tremendous amount of fun with these two.

Next up was one of the main treasures of this whole event, the huge core that broke down into a legendary skill book and a few cores. I looked through the description of the skill, and it left me dumbfounded.

[Sigil of Hegemony] :: A highly protective sigil establishes itself as far as 30 meters around you, empowering you and your allies while hindering your foes for 30 seconds. Another 30 seconds are required before the runic forces can be activated again. Absorbs half of all damage dealt while active. +200% Casting and Attack Speed. +200% damage to enemies in sigil. +200% Speed. -50% Enemy Elemental Resistances. -50% Enemy Speed.


I reread the skill description a couple of times as I learned the skill in stupefaction. This was a LEGENDARY skill that provided heavy damage boosts, absorbed more than half of all dealt damage, and even acted to weaken the enemy at the same time. It was such a killer skill that it made me want to test it on the weakened beasts still kneeling in front of me. The only thing that was a slight downside seemed to be that it couldn’t be kept active all the time.

After the pleasant shock from the skill passed, I looked through the connection with the Spiritual Land and how I would move from now on. There was a dense amount of information for me to sort through just to understand a percentage of everything to do with this treasure, but one of the few things I could make out was the obedience that the beasts in here would show to the Master who gained control of the Spirit Land they were born in.

Everything else would require me to spend a significant amount of time to sort through, so I pulled up the unique skill, {Spiritual Land Management} instead as I prepared to move back towards the Frozen Kingdom.

{Spiritual Land Management}

[Frozen Plateau-2]

Beasts: F-XXX, E-XXX, D-19,430, C-6943, B-2876, A-341, S-68, EPIC-15

Plants- Whitefall Trees. Available for planting(Snow Vine, Sacred Rye...)

Features- Size Regulation(Unlocked), Movement(Unlocked), Anchor(Unlocked), Boost Surroundings(Locked), Architecture(Locked), Frozen Barrier(Locked), Offensive Maneuvers(Locked), @#[email protected]%(Locked), Time Dilation(Locked), [email protected]##$(Locked)...

Upgrade- Conditions not met. @%%^#$

It showed all the large numbers of beasts currently on the Spiritual Land that was called the Frozen Plateau, as well the tall white trees I continued to observe on the surface of this land. I honed in on the section of [Features]

[Size Regulation(Unlocked)] :: The size of the Spiritual Land can change as long as a large cost is paid.

[Movement(Unlocked)] :: Defy common laws and allow for the movement of the Spiritual Land to your desired location.

[Anchor(Unlocked)] :: The spiritual land will hold firm wherever you decide to put it.

The three features that were currently unlocked were crazy enough, and I couldn’t wait to see how I could unlock the next ones after that. I looked at the kneeling EPIC beasts as my figure equipped all the new EPIC items on my body. The used to be arrogant [Emperor Penguin] was still kneeling unwillingly on the forefront as I asked,

"How much power can you all currently exhibit?"

"For the ones that participated in the trial, we have less than half of our power remaining. We will need at least a few weeks before we can return to our peak."

The [Emperor Penguin] took the lead, answering with a heavy voice as he kept his sleek shining beak down. I looked at the large numbers of beasts that showed up on the panel of the {Spiritual Land Management} as many ideas passed through me.

If I so chose, it looks like I have gained a constant supply of skills that I can select from. The other side was that I had gained a powerful force of many beasts that I could grow and cultivate. More EPIC beasts could continue to be born in this Spiritual Land, as well as possibilities of upgrading the current beasts to LEGENDARY rank or even further beyond in the future once I learn more about the tiers of Spiritual Lands and how to upgrade them.

My figure disappeared from the underground space where the strongest beasts were in as I appeared in the skies of the outside world, with the Frozen Plateau floating grandly below me. The many grand [Whitefall Trees] were visible all around as the lower ranking beasts on the land looked up to my figure in the skies.


Sounds of many beasts rang out as they felt the new owner of the Spiritual Land appear in the air. I looked at the grand sight of the glimmering snowy land beneath me as I concentrated and used [Size Regulation] for the first time.

The floating landmass trembled as a blue light spread out to cover it, and I watched as it visibly shrank down from its large size and became smaller and smaller. I could feel a tremendous amount of essence multiple times than what I usually used to cast EPIC skills constantly going towards the activated feature of [Size Regulation].

The reserves of energy that continued to condense towards the center continued to be used for the maintenance and growth of the Spiritual Land, with me providing the required mana to use the features listed under the unique skill to affect it.

I recalled the powerful woman’s words about how complex a tax of taking care of a Spiritual Land would be and smiled while I watched the continued shrinking of the land below me through a feature of the skill, {Spiritual Land Management}. It looks like I might have just found another crazy skill that in no way fits the norms.

While watching it shrink, I also activated the function of [Movement] and watched as the land continued to shrink, until it eventually fit in the palm of my hands. The Spiritual Land that was larger than an entire in the palm of my hand. I continued to be astounded by the fantastical things I never would have thought to be possible. What else would this amazing Beast World have in store for me?

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